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What is the yellowish brown color 5?

Yellowish brown is a color that combines the warmth of yellow with the earthiness of brown. It sits between these two colors on the color wheel, bringing aspects of both into its hue. Specifically, yellowish brown color number 5 is a medium shade with strong yellow undertones.

This color became popular during the 1970s as part of the earth tone palette which also included olive green, mustard yellow, and avocado. It was frequently used in home decor, furniture, and clothing during this decade. Yellowish brown continues to be a versatile neutral shade today.

In this article, we’ll explore the history and meaning behind yellowish brown 5, examine its use in design, and look at color pairings that allow it to shine. Read on to learn all about this retro-inspired color.

The History and Meaning of Yellowish Brown 5

Yellowish brown sits between the primary colors of yellow and red on the color wheel. By adding black or brown to a vivid yellow, you tone down its brightness while retaining its warmth.

Color Mix Parts
Yellow 5
Brown 1

The specific yellowish brown 5 is created from a color mix of 5 parts yellow to 1 part brown. This proportion results in a medium-light shade that maintains the energy of yellow.

In color psychology, yellowish browns take on some symbolism from their components:

– Yellow represents happiness, optimism, and warmth
– Brown is associated with earthiness, reliability, and structure

Together, these mix into a friendly, down-to-earth color. Yellowish browns like color number 5 create a positive but grounded tone. They are dependable colors that add a hint of cheerfulness.

Use in Design

Yellowish brown 5 has a retro, 1970s look while remaining timeless enough for modern spaces. Here are some of the most common and effective ways to utilize this color in design:

Home Decor

During the boho-chic 1970s, yellowish browns were go-to colors for home decor. They could create a laidback, welcoming look in spaces like:

– Living rooms
– Dining rooms
– Bedrooms
– Eclectic kitchens

Use yellowish brown 5 on accent walls or to paint furnishings like bookshelves, tables, and cabinetry. Pair it with textures like rattan, wood, macrame, and flowered patterns to complete the 70s aesthetic.


In clothing, yellowish brown flatters a wide range of skin tones. It creates a warm, casual look when used in sweaters, tops, dresses, outerwear, and accessories. Yellowish brown 5 works for boho, Americana, or earthy chic styles.


For business branding, yellowish brown 5 conveys dependability with a dose of friendliness. It can work for companies in construction, farming, eco-conscious products, hospitality, and hand-crafted goods.

Use yellowish brown 5 in logos, packaging, websites, business cards, and uniforms. Pair it with natural textures and serif fonts for approachable branding.

Complementary Color Pairings

Certain shades look particularly pleasing next to yellowish brown 5. Here are some recommended color pairings:


The contrast of cool blue against the warmth of yellowish brown is striking and harmonious. Try light powder blues, periwinkle, duck egg blue, or even navy.


Earthy greens like olive, sage, mint, and moss green connect back to the natural brown undertones. They bring out yellowish brown’s vintage sensibilities.


From pale lilac to regal amethyst, purple’s undertone complements a yellowish brown. Soft purples create a retro, 70s vibe.


Pink is another 70s-inspired pairing for yellowish brown. Try a muted peach pink or an energetic hot pink depending on the mood you want to set.


A creamy off-white or eggshell look stunning against yellowish brown 5. This high-contrast pairing adds lightness and elegance.


For a bold, striking look, pair yellowish brown with flat black. This high contrast combination feels modern and edgy.

Wood Tones

Natural wood finishes connect back to yellowish brown’s earthiness in a harmonious way. Walnut, oak, cedar, and birch all coordinate beautifully.


Yellowish brown 5 is a versatile neutral that brings retro style into the modern era. With yellow’s cheerful energy and brown’s reliability, this shade creates spaces and designs that are both welcoming and down-to-earth. It pairs well with pastels like blue and purple but can also hold its own against bold black.

Whether you’re aiming for a laidback boho look or an elegant but friendly vibe, yellowish brown 5 can get you there. This quintessential 1970s color endures because its warm earthiness provides timeless, approachable appeal. Next time you’re looking for a flexible neutral, turn to the retro sophistication of yellowish brown 5.