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What kind of dye is HiColor?

HiColor hair dye is a semi-permanent hair color that deposits bright, vibrant shades without damaging the hair. Developed in Japan, HiColor uses cutting-edge technology to deliver long-lasting color that fades gracefully. Keep reading to learn all about HiColor’s unique formula, application process, and stunning color results.

What Makes HiColor Different

Unlike traditional permanent hair dyes that use harsh chemicals like ammonia and peroxide to fully penetrate and alter the hair shaft, HiColor is a direct dye that coats the outer cuticle layer. This allows the pigments to wash out over time rather than requiring grow out. Here are some key features of HiColor:

  • Ammonia-free, peroxide-free formula
  • Less damage to hair
  • Vibrant, salon-quality results
  • Fades softly over 4-8 weeks
  • Easy to re-apply for color maintenance
  • Works on all hair types

HiColor’s Unique Dye Molecules

The innovative technology behind HiColor lies in its large, optimized dye molecules. These molecular structures are engineered to reflect and refract light, creating an intense brilliance to the hair color. Here’s a closer look at why the dye molecules make HiColor so effective:

  • Large size – The large molecules can’t fully penetrate the hair, so the color remains on the cuticle surface where it reflects light best.
  • Optimized structure – The ring-shaped molecules are designed to scatter light waves for maximum vibrancy.
  • Conditioning agents – Ingredients like lanolin and jojoba oil help condition and smooth the cuticle layer.
  • Color variety – HiColor offers over 60 vivid shades across ranges like reddish browns, cool ash tones, and neon brights.

How to Apply HiColor

Applying HiColor hair color is a quick and easy at-home process. Here are some step-by-step instructions:

  1. Start with clean, dry hair. Ensure hair is free of oils, dirt, and styling products so the dye adheres well.
  2. Put on gloves to avoid staining your hands. Wear old clothes or a cape.
  3. Prepare the color mixture according to the instructions inside the box.
  4. Section your hair and use the applicator brush to apply color from roots to ends.
  5. Leave the dye on for 15-45 minutes depending on desired intensity.
  6. Rinse thoroughly with warm water until the water runs clear.
  7. Shampoo and condition as normal. Avoid washing hair too often to make the color last.
  8. Re-apply the dye as needed when you notice fading, typically every 4-8 weeks.

It’s quick and easy! The color results are vibrant and luminous while still protecting your hair health.

HiColor Color Results

From bright cotton candy shades to rich auburns, HiColor delivers stunning, salon-worthy results. The colors are multi-faceted and shimmery. Here are some examples of HiColor hair colors:

HiColor Shade Color Result
Cotton Candy Pink Vibrant neon pink with fuchsia undertones
Mint Green Cool pastel green with subtle shine
Sunset Orange Warm bright orange with hints of red
Red Velvet Rich auburn red with purple and maroon tones

The dye results in even, opaque coverage with mirror-like shine. Since HiColor coats the outside of hair, the cuticle layer remains smooth and reflective. The dye fades gradually over washes. After 4-8 weeks, you’ll notice the vibrancy start to diminish as the color molecules dissipate. Frequent washing and heat styling will quicken the pace of fading.

How Long Does HiColor Last?

HiColor lasts longer than traditional semi-permanent dyes which tend to fade within 1-2 weeks. You can expect the vibrant HiColor hues to stick around for 4-8 weeks, depending on your hair type and maintenance habits. Here are some factors that influence the longevity of HiColor:

  • Hair porosity – Porous hair absorbs dye better leading to longer-lasting color. Non-porous hair will shed the dye faster.
  • Washing frequency – Frequent washing will cause the color to fade more rapidly. Limit shampooing to 1-2 times per week.
  • Heat styling – Excessive heat from blow drying, curling, or straightening will cause the color to oxidize and fade faster.
  • Sun exposure – UV rays can break down the dye molecules leading to faster fading, especially with reds and blonds.
  • Hair condition – Healthy, conditioned hair will hold onto color better than damaged, dry hair.

To make HiColor last as long as possible, limit washing to 1-2 times per week, use heat protectant when heat styling, and wear a hat for sun protection. Re-apply the HiColor as needed when fading occurs to maintain your desired shade.

HiColor vs. Permanent Hair Dye

Here is a comparison of some key differences between HiColor and traditional permanent hair dye:

HiColor Permanent Hair Dye
Formula No ammonia or peroxide Contains ammonia and peroxide
Hair Damage Minimal damage to cuticle Significant damage to cuticle and cortex
Application No need to pre-lighten hair May require pre-lightening for lighter shades
Longevity 4-8 weeks Until new growth appears
Maintenance Easy re-application Touch-ups required as roots grow in

The main advantages of HiColor are less hair damage, easier maintenance, and the ability to easily try different vivid colors. Permanent dye provides longer lasting color but requires more complicated application and touch-ups.

