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What Pantone color is John Deere green?

What Pantone color is John Deere green?

John Deere green is an iconic color associated with John Deere agricultural and construction equipment. The distinctive green shade has been used on John Deere machines for over a century, since the early 1900s. Determining the exact Pantone matching color for John Deere green requires looking into the history and evolution of the color over John Deere’s long history as a manufacturer.

History of John Deere Green

In the late 1800s and early 1900s, when John Deere was manufacturing plows and other farm equipment, its products were painted a variety of colors including orange, grey, blue, and red. There was no standard John Deere color at that time. The John Deere colors were dependent on the preferences of the customer purchasing the equipment.

Around 1908, John Deere began using a standard dark green color on its equipment. The origin of this green paint is uncertain, but some accounts note that it was a mixture of green paint used on barns and tractors in that era, providing camouflage and protection from the sun. John Deere continued to use variations of this dark green, with yellow trim, throughout the 1920s and 1930s. This look would come to define the iconic John Deere style.

During the Great Depression in the 1930s, John Deere avoided bankruptcy by expanding its line of consumer tractors and using innovative marketing and branding techniques. The John Deere green and yellow combo was an important part of its branding that connected with rural customers. By the late 1930s, the familiar green and yellow John Deere look had solidified into what we recognize today.

Over the ensuing decades, John Deere has kept its signature green color, with minor variations in shade and tone over the years. The green and yellow color scheme extends beyond equipment to the John Deere logo, clothing, toys, accessories, and branding. While the green has remained essentially the same, John Deere did undergo a rebranding in 2000 that slightly brightened and saturated the green. But across all its history, John Deere green has symbolized the company’s agricultural heritage and connection to farmers and the land.

John Deere Green Color Codes

Determining the exact Pantone code match for John Deere green requires looking at how Pantone, and color matching systems in general, have evolved over time.

Early Pantone Matching System Colors

The Pantone Matching System (PMS) was created in 1963 to standardize color reproduction across the printing industry. Some of the early PMS colors are described as close matches to John Deere green:

  • PMS 347: This was an early Pantone green described as a primary match for John Deere green into the 1970s and 1980s.
  • PMS 350: A yellow-tinged green that has also been cited as a match for John Deere green during the same period.

However, as Pantone went through various revisions and updates, these numbers eventually changed or were discontinued.

Current Pantone Matching System Colors

In more recent decades, Pantone has specified new colors for John Deere green:

  • PMS 349: In the 1990s, this yellow-green was cited by Pantone as the closest match for John Deere.
  • PMS 355: In the 2000s, Pantone specified this deeper, darker green as the official John Deere green.

PMS 355 remains the most commonly cited Pantone Matching System (PMS) color for John Deere green today.

RGB and Hex Values for John Deere Green

In addition to Pantone codes, John Deere green can also be defined by RGB, hex color values, and other color models:

  • RGB: 0, 86, 45
  • Hex: #00563D
  • CMYK: 100, 30, 95, 50
  • HSL: 152, 100%, 19%

These specifications allow John Deere green to be accurately reproduced digitally on screens as well as in print. The RGB values define the shade of green most distinctly.

While Pantone PMS 355 is the official standard, in practice John Deere utilizes a range of similar green shades with yellow undertones. Slight variations are apparent across different pieces of John Deere equipment and branding. So in summary, the most precise definition for John Deere green is:

Pantone PMS 355

But several accompanying RGB, CMYK, HEX, and HSL values all aim to replicate the same iconic green tone.

John Deere Green vs. Other Greens

To understand John Deere green, it also helps to compare and contrast it against other famous green colors:

Color Description
John Deere Green Yellow-green, darker and deeper than many greens
Apple Green Bright spring green, crisp and light
Forest Green Very dark green, with little yellow
Lime Green Vibrant yellow-green, evokes citrus fruits
Malachite Rich, jewel-toned green inspired by gemstones
Moss Green Muted yellow-green, earthy and organic
Sea Green Blue-green, associated with ocean colors

John Deere green differs from these other green shades in being a deeper, darker green than bright greens like Lime Green. But it also contains more vibrant yellow tones to separate it from darker forest greens. The hint of yellow gives it a warmer, more golden green tone compared to cool blues greens like Sea Green.

Use of John Deere Green

Beyond John Deere’s own branding and equipment, John Deere green has influenced colors in other spaces:

  • Sports teams – Some high school and college teams in agricultural regions have adopted John Deere green with yellow accents as team colors.
  • Licensed apparel – Clothing, hats, and lifestyle accessories use John Deere green as part of licensed John Deere branding and style.
  • Model paints – Hobby paint brands like Testors sell specific mixes for accurately painting model tractors and equipment in John Deere colors.
  • Promotional materials – John Deere green is used extensively in flyers, brochures, business cards, and advertisements for the brand.
  • Decor – The green can be used in interior design as an accent color and to evoke a countryside aesthetic.

The strong association people have with John Deere makes the signature green and yellow color scheme instantly recognizable. It stands out from other shades of green that don’t have the same name recognition.


Through decades of consistent use across its heavy agricultural machinery, John Deere green has become an iconic and easily recognizable color. It resistantly evokes the heritage of this agricultural equipment company. While the exact hue may vary slightly based on histories, the closest official match is Pantone 355. This deep green with faint yellow undertones represents an important piece of brand identity for this company and its place in American culture. More than just a color, John Deere green is a symbol of the connection between farming, the heartland, and the equipment that make it possible.