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What is your aura around you?

What is your aura around you?

Our auric field or aura encircles our physical body like an egg-shaped energy field that extends several feet around us. The colors and patterns within this luminous body provide information about the state of our mind, emotions and spirituality. Auras contain information about our physical, mental, emotional and spiritual wellbeing which is interpreted through the intuitive art of reading them. An aura reader will sense, feel and ‘see’ these auric colors and patterns surrounding an individual.

What is an Aura?

The word aura comes from the Greek word for breath or breeze. In Greek mythology the aura represents a subtle breath of air emanating from the body. In various spiritual traditions the aura is an energetic field which surrounds the physical body and is viewable by those with clairvoyance or by using tools such as Kirlian photography. The aura extends the human energy field and reflects the quality of energy flow through the chakras or energy centers.

Your aura reflects your current state of being including your mental, physical, emotional and spiritual conditions. An aura is a manifestation of universal energy, also known as chi, mana, prana or ruach, that is comprised of different colored bands of light. The dominant color frequency relates to thought patterns, emotional states and level of health. When we are peaceful and content the colors of our auras tend to be pastel, bright and vibrant. When we are agitated or unwell, our auras may be cloudy, muddy or stormy.

Auras have multiple layers

The aura has 7 main layers (also called aureole, auric field or oval egg shaped multi-colored glow) that interconnect with the primary 7 chakras. The intensity and colors of the aura extend about 1-3 feet outside the body.

The different layers or fields making up the aura are interrelated, influencing one another and the person’s feelings, emotions, thinking, behavior, and health as well. Hence a spiritual healer will view the aura layers in its totality to assess what is required to bring alignment and harmony back to the individual.

The 7 main layers of the aura are:

Layer Interpretation
1. Etheric Aura Layer The innermost layer closest to the skin which regulates the physical body
2. Emotional Aura Layer The middle layer related to emotions
3. Mental Aura Layer Outer layer linked to mental processes and beliefs
4. Astral Aura Layer Emotional and devotional perceptions
5. Etheric Template Layer Blueprint for the etheric layer
6. Celestial Aura Layer Connections with spiritual realms
7. Ketheric Template Layer Blueprint for celestial layer

The most commonly perceptible layers are:

1. Physical aura layer

The closest to the body, it directly reflects your physical condition such as health, sickness, physical injury, vitality and sensations. This etheric aura emanates about one quarter to two inches from the body.

2. Emotional aura layer

Extends from two to three inches out and reflects your emotions, feelings and desires. Emotions directly influence your aura colors so when excited or happy the aura reflects the joy. Stress and negative emotions like anger will show in dark colors like greys, muddy brown or black shadows.

3. Mental aura layer

Located three to eight inches from the body, this layer indicates your mental activity connected to thoughts, ideas, concentration and openness to new thoughts. Clear yellow hues show clarity of thought while dull dark yellowish brown indicates learning difficulties.

4. Spiritual aura layer

Found between seven to ten inches from the body, it indicates your spiritual awareness, wisdom and integration with the universe. Lighter, softer colors like pink and blue reflect spiritual attunement, while lack of colors and difficult murky hues indicate closed-mindedness.

What do aura colors mean?

Each aura layer predominately consists of its own color frequency indicating your spiritual, mental, emotional and physical states. By reading and interpreting aura colors one can gain insights into an individual’s personality, strengths, talents, challenges, emotions and any energy blockages.

The aura colors have specific meanings:

Aura Color Meaning
Red Vitality, vigor, passion, sexuality, power, courage, impulsiveness
Orange Enthusiasm, creativity, confidence, emotional stimulation
Yellow Wisdom, clarity of thought, optimism, playfulness, easy-going
Green Balance, growth, healing, empathy, love
Blue Calm, intuition, devotion, peacefulness, sensitive
Indigo Insight, visual, psychic, deep feeling
Violet Spiritual awareness, mystical, visionary, imagination
Pink Unconditional love, compassion
Brown Grounded, reliable, distrustful
Black Lack of energy, past trauma, unforgiveness
White Complete harmony, purity, angelic
Silver Abundance, prosperity
Gold Wisdom, enlightenment, divine protection

The interpretation of aura meanings and patterns is a highly intuitive and metaphysical art. Besides the colors each aura layer may contain cracks, clouds, holes and other impressions. The aura reader will perceive this energy turbulence and interpret it as signs of underlying disharmony.

How to See Auras

Though some of us are born with the innate ability to see auras, this visual skill can be developed with practice and spiritual study. The ability to clearly see auras is a natural extension of becoming sensitive to subtle energies through meditation.

