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What is the yellow color code for Discord?

The yellow color code for Discord is #FEE75C in hexadecimal format. This shade of yellow is one of the default role colors that can be selected when creating or editing roles in Discord servers.

What are role colors in Discord?

In Discord servers, roles can be assigned to members to designate permissions, organize members, or for decorative purposes. Each role can have a unique color selected from a preset list of colors or custom hex codes.

Role colors appear in two main places in Discord:

  • On the right side of members’ usernames in the member list
  • As the background color for messages sent by members with that role

Having different colored roles makes it easy to identify what roles members have at a glance. The colors also liven up server chat when used for roles that allow members to chat.

Why is Discord’s yellow #FEE75C?

Discord likely chose the specific yellow hue #FEE75C for a few reasons:

  • It has high visibility against the white background of Discord.
  • It stands out well next to the other default role colors.
  • It has the vibrant, fun feeling that matches Discord’s gamer-focused branding.

The shade #FEE75C is on the brighter end of the yellow spectrum. It pops on screen and catches the eye easily compared to darker or muted yellows. When used alongside the other lively default colors like blue, green, red, and purple, #FEE75C fits right in with that aesthetic.

How do I use the yellow role color in my Discord server?

Using Discord’s default yellow role color #FEE75C in your own server is simple:

  1. Open the Server Settings menu and select Roles.
  2. Click the + icon to create a new role.
  3. Give the role a name and click the square color selector to open the color picker.
  4. Select the yellow swatch labeled “Default” or enter the hex code #FEE75C.
  5. Click Save to create the role with a yellow color.

You can now assign this yellow role to members of your server! The yellow color will appear by their names and in any messages they send with that role enabled.

Other ways to use yellow roles

In addition to using the built-in yellow as a role color, you can also:

  • Create multiple yellow roles in different shades by entering custom hex codes.
  • Use yellow for specific member groups like game teammates, server boosters, or chat moderators.
  • Combine yellow with other colors in a gradient for unique two-tone roles.

Yellow roles liven up a Discord server! The opportunities are endless when you utilize role colors for organization, status, or just for fun.

Discord’s default role colors

Here are all the default role color options available in Discord:

Color Hex Code
Red #FF0000
Green #00FF00
Blue #0000FF
Purple #7289DA
Yellow #FEE75C
Orange #FAA61A
Grey #99AAB5

Along with yellow, these colors can be selected when creating or editing roles in your Discord server’s settings. The colors will apply to all places roles appear.

Custom color hex codes

In addition to the preset default colors, you can enter any custom hex color code when making a new role or changing an existing role’s color.

Some examples of other yellow shades to try:

Color Name Hex Code
Gold #FFD700
Mustard #FFDB58
Neon Yellow #CCFF00
Sunflower #FFC91F

With custom colors, you can have multiple shades of yellow for different meanings or make the shade exactly match your community’s theme or aesthetic.


Discord’s default yellow role color code #FEE75C is a bright, vibrant shade that pops against the background and stands out clearly next to other role colors. It fits Discord’s fun, gaming vibe while also being easy to see for high visibility.

Any Discord server can utilize this yellow along with the other default colors when creating and assigning roles. Additionally, entering custom hex codes allows endless possibilities for shades of yellow or any other color you choose.

Role colors are a great way to organize and customize the look of your Discord server. With the default yellow #FEE75C and many other color options, you have lots of flexibility to spruce things up!

Color-coded roles help members identify different groups and permission levels at a glance. They also add flair and style to make your server unique. Get creative with yellow and other colors to take your Discord roles to the next level!