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What outfit colours go with purple?

What outfit colours go with purple?

Purple is a versatile color that can be paired with a variety of other colors to create stylish and eye-catching outfits. When selecting outfit colors to go with purple, it’s important to consider the shade of purple, as well as color theory principles like complementary colors and color temperature. In this article, we’ll explore the best color matches for different shades of purple, from pale lilac to deep aubergine. We’ll also provide color combination inspiration for creating complete purple outfits.

Matching Colors for Light Purple Shades

Light purple shades like lavender, lilac and mauve have a soft, delicate appearance. These pastel purples look beautiful paired with other light or neutral colors.


White is a perfect color pair for soft purple shades. White has a cooling effect that balances out light purples nicely. All-white outfits with a pale purple top or accessories have an ethereal, angelic look. Crisp white also makes an ideal contrast in color blocking with mauve or lilac.


Light grays complement pale purples nicely as well. A heather gray t-shirt can tone down a lavender sweater, while a pale gray suit or overcoat can offset a mauve dress. Charcoal grays also pair well for an edgier contrast.


Pastel pink is practically a match made in heaven for light purples. A blush pink skirt with a lilac top is a sweet, feminine pairing. Hot pink makes for a punchier contrast against soft purple hues.


Light blues work well with pale purples, from sky blue to powder blue to muted teal shades. Wear light purple with a true blue for bold color blocking or mix multiple pastel shades like lilac and baby blue for a springtime aesthetic.

Top Color Combos for Medium Purple Shades

Richer purple shades like eggplant, mulberry and royal purple have a jewel-toned appeal. Pairing medium purples with equally saturated hues creates stylish, eye-catching combinations.

Emerald Green

Vibrant emerald green is a complementary color that looks striking against purple. Wear an emerald green skirt or blazer to make a purple top pop. For color blocking, combine an emerald shirt with purple pants or a purple handbag.

Golden Yellow

Bold yellow pairs perfectly with purple, bringing out the warm undertones. A rich purple dress with golden yellow accessories has an elegant, regal effect. Use yellow smartly as an accent color for bags, shoes or small embellishments.

Royal Blue

The classic combination of royal purple and royal blue never goes out of style. A royal blue jacket over a purple dress or shirt has a luxe, first-class airline vibe. Gradating purple and blue in an ombre pattern is also a stylish option.


Sleek black is the ideal neutral to make purple pop. A black blazer or pantsuit with a purple blouse or sweater is the epitome of chic. Black also offsets and slims brighter purple hues in color blocking combinations.

Top Color Pairs for Dark Purple Shades

Deep, saturated purple shades like aubergine, eggplant and burgundy have a moody, mysterious vibe. Pair them with metallics and other rich, dark colors.


Metallic gold pumps up a dark purple outfit with luxury and elegance. Gold jewelry, shoes and bags all complement deep purples nicely. Dark purple with gold embroidery or sequins has a regal flair.


Like gold, polished silver serves as a metallic neutral that flatters deep purples. Silver clutch purses, shoes, belts and jewelry add shine and sophistication. Mix silver and purple for a night-out look.

Forest Green

Deep forest green has just enough brightness to balance darker purple shades. Pair an emerald or hunter green coat with a burgundy dress for a stylish mix. A dark purple top with forest green pants or a skirt makes an enviable color-blocked outfit.


Bring different shades of purple together by pairing deeper aubergine or eggplant tones with plum or raisin shades. The slight variation in depth and undertones creates subtle interest. Flaunt plum shoes with an aubergine bag and outfit.

Full Outfit Inspiration

Here are some complete outfit ideas that incorporate stellar color pairings with different purple shades:

Pale Lilac Dress + Blush Accents

– Lilac chiffon dress
– Blush pink belt
– Nude heels
– Rose gold jewelry

Aubergine Sweater + Emerald Skirt

– Plum sweater
– Emerald A-line skirt
– Black tights
– Ankle booties

Royal Purple Coat + Blue Scarf

– Deep purple pea coat
– Royal blue cashmere scarf
– Gray skinny jeans
– Black riding boots

Eggplant Top + Yellow Skirt

– Satin eggplant blouse
– Mustard midi skirt
– Nude platform heels
– Gold hoops

General Tips for Wearing Purple

Keep these tips in mind when coordinating purple clothing and outfits:

– Lighter purples pair well with soft, cool colors like pink, blue and gray.
– Bright purples pop against bold yellow, green and teal.
– Dark purples look luxe with metallics like gold, silver and bronze.
– Monochromatic purple outfits in various shades have a stylish, elegant effect.
– Use purple as a statement color with simple neutrals like black, white and tan.
– Add purple accessories like scarves, handbags and jewelry to pull together neutral outfits.
– Purple pops when placed next to colors directly across the color wheel like yellow and green.
– Avoid pairing purple with shades too close on the color wheel, like red and pink, which can look muddy.
– Consider skin tone when wearing purple; lighter purples flatter cool undertones while darker purples complement warmer complexions.


Purple outfits make a vibrant style statement. Both light and dark shades of purple can be easily dressed up or down. When coordinating purple clothing and accessories, keep complementary colors like green, blue, pink, yellow, white, black, silver and gold in mind. Avoid pairings that have the potential to clash. With the right color combinations, it’s easy to look perfectly pulled together in purple from head to toe.