Here are some basic exercises to activate your capacity to see the human aura:

1. Increase energy sensitivity

Sit very still, close your eyes, relax and turn your awareness inwards. Send your awareness and breathing into the solar plexus area. Focus intently on this spot and feel the subtle energy here. When you can clearly feel this center, expand your awareness to sense the energy around your entire body.

2. Strengthen your third eye

Your third eye chakra relates to your ability to visualize so strengthening it will help you see auras. Place your fingertips on your forehead between your eyebrows. Close your eyes and breathe slowly into this area. Visualize indigo or deep blue and see your third eye glowing with this color.

3. Practice on plants

Its easiest to first observe the aura around plants. Go outdoors and find a tree or bush you feel relaxed around. Relax your eyes and gaze softly around the leaves and branches. Allow your peripheral vision to relax so you take in the atmosphere surrounding the plant. Don’t strain to see anything just lightly gaze and begin to notice the subtle field surrounding the plant.

4. Observe people

Once you’ve become aware of the aura around plants you can start practicing with people. It’s easiest to begin with someone close who you feel comfortable with. Have them stand in front of a plain background and relax your eyes as you look at the area surrounding their body. Pay attention to the space 3-4 inches away from their physical form. Without straining you may begin to notice hazy colors surrounding them.

5. Use your intuition

Trust your subtle impressions when trying to interpret aura colors and patterns. What do you sense about their mental, emotional and spiritual state? If you feel they are calm and happy but see murky browns and blacks in their aura this is inconsistent. So rely more on your intuitive hits.

With dedicated meditation and practice your abilities will strengthen over time and you can progress to reading the auras of strangers and friends.

How to Clear Your Aura

It’s important to keep your own aura clear and balanced for optimal physical health and heightened spiritual awareness. Here are some simple ways to clear, balance and protect your personal aura:


Burning resins, herbs and woods like sage, sweetgrass, copal and cedar have been used throughout the ages and many spiritual traditions to energetically cleanse and protect a person or space. The smoke attaches itself to heavy or dark energies neutralizing and transmuting them.


Stones and crystals can purify and balance the aura. Clear quartz, selenite, amethyst, labradorite and citrine are great aura cleansers. Place them in your hands or on your body while meditating. Visualize their energies purifying your aura.

Sea Salt Baths

Soaking in sea salt water cleanses and refreshes the aura by extracting impurities. Dissolve 2 cups of quality sea salt in a warm bath and soak for at least 15 minutes. Visualize the salt absorbing and washing away any heavy energies.

Essential Oil

Natural plant oils support aura cleansing through their pure vibrations. Sandalwood, frankincense, myrrh and juniper are excellent additions to aura sprays, diffusers or used topically.

Kundalini Yoga

Kundalini yoga incorporates movement, sound and breath to raise consciousness and purify the bio-magnetic field. Try snake breath, humming bee breath and vigorous movement to elevate and renew your aura.

Aura Flushing

Visualization techniques where you imagine flooding your aura with pure white light, colors, crystals, flowers or wings profoundly elevates your frequencies. Envision and sense their energies cleansing your entire aura.

Aura Reading

An experienced aura reader, reiki practitioner or clairvoyant can detect weak spots, leaks or tears in your aura and repair the damage. They may extract or release stuck energies and infuse your aura with healing light.

Protecting your Aura

Once cleared and purified you’ll want to safeguard your aura energy field against intrusions and negative influences. Here are some ways to shield and protect your personal aura space:


Imagining bright white light, a protective grid, dome, shield or bubble surrounding your aura creates an energetic barrier that deflects lower vibrations. State your intention and call upon spiritual beings like Archangel Michael for added angelic shielding.

Aura Sprays

Environmental energies, electronics and people can influence your aura so misting an aura clearing spray offers portable protection. Infuse water with rosemary, sage and crystals then carry it with you in a spray bottle. Mist your aura whenever you need an uplifting cleanse.

Amulets and Jewelry

Wearing sacred symbols like the evil eye, crosses, ankhs, runes and divination pendants safeguard your personal energy. Program them with your desired intention. Jewelry made with aura clearing stones like black tourmaline and black obsidian provide a protective shield.

Chakra Balancing

When your main chakras are balanced and aligned your auric field naturally emits a strong, intact boundary. Yoga, reiki, sound healing, breathwork, meditation and visualization bring harmony to your chakras infusing your entire aura with wholeness.


Connecting regularly with the earth’s energies is essential for anchoring your aura securely into your body. Walking barefoot, yoga, meditation and imagining roots growing from your feet into the earth stabilizes and strengthens your bio-energetic boundaries.


Your aura is a profoundly sensitive energetic extension of your soul and being. Keeping it clear, balanced, harmonized and aligned nurtures peace, health and spiritual connection in all realms. Regular aura cleansing, protection methods and working with healers supports optimal functioning of this critical metaphysical system.