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What other names start with J?

What other names start with J?

Names starting with the letter J are quite popular, especially for boys. The letter J evokes a sense of strength, boldness, and energy. Biblical names like Jacob, Jonah, and Joshua have been common for centuries. More recently, short J names like Jack and James have topped baby name charts. However, there are many more interesting J names beyond the obvious that are worth considering.

Traditional Biblical J Names

The Bible has been a source of names for thousands of years. J names from the Bible often convey virtues like courage, leadership, and faith. Here are some of the most familiar Biblical names starting with J:

  • Jacob – Supplanter. Son of Isaac and Rebecca in the Old Testament.
  • James – Supplanter. New Testament form of Jacob.
  • John – God is gracious. A disciple of Jesus and writer of the Gospel of John.
  • Jonah – Dove. Old Testament prophet who was swallowed by a whale.
  • Joseph – God will increase. The son of Jacob who became a ruler in Egypt.
  • Joshua – God is salvation. Leader of the Israelites after Moses in the Old Testament.
  • Josiah – God heals. A king of Judah who reigned righteously.
  • Jeremiah – God will lift up. A major prophet in the Old Testament.

These J names have remained popular for boys throughout the centuries. Jacob, James, John, and Joseph regularly rank in the top 50 most used boys’ names.

Common Short J Names

Short, simple boys’ names starting with J have also been widely used over time. These single syllable names have an energetic, friendly feel. Here are some top short J names:

  • Jack – God is gracious. A medieval variation of John.
  • Jake – Supplanter. Pet form of Jacob.
  • James – Supplanter. English form of the Hebrew Jacob.
  • Jace – Healer. Greek form of Jason.
  • Jax – God has been gracious. A newer short form of Jackson.
  • Jett – Black gemstone. An English word name.
  • Jude – Praised. The name of one of Jesus’ apostles.

Short J names appeal to parents looking for something familiar yet uncommon. Using a nickname as a full first name is also a modern naming trend that boosts the popularity of names like Jack, Jake, and Jett.

Cool J Letter Names

The letter J has a naturally bold, masculine vibe. This makes it a great choice for boy names that have a cool, confident feel. Some great J names with a little edge include:

  • Jasper – Treasure. An English name referencing a gemstone.
  • Jagger – Carter. Associated with Rolling Stones frontman Mick Jagger.
  • Jensen – Son of Jens. A Scandinavian surname name.
  • Jovan – God is gracious. The Serbian form of John.
  • Justice – Righteousness. An aspirational virtue name.
  • Jericho – City of the moon. A place name from the Bible.
  • Jaquan – God will lift up. Creative African-American name.
  • J Wolfgang – German origins and the name means “Traveling Wolf”. So cool and stylish!

These edgier J names have not yet cracked the top 1000, making them distinctive choices. Their style ranges from retro cool to boldly invented.

Uncommon J Names for Boys

Not every parent wants a popular or even familiar name starting with J. Unique J names can reflect diverse cultures or have creative spellings. Some great uncommon or rare J boys names are:

  • Jovian – Of Jupiter. A celestial name from ancient Rome.
  • Jiro – Second son. A short Japanese name.
  • Jairus – He enlightens. A Biblical name meaning to give light.
  • Jalen – Combination of the names James and Alan.
  • Jehiel – God lives. From the Hebrew name Yechiel.
  • Jadon – God has heard. Variation of Hebrew name Jadon meaning thankful.
  • Jireh – God will provide. In the Bible, Abraham named a place Jireh.

Rare finds like these intriguing J names add diversity to the modern naming pool. Their rarity makes them stand out while still having familiarity from the initial letter.

Popular J Names for Girls

While far more common for boys, the letter J is used in some popular feminine names as well. Pretty girls names with a soft J beginning include:

  • Jessica – Wealthy. This Shakespearean name peaked in the 1980s.
  • Jasmine – Jasmine flower. The name of a Disney princess.
  • Josephine – God will increase. The feminine form of Joseph.
  • Julia – Youthful. An ancient Roman imperial name.
  • Juliet – Youthful. Shakespeare’s tragic young heroine.
  • Jane – God is gracious. A sweet and simple classic.
  • Jordan – To flow down. Unisex name of a Middle Eastern river.
  • Jocelyn – Member of the Gauts tribe. Originally a masculine name.

