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What makeup colors go with deep winter skin tone?

Determining your best makeup colors can be tricky, especially if you have a deep winter skin tone. Deep winter complexions are characterized by dark hair, dark eyes, and fair or olive skin with pink or neutral undertones. If you have this type of coloring, you’ll look your very best in rich, cool-toned colors that play up the depth in your skin.

In this article, we’ll break down the best makeup shades for deep winter skin tones. We’ll provide color recommendations for eyeshadow, blush, lipstick, and more. Read on to learn how to enhance your natural beauty!

Deep Winter Color Palette

Before jumping into specific makeup colors, let’s look at the overall deep winter color palette. These are the shades that will harmonize best with your complexion:

  • Jewel tones like emerald green, sapphire blue, amethyst purple
  • Cool reds and plums
  • Icy winter pastels like lavender, periwinkle blue, seafoam green
  • Rich neutrals like charcoal gray, navy blue, taupe
  • Metallics like pewter, silver, gunmetal gray

In general, deep winters look best in cooler, darker colors rather than warm, light ones. Black is a stellar neutral. Stay away from orange and yellow based tones.


When it comes to eyeshadow, deep winters can pull off bold, dramatic shades. Go for multifaceted metallic and shimmers as well as soft frosted shades. Here are some specific eyeshadow colors that will make your eyes pop:

  • Plum
  • Eggplant
  • Forest green
  • Navy blue
  • Charcoal gray
  • Pewter
  • Lavender
  • Icy pink

For a neutral daytime eye look, try a matte taupe or mushroom shade. Bring out your eyes with plenty of black mascara and dark brown or charcoal eyeliner on both top and bottom lash lines.


The right blush can add a gorgeous flush of color to your fair or olive complexion. Stick to plums, berries, and rosy mauves. Avoid orangey coral shades, which can clash. Here are some blush shades that work beautifully:

  • Mauve
  • Magenta
  • Raspberry
  • Plum
  • Rosewood
  • Misty pink

Apply your blush to the apples of the cheeks and blend up towards your cheekbones. For an icy cool-toned blush, try a soft lavender shade with your favorite neutral eye look.


You have plenty of gorgeous lipstick options as a deep winter! Play up your cool undertones with berry tones, wine reds, and pinky mauves. Here are some specific shades to try:

Red Pink Mauve Berry
True Red Rosewood Pink Dusty Mauve Blackberry
Cherry Red Mauvey Pink Lavender Mauve Plum
Cranberry Red Magenta Pink Pinked Mauve Eggplant

Nude lipstick shades like beige and peach will clash with your skin. But don’t be afraid to rock a bold wine red or deep berry – these rich colors will make your teeth appear whiter!

Nail Polish

Deep jewel tones, dark reds, and frosty purples make for gorgeous nail polish shades on deep winter complexions. Stay away from pastels, which can wash you out. Here are some of the best deep winter nail polishes:

  • Deep burgundy
  • Vampy plum
  • Chocolate brown
  • Shimmery gunmetal
  • Frosted lavender
  • Metallic emerald
  • Cherry red
  • Black cherry
  • Navy blue

For nail art and accents, use gold rather than silver metallics, which can be too cool-toned and harsh next to your skin.

Hair Color

In terms of hair color, deep winters look gorgeous in dark brown, black, and charcoal gray shades. Stay away from warm golden blondes and bronzes, which won’t flatter your skin tone. Here are some ideal hair colors if you want to go darker:

  • Ash brown
  • Mocha brown
  • Espresso brown
  • Soft black
  • Blue black
  • Dark charcoal gray

Deep brunette with highlights around the face can beautifully frame your features. For highlights, ask your colorist for icy platinum blonde rather than warm gold and caramel tones.

How to Determine Your Undertones

Figuring out your skin’s undertones is key to finding the most flattering makeup shades. Here’s how to determine if you have cool pink undertones or neutral olive undertones:

  • Veins: Are the veins on your wrists blue or purple? This signals cool undertones.
  • Silver vs Gold: Does silver or white gold look better on you than yellow gold? If so, you likely have a cool undertone.
  • Color Clashing: Do you look sallow in orange, yellow, and cream? These warn undertones will clash with pink or olive skin.

