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What is three tone gold?

Gold jewelry comes in many colors, from yellow to rose to white. One unique type of gold that has become popular is three tone gold. As the name suggests, three tone gold contains three distinct gold colors all in one piece of jewelry. Keep reading to learn more about what three tone gold is, how it’s made, and why it’s so stylish.

What Is Three Tone Gold?

Three tone gold, also sometimes called tri-color gold, contains three gold colors – yellow, rose, and white gold. Each color is created through adding various alloy metals to pure 24K yellow gold:

  • Yellow gold is made by mixing pure gold with metals like silver, zinc, and copper to create a golden yellow hue.
  • Rose gold is created by adding more copper to the gold alloy, resulting in a rosy pink tone.
  • White gold contains nickel, palladium, or silver added to the pure gold to give it a light whitish color.

When these three gold colors are artfully combined in one jewelry piece, it creates the beautiful contrast and visual interest of three tone gold. The different colors are meticulously hand-crafted and joined together to make stunning designs.

How is Three Tone Gold Jewelry Made?

Jewelers carefully plan out and expertly produce each three tone gold piece. Here is an overview of the jewelry making process:

  1. Design – A jewelry designer sketches the artistic rendering, specifying where each gold type will go in the piece.
  2. Alloy creation – The specific gold alloys for yellow, rose, and white gold are created based on the karat amount specified.
  3. Cutting – The gold is cut and shaped into the various parts needed for the design.
  4. Joining – Tiny welds, joints, rivets or other methods securely connect the gold sections.
  5. Polishing – Buffing and hand polishing make the piece smooth and radiant.
  6. Setting stones – Diamonds or gemstones are precisely set into place, if included in the design.
  7. Finishing – The last hand crafting and touches are done before inspecting the final jewelry product.

It takes great skill to meticulously construct three tone gold jewelry, ensuring the colors flow together in a coordinated way. But the result is beautiful, unique pieces that display a warm, dimensional look.

Combining Gold Colors in Jewelry

When three gold colors come together in one piece, the combinations and patterns can create different visual effects. Some popular ways jewelers design and arrange the gold tones include:

  • Blended ombre – The gold tones are made to subtly fade and blend into each other in gradient shades.
  • Accent details – One color, like rose gold, is used sparingly to accent certain parts like the center setting or edges.
  • Frame and fill – A frame of white gold encircles an inner section of yellow or rose gold designs.
  • Stripes or bands – Stripes of alternating colors are interwoven for a striped effect.
  • Geometric patterns – Shapes, lines and angles are formed by the dividing gold sections.

The three tone look allows for great diversity in styles, from modern to classic to edgy. Jewelers take creativity in combining the tri-colors in artful ways.

Why Choose Three Tone Gold Jewelry?

What makes three tone gold jewelry so appealing? Here are some of the benefits this trendy look offers:

  • Matches all skin tones – With warm and cool gold hues, it complements any complexion.
  • Versatility – Three tone pieces go with an array of clothing colors and styles.
  • Interesting depth – The eye catches light and dark areas for visual intrigue.
  • Artistic style – Three tones used expressively create a personalized, one-of-a-kind look.
  • Longevity – Well-crafted pieces can be treasured forever and passed down.

Three tone gold’s variation of color tells a more unique story compared to single tone gold. Many jewelry wearers enjoy its chic, polished yet playful vibe.

Popular Types of Three Tone Gold Jewelry

Jewelry designers have taken three tone gold in creative directions for all types of pieces. Here are some of the most popular kinds of three tone gold jewelry available:

Three Tone Gold Rings

Rings are a top way to show off the striking color combinations. Popular choices include:

  • Diamond three tone bands with a white gold center, rose sides and yellow edges.
  • Statement cocktail rings with intricate yellow, rose and white gold woven patterns.
  • Two tone engagement rings with rose gold setting and white gold band.
  • Men’s bands with diagonal stripes or center bars in different colors.

Three Tone Gold Necklaces

Necklaces make a fashionable canvas for interplaying gold hues. Some chic options are:

  • Chokers and collars with geometric links in all three tones.
  • Pendants suspended from a mixed gold chain.
  • Blended ombre chains fading from yellow to rose to white gold.
  • Bar necklaces with parallel white, yellow and rose gold bars.

Three Tone Gold Earrings

From flashy to everyday, earrings gain extra style from three tones. For example:

  • Hoop earrings with yellow outer, rose middle and white inner hoops.
  • Studs framed in white gold with rose gold center decoration.
  • Dangling earrings with yellow, rose and white charms or shapes.
  • Mismatched studs, with one white gold and one rose gold.

Three Tone Gold Bracelets

Three tone bracelets make the wrist the perfect place to exhibit creative color play. Like:

  • Tennis bracelets with rose gold, yellow gold and white gold links.
  • Cuffs with curved stripes of alternating metal colors.
  • Chains with rose gold balls interspersed on yellow and white gold links.
  • Bangles edged in white gold borders and yellow gold middles.

Tips for Wearing Three Tone Gold Jewelry

To get the most stylish impact when wearing three tone pieces, here are useful tips:

  • Match metals – any other jewelry you pair should be in the same three gold tones to create a coordinated look.
  • Highlight with neutral colors – let the jewelry be the star and opt for simple, neutral clothing pieces in black, white, gray, tan, etc.
  • Place near face – three tone earrings, necklaces, rings draw the eye upwards and accentuate your face.
  • Add color – if you want to add bright colors, do so sparingly with a handbag or scarf so the jewelry still stands out.
  • Confident styling – walk with head high and shoulders back to show off your eye-catching three tone pieces.

Caring for Three Tone Gold Jewelry

To help three tone gold jewelry retain its beautiful, crisp look follow these care tips:

  • Store properly – keep pieces in a fabric-lined jewelry box or soft pouch to avoid scratches.
  • Clean routinely – use a gentle jewelry cleaning solution and soft cloth to remove dirt and oils.
  • Avoid chemicals – prevent damage by limiting exposure to chlorine, bleach, perfume, etc.
  • Remove before activities – take jewelry off for sleeping, exercising, cleaning, etc. to prevent damage.
  • Get inspections – have an expert check for loose stones or weakened prongs over time.

By caring for three tone pieces properly, you can ensure they stay in flawless condition.

The Allure of Three Tone Gold

With its eye-catching mix of yellow, rose and white gold, three tone jewelry has modern appeal that flatters and makes a fashion statement. The juxtaposition of complementary metallic colors provides versatility to match any style. When well-crafted, three tone gold jewelry becomes a cherished heirloom. For jewelry that has artistry, depth and lasting beauty, three tone gold is a luminous choice.