The soft J and feminine suffixes give these names a pretty, delicate impression. Most ranked in the top 50 girls names at some point in the past few decades.

Vintage J Names for Girls

Some vintage J names for girls are coming back into style. These have a charming, old-fashioned vibe with potential for revival. Retro girls’ J names include:

  • Josephine – God will increase. Feminine form of Joseph.
  • Juniper – The juniper plant. A aromatic nature name.
  • Jacqueline – Supplanter. The French feminine form of James.
  • Judith – Woman from Judea. A valiant Old Testament heroine name.
  • Joelle – God is willing. The feminine form of Joel.
  • Joan – God is gracious. Made famous by Joan of Arc.
  • Judy – Praised. Cute nickname name from Judith.

These J names were favorites of past generations but fell out of favor. Their vintage vibe makes them prime for reinvention in the modern era.

Unique J Names for Girls

For something more unexpected, these creative J names offer fresh options for girls:

  • Jessa – God beholds. A short form of Jessica.
  • Juno – Queen of the heavens. In mythology, Jupiter’s wife.
  • Jazlyn – Blend of Jasmine and Lynn.
  • Jerusha – Possessed or inherited. An Old Testament name.
  • Jolie – Pretty. Associated with actress Angelina Jolie.
  • Jessa – God beholds. A short form of Jessica.
  • Jaxyn – Blend of Jax and Lynn.
  • Jazz – Jazz music. Whimsical word name.

The letter J pairs nicely with feminine endings like -a and -ie for a playful effect. J can also creatively combine with other names or words to form modern invented names.

Gender Neutral J Names

Some J names work well for both boys and girls. These gender neutral options give parents flexibility:

  • Jordan – To flow down. Name of a Middle Eastern river.
  • Justice – Righteousness. A virtue name for boys or girls.
  • Jody/Jodie – Praised. Variants of the unisex name Judith.
  • Jaylen – Combination of Jay and Glenn/Lynn.
  • Jules – Young. French short form works for either gender.
  • Jesse – Gift. Variant transcription of Hebrew Yishai.
  • Juniper – The juniper plant. A refreshing nature name.

The ends of these J names help indicate if they skew male or female. But overall they have a fairly neutral style. Some are derived from Biblical names which were used for both genders historically as well.

Popular J Names in Other Languages

The appeal of J names extends beyond the English speaking world. Here are some favorites in other languages:

Language Male J Name Female J Name
Spanish José Jimena
French Jean Jeanne
Italian Giovanni Gianna
German Johann Johanna
Welsh Jac Jenifer
Swedish Johan Jonna

Across languages, the J names Giovanni, Johan, Jean, and Juan are all versions of John meaning “God is gracious.” Jimena, Jane, Johanna, and Jenifer represent feminine forms of that meaning. J remains a beloved initial internationally.

Popularity of J Names Over Time

J names have consistently ranked among the top boys and girls names in the United States over the past century. Here is a look at their popularity history decade-by-decade:

Decade Top 3 Boys’ J Names Top 3 Girls’ J Names
1910s John, James, Joseph Josephine, Julia, Jane
1920s John, James, Joseph Josephine, Joan, Jean
1930s John, James, Joseph Joan, Joyce, Jane
1940s James, John, Joseph Judith, Joyce, Jane
1950s James, John, Joseph Judith, Joan, Joyce
1960s John, James, Joseph Jennifer, Julie, Joan
1970s Jason, James, John Jennifer, Jessica, Julie
1980s John, James, Joseph Jessica, Jennifer, Julia
1990s Joseph, Joshua, Jordan Jessica, Jennifer, Julia
2000s Jacob, Joshua, Joseph Jessica, Jennifer, Julia
2010s James, Jacob, Joseph Jennifer, Jessica, Julia

Biblical classics like James, John, and Joseph have consistently ranked for boys. Jennifer exploded in popularity as a girls’ name starting in the 1970s. Jessica and Julia have also been mainstays. While individual names go in and out of fashion, parents continue to favor J names decade after decade.


The letter J has an extraordinary history of usage for boy and girl names over time and across cultures. Biblical greats like Jacob and John remain favorites today, while short forms like Jack and new creations like Jax and Jazlyn add freshness. Vintage gems like Josephine and Judith cycle back into style. Whatever the era or setting, parents are drawn to the strength, energy, and grace of the initial J. For a name with longevity and appeal, J remains a top choice.