You can also try swiping color-correcting primers in green and purple under your foundation. If purple neutralizes sallowness best, you have a green undertone. If green is more effective, you have pink undertones.

Celebrities with Deep Winter Color Palette

Some celebrities showcase the deep winter palette beautifully. Check out these stars who rock deep, cool-toned makeup shades:

  • Anne Hathaway: Plum lipstick, frosty eyeshadows
  • Kate Beckinsale: Berry lip colors, black eyeliner
  • Eva Green: Dark berry nails, gunmetal shadow
  • Troian Bellisario: Deep reds, lavender cheeks
  • Rachel Weisz: Wine lips, espresso hair

Tips for Makeup Shopping

Here are some handy tips for shopping for makeup when you have a deep winter coloring:

  • Test cool-toned lipsticks and berry shades first.
  • Check eyeshadow swatches in natural light – icy tones are best.
  • Look at the undertones listed on foundation bottles.
  • Try on metallics like silver, pewter, and platinum.
  • Steer clear of warm, golden bronzers.
  • Swatch mauvey or raspberry blushes.

With the deep winter palette in mind, you’ll start to train your eye to pick out harmonizing shades. Over time, you’ll be able to quickly identify colors that will pair perfectly with your complexion.

Deep Winter Color Analysis

Why do these specific colors complement deep winter skin so beautifully? It comes down to the color theory behind seasonal analysis:

  • Deep/Cool: Deep winters have deep coloring contrast with fair or olive skin and dark eyes/hair. Cool tones harmonize best by matching this depth.
  • Clear Complexion: Cool, clear shades (rather than muddy tones) complement the clarity in deep winter skin.
  • Pink Skin: Bold cool colors pair well with the pink in deep winter skin.
  • Dark Accents: Deep winters shine in dark makeup that accents their features.

The cool, dark nature of the deep winter palette complements these coloring characteristics perfectly. The result is makeup looks that enhance your natural beauty!

Deep Winter Style Profile

Beyond just makeup, deep winter is an overall style profile that includes clothing, accessories, and lifestyle aesthetics. Here is an overview of the deep winter style as a whole:

  • Colors: Deep, cool jewel tones. Black is a go-to neutral.
  • Metals: Silver suits better than gold. Love pewter, platinum, gunmetal.
  • Patterns: Large and intricate prints. Modern graphic prints.
  • Details: Ornate embroidery, baroque patterns, rococo accessories.
  • Textures: Glossy and iridescent fabrics. Metallic sheens.
  • Lines: Sharp and sleek tailoring. Geometric shapes.
  • Accessories: Striking jewelry like agate, onyx, and hematite.
  • Makeup: Dramatic and bold, frosted eyes and wine lips.

So embrace your inner gothic queen with dark glamour! The deep winter palette allows you to highlight your regal air and striking presence.

Deep Winter Seasonal Makeovers

One of the best ways to showcase your ideal colors is with seasonal makeovers tailored to deep winter. Here are makeup and clothing changes to try:

Winter into Spring

  • Eyeshadow: Royal purple to pastel lavender
  • Lips: Black cherry to petal pink
  • Blush: Cool fuchsia to soft apricot
  • Clothes: Navy blue to periwinkle blue
  • Coat: Pewter gray wool to an ivory trench

Winter into Summer

  • Eyeshadow: Frosted charcoal to icy silver
  • Lips: Garnet red to watermelon pink
  • Blush: Berry plum to cool seashell pink
  • Clothes: Black turtleneck to white eyelet dress
  • Coat: Black wool to crisp white cotton

Winter into Fall

  • Eyeshadow: Amethyst to amber
  • Lips: Raspberry to terra-cotta
  • Blush: Magenta to burnt cinnamon
  • Clothes: Emerald green to ochre yellow
  • Coat: Gray pea coat to olive trench

As you can see, the winter palette easily transitions to adjoining seasons while maintaining a cool, striking balance. Use the seasonal changes as inspiration for your own makeup upgrades!


Deep winter coloring truly comes alive when paired with the right makeup shades. Embrace rich plums, wine reds, icy pastels, and inky blacks in your beauty routine. Avoid warm, muddy tones that don’t flatter your complexion. With the guidelines above, you can become a pro at choosing makeup that enhances your natural radiance and allure. So get ready to rock your inner snow queen!