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What kind of crocs are cool?

Crocs have come a long way from their original foam clog design that many found ugly. While the classic clog still remains popular, Crocs now offers a wide variety of stylish and functional shoe options that appeal to different tastes and needs.

The Evolution of Crocs

Crocs were first launched in 2002 by Scott Seamans, Lyndon “Duke” Hanson, and George Boedecker. The signature foam resin material was originally developed as a boating shoe. However, the lightweight, waterproof, and slip resistant clogs gained popularity as casual shoes. By 2006, Crocs had sold over 100 million pairs of shoes worldwide.

Despite their popularity, the classic Crocs clogs were often criticized for being unfashionable. In response, Crocs began expanding their product line and collaborating with high-end designers. Special edition lines were released with designers like Nicole Miller, Barneys New York, and Balenciaga. The collaborations helped shed the clunky “ugly” reputation of the original clogs.

Today, the Crocs brand offers hundreds of shoe styles including sandals, flats, wedges, loafers, sneakers, and boots. The product line appeals to a broad range of consumers from children to professionals. Crocs are made from proprietary Croslite foam that is soft, lightweight, non-marking, odor-resistant, and easy to clean.

Popular Crocs for Women

Here are some of the most popular Crocs shoe styles for women currently:

Classic Clog

The original Classic Clog remains iconic. The slip on design features ventilation holes for breathability and a heel strap for secure fit. This versatile clog works for casual wear, beachwear, gardenwear, kitchenwear, and more. The Classic Clog comes in a massive variety of colors and patterns, so you can show off your personal flair.

Neria Pro II Clog

The Neria Pro II is a sporty and stylish clog option. It has a sleek, tapered shape and rounded toe. The Neria Pro features a supportive footbed and massage pod inserts. It’s lightweight and flexible thanks to the Croslite foam. This is a great clog for nurses, restaurant workers, or anyone on their feet all day.

Sexi Flip

The Sexi Flip sandal has a sophisticated strappy design. It has a slight wedge heel and contoured footbed for comfort. The Croslite foam construction makes it versatile enough to wear out to dinner, to the beach, or walking around town. The Sexi Flip comes in an array of colors like rose gold, navy, and black.

Clara Flat

The Clara Flat is a feminine ballet flat. It has stretchy crisscross straps across the vamp and a stylish pointed toe. The soft Croslite foam molds comfortably to your feet. Wear it to the office or out shopping for all day support. The Clara Flat comes in neutrals like black, gray, and blush pink.

Brooklyn Low Wedge

The Brooklyn Low Wedge combines the iconic Crocs comfort with a chic platform wedge. It has a sleek tapered shape and round toe. The 1.5″ wedge heel gives you a subtle lift. It’s perfect paired with dresses or skirts in the spring and summer. The Brooklyn Wedge comes in white, black, pink, navy, and more.

Popular Crocs for Men

Here are some of the most popular Crocs styles for men currently:

Classic Clog

Just like the women’s Classic Clog, the men’s version is lightweight, breathable, and flexible. It conforms perfectly to your feet for superior comfort. The men’s clog features a rugged tread ideal for gardenwork or fishing. It comes in neutral colors as well as sporty two-tones.

Santa Cruz Playa Loafer

The Santa Cruz Loafer brings Crocs comfort to a casual, preppy slip-on. It has ventilation ports and removable footbed inserts. The loafer styling makes it great for summer barbecues, beach weekends, and relaxed everyday wear. Colors include khaki, navy, black, and espresso.

Athens Flip

The Athens Flip is a laidback flip flop perfect for warm weather. It has a thick Croslite foam base and footbed for cushioning and support. The Updated design features ventilation ports for breathability. Wear this durable sandal around the pool, at the beach, or doing household chores.

Modi Sport Clog

The Modi Sport Clog features a sleek, moto-inspired design. It has a tapered shape and strap over the vamp. The Modi Clog is very lightweight and flexible for active days. It also has enhanced arch support and traction. Wear it to the gym, hiking, biking, or when you want a more rugged clog.

Bayaband Clog

The Bayaband Clog offers the support of a shoe with open-air comfort. It has a streamlined slip-on silhouette with large stretch gores. The Bayaband Clog is work-friendly yet casual enough for summer activities. It comes in versatile neutral tones, metallics, and pops of color.

Factors that Make Crocs Cool

Crocs have shed their polarizing reputation and become accepted as a stylish, comfortable shoe option. Here are some factors that contribute to their new cool status:

  • Collaborations – Partnering with high fashion designers brought more elevated, fashion-forward styles.
  • New silhouettes – More variety in shoe styles beyond the original clog expanded their versatility and appeal.
  • Comfort technology – Proprietary Croslite foam and supportive footbeds provide superior cushioning.
  • Fun colors/prints – Vibrant colors and funky prints let you show off your personal style.
  • Waterproof/slip resistant – Ideal for adventures like boating or hiking in addition to everyday wear.
  • Lightweight – Croslite foam makes the shoes lightweight and flexible.
  • Easy to clean – The material can be wiped clean easily.
  • Affordable price point – Cool comfort at an accessible price makes them ubiquitous.
  • Work-friendly features – Non-slip soles, foot support, and easy to clean.

Crocs are Officially Cool and Fashionable

Crocs have become a popular shoe choice for good reason. The brand has evolved from the polarizing clog into a company offering shoes suited for every occasion. The comfort, support, affordability, and quirky style make them cool in 2023. We’re sure to see Crocs continue expanding their collections and find their foam shoes on even more feet soon.

Crocs Style Ideal For Features
Classic Clog Casual everyday wear Iconic clog, breathable, variety of colors/prints
Neria Pro II Workplaces like healthcare or restaurants Supportive footbed, massage pod inserts, lightweight
Clara Flat Office or shopping Ballet flat styling, soft Croslite foam
Santa Cruz Playa Casual summer activities Slip-on loafer, ventilation ports
Modi Sport Clog Outdoor activities and gym wear Sleek moto-style, enhanced arch support and traction


Crocs have shed their reputation as the unfashionable “ugly” clog and proven their cool factor. With expanded styles and collaborations, they now offer shoes suited for every occasion and aesthetic. The Comfort technologies like Croslite foam make them a pleasure to wear. Fun colors, prints, and collaborations with designers add style. Crocs have earned their place as a versatile, comfortable, and stylish shoe option.