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What plum hair color is cool skin tone?

What plum hair color is cool skin tone?

Plum hair color can be a gorgeous option for those with cool skin undertones. However, picking the right plum shade is key to complementing your complexion. Those with cool undertones tend to have fair skin with pink, red, or blue undertones. Their veins often appear blue or purple under their skin as well. When trying to determine if a plum hair color will pair well with cool skin, there are a few factors to consider.

Levels of Depth

Plum hair colors range from soft and muted to deep and dramatic. The depth of the plum shade can impact how harmonious it looks against cool toned skin. Very pale plums with subtle hints of purple can complement fair cool complexions beautifully. However, richer plums with more pigment may overwhelm paler complexions. Darker plums with blue or burgundy undertones tend to flatter medium-deep cool skin tones best. Having an expert colorist do a thorough consultation before selecting a plum shade is wise.


The specific undertones present in a plum hair color also affect how it flatters cool skin. Plums containing blue, violet, or pink undertones usually pair most attractively with cool complexions. These undertones echo the natural tones already present in the skin, creating a harmonious effect. Plums with strong red or warm brown undertones often clash with cool skin and should be avoided. Having your colorist add a touch of blue pigment to your plum color is a great way to customize it to your cool skin.

Contrast Level

The level of contrast between your plum hair and natural skin tone impacts the overall look as well. Low contrast pairings, where the plum shade is relatively close to your natural hair color, create soft and subtle looks. High contrast pairings with very light or dark plum hair against fair or medium skin make bold statements. Most cool complexions can handle medium to high contrast plum shades, but assessing your comfort level with dramatics is key.

Celebrity Inspiration

Looking to celebrity examples of plum hair on cool skin can provide helpful visual guidance. Actress Emily Blunt’s medium plum bob with subtle blue undertones is gorgeous on her fair, pink-hued skin. The contrast level is medium and very flattering. Singer Halsey’s dramatic deep eggplant plum looks edgy yet harmonious with her light neutral-cool complexion. The bold plum pairs well with her colorful makeup looks.

Best Plum Shades for Fair/Light Cool Skin

Those with very fair skin that burns easily typically have a light cool complexion. Soft muted plums work best to complement this skin tone beautifully without being overpowering. Below are some of the top plum shades for fair cool ladies:

  • Lavender plum
  • Pastel purple plum
  • Pale lilac plum
  • Light amethyst plum
  • Soft violet plum

Best Plum Shades for Medium Cool Skin

Those with medium toned cool skin can wear bolder plums with more pigment. Plums with a touch of blue or burgundy undertones pair nicely with these complexions. Here are some top plum shades for medium cool skin:

  • Eggplant plum
  • Dark amethyst plum
  • Deep burgundy plum
  • Rich magenta plum
  • Blue-based purple plum

Best Plum Shades for Olive Cool Skin

Olive skin contains green and blue undertones, creating a cooler version of olive complexions. These unique undertones pair beautifully with plums containing similar hues. Try these pretty plum options:

  • Forest plum
  • Jewel plum
  • Deep purple plum
  • Eggplant plum
  • Dark magenta plum

Complementary Makeup

The right makeup choices can help cool plum hair flatter your skin tone even more. Opt for lipstick, blush, and eyeshadow in cool berry shades that echo your new hair hue. Rosy pinks and mauves also complement cool complexions with plum locks gorgeously. Adding a touch of plum eyeliner is another lovely way to tie your look together.

Skin Care Tips

Caring for your cool toned skin well keeps it looking its best alongside bold plum hair. Use a gentle cleanser and lightweight moisturizer daily to maintain hydration and a clear complexion. Exfoliate once or twice a week to remove dead skin cells that can cause dullness. A purple-tinted color corrector can neutralize sallowness and minimize redness.


While plums may seem tricky for cool skin tones, you can definitely rock this gorgeous color by selecting the right shade. Focus on muted, pale plums with subtle hints of purple if you have very fair skin. Medium cool complexions look beautiful in bolder eggplants and magentas. Customize your plum hue with a touch of blue toner. With the perfect plum, your cool skin and new hair will be a match made in hair color heaven!

Frequently Asked Questions

What are the characteristics of cool undertones?

Skin with cool undertones often appears pink, red, or blue toned rather than yellow. Veins look blue or purple. Cool complexions tend to burn easily in the sun. Hair is typically dark brown, black, or ash blonde. Eyes are usually blue, green, gray, or hazel.

What colors complement and clash with cool undertones?

Colors like emerald, sapphire, and eggplant complement cool tones. Orange, yellow, and terracotta often clash. Neutrals like silvery grays are also flattering. Pure white rather than ivory suits cool undertones best.

How do you determine if you have cool undertones?

Checking your veins is the best way to assess skin undertones. If veins appear blue or purple, you likely have a cool tone. Taking a draping test with different color fabrics provides clarity too. Cool tones are flattered by blue based red versus orange red.

What are the best makeup shades for cool undertones?

Opt for berry lipstick, mauve and pink blushes, and blue toned red or purple eyeshadows. Black or brown eyeliner and mascara make eyes pop. Lighter makeup with pink or beige hues should be avoided.

What colors should I avoid with cool toned skin?

Orange, yellow, camel, gold, and other warm shades tend to clash with cool skin. Very light pastels can also wash out cooler complexions. Stick to blues, greens, purples, cool reds, pinks and avoid warm earth tones.

Cool Undertone Skin Color Best Plum Shades
Fair Lavender plum, pastel purple plum, pale lilac plum
Light Amethyst plum, soft violet plum
Medium Eggplant plum, dark amethyst plum, blue-based purple plum
Olive Forest plum, jewel plum, deep purple plum