Is HiColor Damaging to Hair?

HiColor deposits color on the outermost layer of the hair cuticle so it is less damaging compared to permanent dyes. However, all chemical processing treatments carry some risk of damage. Here are some factors to consider regarding HiColor and hair health:

  • Less abrasive than permanent dyes – No harsh peroxide or ammonia
  • Some cuticle damage still possible from opening and swelling of strands
  • Frequent re-application can cause cumulative stress to cuticle
  • Works best on healthy hair – Damaged, porous hair will absorb more dye
  • Use professional Olaplex or hair masks for added protection
  • Avoid overlapping permanent dye and HiColor – Can cause severe damage

While less damaging than permanent color, HiColor can still compromise hair health when overused. Allow the dye to fade before re-applying and avoid overlap with permanent dye. Use Olaplex No.3 at home or salon Olaplex treatments to reinforce bonds and minimize cuticle damage when using HiColor repeatedly.

How to Remove HiColor

Since HiColor washes out gradually on its own, removal is not usually necessary. However, if you wish to actively remove the color, here are some options:

  • Fading shampoo – Use a clarifying or color-stripping shampoo weekly to help lift dye.
  • Baking soda wash – Make a paste of baking soda and shampoo. Apply to damp hair. Rinse after 5-10 minutes.
  • Vitamin C treatment – Crush vitamin C tablets into a bowl. Add shampoo and let sit 15-30 minutes.Apply to hair and rinse out.
  • Bleaching – Use color remover or bleaching kit to strip the cuticle layer. Very damaging to hair.
  • Salon treatment – Have a professional stylist use reducing agents to remove the HiColor.

For best results, combine several fading techniques over the course of a few weeks. The color will gradually lift but full removal may not be possible without bleaching. Avoid bleaching after HiColor as it severely damages hair. Instead, simply allow the vivid hues to fade over time.

Tips for Using HiColor

To get the most out of your HiColor hair color experience, here are some helpful application and maintenance tips:

  • Do an allergy strand test 48 hours before full application.
  • Use petroleum jelly on skin near hairline to avoid staining.
  • Wear gloves during application to avoid hand staining.
  • Use clarifying shampoo 1-2 days before coloring for best results.
  • Rinse with very cold water to seal cuticle and lock in color.
  • Shampoo less frequently, only 1-2 times per week.
  • Use dry shampoo or wear hats between washes to keep hair clean.
  • Avoid chlorine, salt water, direct sun exposure to make color last.
  • Apply hair serum or mask to condition and protect color.
  • Re-apply HiColor as soon as you notice fading for vibrant upkeep.

Following these simple tips will help you achieve maximum color payoff and longevity from your HiColor hair dye.

Is HiColor Permanent?

No, HiColor is not a permanent hair dye. It is considered a semi-permanent or demi-permanent hair color. This means the dye molecules coat the outside of the hair strands and eventually fade away over several weeks. HiColor does not use ammonia or peroxide to penetrate the hair cortex so it does not create permanent color change.

You can expect HiColor to last around 4-8 weeks before starting to noticeably fade. The color will not appear completely washed out because it does not fully penetrate or alter the natural pigment. Instead, the vibrancy dims over time. Some residual staining may linger after several months. But HiColor is not considered permanent because it will continue washing out until hair is back close to its natural shade.

Is HiColor Safe?

HiColor is generally safe to use when following the manufacturer’s instructions. However, there are some precautions to take when using any hair dye:

  • Do an allergy test 48 hours before full application.
  • Avoid contact with eyes, rinse immediately if this occurs.
  • Wear gloves during application to avoid skin staining.
  • Do not use if you have an allergy to any ingredients.
  • Follow all timing and preparation instructions.
  • Avoid overlapping with other chemical treatments.
  • Discontinue use if irritation occurs.

HiColor should be safe for most people when used correctly. Since it does not contain harsh peroxides or ammonia, it has a lower risk of irritation and damage compared to permanent dye. But take care to do allergy testing and follow all instructions to ensure safe and pleasant results.


HiColor delivers vibrant, salon-quality color results without the damage of permanent dyes. The innovative formula and optimized dye molecules create shimmering, multi-dimensional hues that gradually fade over 4-8 weeks. While no chemical hair treatment is completely damage-free, HiColor is less abrasive than permanent options. With proper application and maintenance, you can achieve stunning hair color using this cutting-edge Japanese technology.