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What is your aura light?

What is your aura light?

Your aura represents your overall energy and provides insight into your personality, thoughts, feelings and character. An aura is an energy field that surrounds your body, almost like an egg-shaped bubble of light. Your aura light reveals information about your physical, mental, emotional and spiritual states. By understanding and balancing your aura light, you can gain greater clarity, act with intention, strengthen your energetic self-care practice and boost your intuition.

What is an Aura?

An aura is a colorful, luminous radiation or energy field that surrounds a person’s body. The aura emanates from within and radiates outward up to several feet. It reveals itself in different colors and light patterns. These light patterns change constantly based on your thoughts, feelings, experiences, relationships, health status and more. Your aura light is unique to you.

According to ancient spiritual texts and mystical teachings, there are multiple energetic layers or subtle bodies that surround the physical body. These layers each have their own frequency and color, combining to create the overall aura. The main aura layers are:

  • Etheric body – Closest to the body. Connects your physical and spiritual. Blue or gray.
  • Emotional body – Records emotional experiences/trauma. Orange, yellow, green.
  • Mental body – Stores thoughts/beliefs. Yellow, light blue, lavender.
  • Astral/Desire body – Drives wants/passions. Browns, deep reds.
  • Etheric template – Blueprint for physical form. Gray or white.
  • Celestial body – Access divine. Gold, white, purple.
  • Causal body – Stores karma and soul lessons. Pastel rainbow colors.
  • Spirit body – True essence. Gold and white light.

The most visible layers of your aura extend outward up to one to three feet from your body. The outer edges of your aura field connect with and exchange energy with others’ auras. A healthy aura appears smooth, clear and vibrant. A distressed aura may seem muddled, faded or darkened.

Reading Aura Colors and Meanings

Different aura colors and light patterns relate to your mood, thoughts, health, inner being and more. By understanding aura colors and meanings, you can gain self-awareness and interpret messages from your soul. Here are the most common aura colors and associated meanings:

Aura Color Meaning
Red Vitality, passion, sexuality, anger, aggression
Orange Creativity, socialness, confidence, entertainment
Yellow Optimism, inspiration, intuition, intelligence
Green Healing, balance, peace, sensitivity, growth
Blue Calm, truth, devotion, tranquility, peace
Indigo Psychic, visionary, imagination, spirituality
Violet Spiritual awareness, connection, nobility, refinement
Lavender Imagination, visionary, daydreaming, etheric
Silver Abundance, prosperity, intuition, the moon
Gold Wisdom, enlightenment, divine protection, spirituality
Pink Unconditional love, romance, tenderness, femininity
Brown Stability, grounding, practicality, material wealth
Black Protection, absorbing or blocking energy
White Purification, spirituality, truth seeking, innocence
Gray Neutrality, cloudy thinking, blocked energy, guardedness

One color doesn’t dominate your aura. Rather, aura layers blend together with dancing, changing lights. Everyone radiates a rainbow of aura colors that shifts constantly based on your state of being. Learning to read auras takes practice, but you can train your own intuitive senses with mindfulness and meditation.

How to See Your Own Aura

Your aura is always present, surrounding you with its distinctive energy pattern and colors. However, most people can’t see auras with the naked eye. You can learn to perceive your own personal aura by following these steps:

  1. Stand against a plain white or neutral background in natural daylight. The brightness helps make subtle aura colors pop.
  2. Look at your dominant hand. Relax your focus so you’re gazing just past your hand without directly staring at it.
  3. Imagine your life force energy radiating from your fingertips. Breathe deeply and pay close attention to the air around your hand.
  4. You may start to notice a very faint light or “halo” outline glowing around your fingers. This is your aura!
  5. Slowly move your hand and follow the aura glow as it shifts around your energy field. Notice its colors and intensity.
  6. Practice daily to strengthen your aura-viewing skills. Photographing your aura also helps.

This technique relies on your peripheral vision, which can detect subtle energy fields more easily. Relaxing your eyes also allows your intuitive right brain hemisphere to perceive your aura. If you don’t see results right away, be patient. Over time and with practice, you will start noticing your unique aura colors and patterns.

How to Read Other People’s Auras

With practice, you can learn to read auras around other people too. Here are tips for perceiving and interpreting someone else’s aura:

  • Observe their overall aura color and brightness first. A bright, vibrant aura signals good health and energy. Dim or dark areas may reflect physical problems or blocked emotions.
  • Notice their predominant aura colors and what they mean about the person’s state of mind. For example, lots of red can signal intense emotions, while blue and lavender reflect more tranquil states.
  • Look for multiple layers of colors to gain a fuller picture. Our complex auras blend many shifting moods and energies.
  • Pay attention to areas where colors seem muddled or blocked. This can reveal inner issues needing resolution.
  • Observe how their aura changes during your interaction. This provides insight about your energetic rapport.
  • Practice on willing friends first before reading strangers’ auras without permission.
  • Combine aura reading with other intuitive skills like listening to your gut instincts.

When reading someone’s aura, remember that quick judgments can be misleading. Our auras change rapidly, so be open-minded. With experience, you’ll learn to combine aura messages with empathy and wisdom.

How to Cleanse and Protect Your Aura

It’s important to regularly cleanse and strengthen your aura to maintain optimal energy flow. A weakened aura can attract negative energy and lead to emotional, physical or spiritual imbalances over time. Here are tips for aura cleansing and protection:

  • Sage smudging – Burning sage intentionally cleanses stagnant energy from your aura and environment.
  • Selenite crystals – Place selenite in your space or hold it to recharge your aura with positive white light.
  • Essential oils – Certain oils like lavender, frankincense and sandalwood help purify auric energy when inhaled or worn on skin.
  • Sea salt baths – Baths infused with Himalayan sea salt cleanse heavy auric energy after stressful days.
  • Forest bathing – Spending mindful time in nature stabilizes and replenishes your entire energy system.
  • Yoga – Gentle flowing poses, breathing and meditation harmonize your aura.
  • Letting go – Releasing stuck emotions, grievances and toxic relationships or jobs clears aura-clouding attachments.

Visualization also helps strengthen your auric field after cleansing. Picture a glowing sphere of protective light surrounding your body. Set the affirming intention to radiate positive, loving energy from your open heart. Daily aura cleansing care allows your most vibrant, authentic colors to flow freely.

Aura Photography and Imaging

Though auras are usually invisible to the naked eye, technology can now photograph and measure them. Methods include:

  • Kirlian photography – Uses high voltage to photograph electrophotonic emissions surrounding living things.
  • Digital auras imaging – Computer software detects biofeedback interactions between your hand and sensor plate.
  • Bioelectrography – Photographs electrical coronal discharges related to thoughts and moods.
  • Bio-well aura imaging – Hand biofeedback captured by gas discharge visualization camera.
  • Electrophotonics – Measures photon emissions linked to electron excitation in living systems.

Aura photography provides concrete proof of your energy field for analysis and interpretation. It also captures fleeting aura changes that even skilled observers would miss. Overall, aura imaging expands research about biofields and subtle energy in and around the body.


Your aura provides a window into your inner landscape while also connecting you to the outside world. By learning to perceive auras and understanding their meanings, you gain deeper self-awareness and the ability to both receive and transmit intuitive information. With proper care, your aura remains strong and vibrant, supporting optimal wellness of body, mind and spirit.

Auras offer a fascinating and personalized way to experience your energetic essence. Exploring your own unique aura colors provides insight about who you are, how to balance your energy, and how to develop your intuition. Auras reveal that we are all beings of light and energy, bound together by invisible connections all around us.