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What is the story behind blue and grey BTS?

What is the story behind blue and grey BTS?

BTS, also known as the Bangtan Boys, is one of the most popular K-pop groups in the world. They are known for their catchy music, impressive dance choreography, and unique sense of style. One aspect of BTS’ style that has caught the attention of many fans is their use of the colors blue and grey. These cool-toned hues can be seen frequently in BTS’ outfits, music videos, and promotional content. So what is the significance behind blue and grey and why does BTS seem to favor these shades? There are a few interesting theories and interpretations.

The Meaning of Blue and Grey in BTS’ Music

In 2015, BTS released a deeply personal song called “Blue & Grey” on their album The Most Beautiful Moment in Life: Young Forever. The melancholic pop ballad has lyrics that touch on feelings of sadness, loneliness, and uncertainty. When asked about the meaning behind the colors in the song’s title, member RM explained that blue represents the sadness one feels when they are alone, while grey denotes the uncertainty felt about the future. Other BTS members added that grey also signifies the chaos and noise of the outside world.

Later in 2018, BTS released the song “Magic Shop” which contained the lyrics “You gave me the best of me, so you’ll give you the best of you”. This continues the color symbolism, with the blue representing the sadness and worries they want to be cured of, while the grey represents all the potential within themselves that they have yet to achieve. Overall, blue and grey in BTS’ music signify challenging emotions and the process of overcoming them to unlock one’s full potential.

Blue and Grey in BTS’ Concept Photos and Videos

In addition to their lyrics, BTS has utilized blue and grey visually in their concept photos and music videos.

For example, in the photos for their “Love Yourself: Tear” album in 2018, the members were dressed in grey and blue hues, color palettes that evoked sadness and longing.

Member Outfit Colors
RM Pale grey suit
Jin Dark grey blazer and blue shirt
Suga Blue jacket and pale blue shirt
J-Hope Grey sweater and blue jeans
Jimin Grey striped shirt
V Grey suit
Jungkook Blue button-down

Similarly, in the “Blood Sweat & Tears” music video and short films, blue and grey hues were incorporated through sets, lighting, and wardrobe. Scenes of the members looking melancholy were tinted icy blue, while the styling featured pale greys and slate blues. This video dealt with deep themes of conflict, temptation, and loss of innocence.

Using blue and grey in these visual ways helps reinforce the overall mood and identity of each era for fans. It’s a creative way to tie the concepts together and stay true to the feelings represented in the songs.

Blue and Grey Represent BTS’ Authenticity

Many fans also think the use of blue and grey over more flashy colors represents the humble and down-to-earth nature of BTS. Despite their massive success, the group is still very sincere and open with fans about struggles with mental health, self-doubt, and the pressure of fame. Blue and grey demonstrate that they are not afraid to show real emotions, not just an artificial happy image. This vulnerability is a major reason why their lyrics resonate so strongly with listeners.

In fan culture, there is even an expression called “Blue Side of BTS” which refers to when the members share their raw feelings or cry in public. Fans want to comfort BTS’ “Blue Side” when they are going through a difficult time. Blue represents the idea that behind their impressive talent, they are still regular human beings dealing with real emotions and challenges.

BTS Reps Blue and Grey to Show Individuality

Lastly, BTS may favor blue and grey because it stands out from other K-pop groups. While many male idol groups opt for bold, intense looks featuring black and red, BTS bucks that trend by frequently wearing soft, cool-toned colors instead. This reinforces their unique musical identity as artists that convey emotional depth through their lyrics. Blue and grey help BTS assert themselves as distinct trendsetters in the K-pop world.

Jungkook has even said that he enjoys wearing blue because he thinks it suits his personality. The blue and grey aesthetics let each member showcase their individual personalities and styles as well. Overall, it gives them a thoughtful, artsy look that complements their introspective brand as musicians.


In summary, blue and grey have become signature colors for BTS across their albums, music videos, and general styling. The hues represent sadness and uncertainty but also authenticity and individuality. By repeatedly incorporating these colors, BTS visually conveys the feelings in their vulnerable lyrics and distinguishes their artistry in the K-pop genre. For both the members themselves and their loyal fans, blue and grey will continue to hold a symbolic meaning related to the group’s emotional honesty and introspective identity.