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What kind of blue goes with grey?

What kind of blue goes with grey?

When decorating a room or choosing an outfit, finding the right color combinations can really make things pop. One classic pairing that always looks stylish is blue and grey. But with so many shades of blue and grey out there, how do you know which hues will complement each other best? Here are some tips on what kind of blue goes with grey and how to create a cohesive color palette.

Cool Blues

Cooler shades of blue tend to coordinate especially well with grey. Think sky blue, ice blue, powder blue, and steel blue. These blues have hints of green, purple, and grey in them, making them ideal counterparts to neutral greys. Lighter greys like silver, dove grey, and linen blend seamlessly with these relaxed, icy blues. Charcoal greys also pair nicely for a more moody, sophisticated look.

Some examples of cool blues that match well with grey include:

  • Baby blue
  • Columbia blue
  • Azure
  • Blue steel
  • Ice blue

These blue hues look great on walls that are painted or upholstered in grey. Try using a soft baby blue throw blanket on a charcoal grey couch for a calm and inviting living room. Or go for a striking contrast by painting your walls Columbia blue and using bold silver fixtures. The cool tones of these blues keep things feeling fresh and lively against grey.

Bright Blues

Vibrant blues can also pair beautifully with the right shade of grey. Think tropical tones like cerulean, teal, cyan, turquoise and aqua. These fun pops of color enliven a grey backdrop. Bright cobalt or sapphire blue accent pieces also stand out against grey’s muted palette.

When using bold blues, stick to lighter greys like fog, dove, silver or linen for balance. Dark charcoal greys would be too harsh and create a high-contrast look that’s tough on the eyes. Soft greys allow the vibrant blues to shine. Here are some bright blue shades that work with lighter greys:

  • Turquoise
  • Teal
  • Cyan
  • Cerulean
  • Sapphire
  • Cobalt

Consider an energetic cerulean sofa against cool linen walls or a serene fog grey rug underfoot. Turquoise throw pillows can also inject a fun pop of color to offset a silver grey couch. Use these bold blues in moderation against soft greys to keep the look soothing.

Deep Blues

For a more dramatic, moody vibe, pair deeper shades of blue with charcoal greys and black. Think rich navy, royal blue, indigo and ultramarine. These darker blues have a sophisticated look next to the depth of blackish-greys.

Some regal deep blues that marry well with dark greys include:

  • Navy
  • Royal blue
  • Indigo
  • Prussian blue
  • Midnight blue

Consider a bedroom feature wall in Prussian blue with blackened grey walls for a cozy, cave-like effect. Or make a bold high-contrast statement with glossy navy kitchen cabinets against charcoal walls. Use sparingly for dramatic punches of color against dark greys in formal or classy rooms.


For a monochromatic look, choose an icy blue-grey shade. These colors are essentially a blue and grey blended together, creating a sophisticated neutral palette. Blue-greys come in a range of shades from pale to dark.

Some examples of chic blue-grey tones include:

  • Cadet grey
  • Pigeon blue
  • Iceberg
  • Shadow blue
  • Grey blue

Consider using different blue-grey shades on walls, furniture, rugs and accessories for a seamless look. Or pair blue-grey with contrasting black and white accents for a bold but neutral space. The versatility of blue-grey makes it work in any room.

Which Grey Shades to Choose

When pairing different blues with greys, use this guide:

Blue Hue Compatible Greys
Cool blues Light greys like silver, dove, linen
Bright blues Soft greys like fog, ash, cloud
Deep blues Charcoal, blackened greys
Blue-greys All shades

In general, the lighter the blue, the lighter grey you should choose for harmony. And the more intense the blue, the darker grey works best. Neutral blue-greys are endlessly versatile.

Tips for Combining Blues and Greys

Here are some extra tips for pairing these sophisticated colors successfully:

  • Use blues sparingly for pops of color against a dominant grey backdrop
  • Choose multiple shades of blue and grey for subtle layered complexity
  • Add in metallics like silver and zinc for sheen and depth
  • Repeat blue and grey across soft furnishings, walls, floors and decor
  • Add black and white for sharp contrast against blue-grey neutrals
  • Use texture like linen, velvet, leather and suede to add visual interest
  • Consider the light in the room and how blue can look in different conditions

With the right approach, blue and grey are foolproof companions. From airy, icy palettes to dramatic, moody schemes, this classic color duo always exudes refined style.


Finding harmonious color combinations like blue and grey is a decorating skill. When used thoughtfully, this versatile pair can suit any room. Cool blues bring vitality against light greys. Vibrant blues pop brightly against soft hues. Deep blues contrast boldly with dark charcoals. And blue-greys provide endless neutral possibilities. With so many shades to work with, it’s easy to create the perfect blue-grey palette for sophisticated style.