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What is Warby Parker color code?

Warby Parker is an American online retailer of prescription glasses and sunglasses. The company is known for its stylish and affordable eyewear. One of the things that sets Warby Parker apart is its use of color names and codes to identify each frame style.

Warby Parker’s Color Coding System

Warby Parker assigns a unique color name and code to each of its frames. This color coding system allows customers to easily identify frames when browsing online or in stores. The color names are creative and fun, ranging from classics like “Black” and “Tortoise” to whimsical names like “Sugar Maple” and “Sea Glass.”

The color codes consist of two letters followed by three numbers. The first letter represents the frame color family:

  • B = Black
  • T = Tortoise
  • M = Metal
  • S = Striped
  • P = Print
  • A = Acetate
  • C = Clear

The second letter represents the specific color name for that frame. For example:

  • BB = Black
  • TS = Sugar Maple
  • MC = Chrome
  • SA = Seashell

The three numbers simply differentiate between seemingly identical frame colors. For example, there are several different shades of “Tortoise” so each one is assigned a unique 3-digit code.

Examples of Warby Parker Color Codes

Here are some examples of Warby Parker color names and codes:

Color Name Color Code
Jet Black BB001
Charcoal Fade BB004
Crystal CC002
Champagne MC104
Amber Tortoise TS113
Lilac PP301
Sea Glass AA126
Pacific Fade SA134

As you can see, the color codes follow the letter-letter-number format that indicates the frame color family and specific shade.

Benefits of Warby Parker’s Color Coding System

Warby Parker’s creative use of color names and codes has several benefits:

  • Makes it easy to identify frames – Customers can simply refer to a color name or code when discussing or selecting frames.
  • Adds personality – The whimsical color names like “Sugar Maple” and “Sea Glass” give each frame style a unique personality.
  • Organizes inventory – Color codes help Warby Parker organize its inventory and keep track of which shades it has in stock.
  • Looks sophisticated – The letter-letter-number format looks clean and sophisticated, similar to how paint companies label colors.
  • Provides consistency – New frames are seamlessly incorporated using the standardized color coding system.

Overall, the color codes allow customers to succinctly describe frames they like and allow Warby Parker to manage its ever-expanding selection of eyewear.

Finding a Frame’s Color Code

There are a few easy ways to find the color code for any Warby Parker frame:

  • Online product listing – Each frame’s product page on Warby Parker’s website lists the color name and code.
  • Mobile app – You can browse frames on Warby Parker’s iOS app and see the color codes.
  • In-store – Ask a sales associate, who can look up color codes on their tablet.
  • Customer service – Reach out to customer service online or by phone if you can’t find the code elsewhere.

Knowing the specific color code makes it easier to communicate with Warby Parker about frames you’re interested in. It eliminates any confusion about shades and names. You can simply provide the code for an exact match.

Decoding Warby Parker Color Codes

Learning to decode the color codes can be helpful when browsing Warby Parker’s selection. Here are some tips:

  • The first letter (B, T, M) indicates the main color family.
  • The second letter shows the specific shade within that family.
  • Numbers at the end distinguish nearly identical shades from one another.
  • An earlier number typically indicates a darker, more neutral shade.
  • A higher number indicates a lighter, brighter, more playful color.

With practice, you can learn to glance at a code and have an idea of the frame’s color just from the letter-number combinations. For example:

  • BB001 = Jet Black, a true black shade
  • TS113 = Amber Tortoise, medium-dark brown tortoise
  • MC302 = Rose Gold, a bright metallic pink
  • PP504 = Lavender, a light pastel purple

Finding Frames by Color Code

Searching for frames using the color codes can help you easily track down that perfect shade. Here are some tips:

  • Online – Use the dropdown filters on Warby Parker’s website to select a specific color family or shade.
  • Mobile app – Tap the color dropdown and search for frames with a particular code.
  • In-store – Ask associates to show you all frames matching a desired color code.
  • Customer service – Give a color code to the online chat or phone representative to find that shade.

This focused search makes it easy to filter Warby Parker’s hundreds of frame options down to the exact color you want. The color coding system was designed to help you easily find those perfect shades.

Popular Warby Parker Color Codes

Certain Warby Parker color codes stand out as perennial customer favorites. Here are some of the most popular color codes and names:

Color Code Color Name
BB001 Jet Black
TS108 Buffalo Horn
MC202 Silver
SA101 Crystal Clear
AA105 Fade
TT405 Whiskey Tortoise

These sought-after shades encompass go-to colors like black, silver, and brown tones in tortoiseshell patterns. Knowing the codes for the most popular hues can help you find best-selling frames.

Color Codes Coming Soon

Warby Parker continually releases new styles, which means new color names and codes are always on the horizon. The company provides sneak peeks of upcoming colors through email announcements and social media posts.

Here are a few examples of new color codes slated for future releases:

  • CC007 – Rosewater
  • PP603 – Lavender Grey
  • SA204 – Dusk Fade
  • MC405 – Midnight Green
  • TS123 – Rum Tortoise
  • BB212 – Onyx Black

Keep an eye out for these and other new shades and codes as Warby Parker expands its fashionable color palette. The options will grow over time as fresh styles and hues get introduced.

Decoder Chart of Warby Parker Color Codes

As a quick reference, here is a decoder chart summarizing the meaning behind Warby Parker’s color code letters:

1st Letter Color Family
B Black
T Tortoise
M Metal
S Striped
P Print
A Acetate
C Clear

Knowing what each initial letter stands for makes it easier to decipher the color codes at a glance.


Warby Parker’s creative use of color names and codes sets their frames apart while also organizing their expansive inventory. The codes consist of two letters indicating the color family and shade, followed by numbers distinguishing nearly identical tones. Customers can use these codes to easily identify and find frames, while new colors are continuously added to the mix.

So next time you shop for Warby Parker eyewear, take note of the fun, fashionable color names. And jot down the color codes of any frames that catch your eye to easily find that perfect shade again later. The color coding system makes it a breeze to decode and describe each stylish look.