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What is the slogan for color me mine?

Color Me Mine is a popular ceramic painting studio franchise with locations across North America. The company provides a fun, creative environment where customers can paint their own pottery. Color Me Mine has become known for its memorable slogan that perfectly captures the experience of painting your own ceramics.

The Origin of the Color Me Mine Slogan

The slogan “Color Me Mine” was created by founder Dwayne Farnsworth when he opened the first Color Me Mine studio in 1991. Farnsworth wanted a slogan that was catchy, easy to remember, and emphasized the interactive nature of painting your own pottery. After testing out various phrases, he landed on “Color Me Mine” as it succinctly conveyed the engaging process of selecting a ceramic piece and decorating it yourself.

The slogan puts the customer at the center of the experience. Rather than just stating “Paint Your Own Pottery,” it directly addresses the customer with an invitation to make the ceramic their own through coloring. The use of “me” personalizes the experience, while the fun rhyme makes it highly memorable. The slogan neatly summarizes the enjoyable, creative process that Color Me Mine offers its customers.

How the Slogan Captures the Color Me Mine Experience

The “Color Me Mine” slogan beautifully encapsulates the unique experience of a visit to one of their ceramic painting studios. Here are some of the ways the short but impactful phrase captures the essence of Color Me Mine:

  • It focuses on the hands-on interaction. The phrase “color me” references how customers decorate the ceramic pieces themselves, directly applying color and making each item their own unique creation.
  • It invites creativity and self-expression. “Color me” implies that there are endless possibilities for how you can decorate your ceramic piece. You are encouraged to color it however you wish to represent your personal style and interests.
  • It emphasizes the customizable nature. “Mine” signifies that customers make the ceramic their own through the coloring process. No two pieces ever turn out exactly alike.
  • It speaks to therange of options. “Color Me” references the wide selection of paints, tools, and ceramic pieces available to inspire your creativity.
  • It hints at the transformative process. The unpainted ceramic goes from a blank slate to your own colorful, hand-decorated work of art.
  • It suggests a fun, enjoyable activity. The lighthearted phrase highlights the entertaining, engaging experience of decorating your pottery.

In just three simple words, the “Color Me Mine” sloganconveys the brand’s commitment tosparking creativity, self-expression, and fun. It resonates with the interactive nature of the ceramic painting process that makes a visit to their studios an engaging experience.

The Slogan Reflects the Brand’s Values

In addition to encapsulating the customer experience, the “Color Me Mine” slogan also aligns well with the larger brand identity and values of the company. Some of the ways the short phrase reflects the business’s core beliefs:

  • It puts the customer first. The slogan speaks directly to each individual customer, emphasizing the personal nature of decorating a ceramic piece.
  • It promotes creativity and self-expression. Allowing customers to “color” the ceramic any way they wish fosters imagination, uniqueness, and fun.
  • It embraces inclusivity. The experience welcomes all skill levels and encourages creativity through an accessible, non-judgmental environment.
  • It values hands-on interaction. Color Me Mine focuses on learning through hands-on creating rather than passive observation.
  • It inspires community. Sharing the creative experience helps connect people as they work side-by-side.

Color Me Mine built its brand around facilitating rewarding ceramic painting experiences that tap into creativity, self-expression, and community. The “Color Me Mine” slogan neatly aligns with these larger brand values in an easily memorable way.

Key Features of the Memorable Slogan

There are several key features that make “Color Me Mine” such a memorable, impactful slogan for the brand:

  • It’s short and catchy. At just three words, it’s highly condensed while also being fun and rhyming.
  • It’s positive and inviting. The friendly, upbeat tone warmly welcomes customers to participate.
  • It’s personalized. The direct “me” draws customers in as active participants.
  • It’s experiential. It emphasizes the hands-on process of decorating the ceramics.
  • It’s open-ended. “Color me” hints at limitless creative possibilities.
  • It’s aligned with brand values. As discussed above, it reflects the company’s larger mission.
  • It captures the imagination. By inviting customers to “color,” it sparks visualizing the creative process.

With these attributes, the slogan makessuccinctly communicating the engaging nature of the brand and its customizable ceramic painting experience. The phrase is positive and welcoming while quickly driving home the creativity and hands-on interaction at the heart of Color Me Mine.

Consistency in Use of the Slogan

Color Me Mine has leveraged the impact of its catchy slogan by using it consistently across marketing and branding over the past three decades. Some examples of how the company has kept the slogan prominent include:

  • Displaying it prominently on storefront signage and external marketing materials
  • Incorporating it throughout its website, including the header tagline
  • Integrating it into email newsletter design templates
  • Printing it on employee name tags and aprons
  • Offering merchandise like t-shirts with the slogan
  • Using it in radio and TV advertisements as a memorable jingle
  • Showcasing it in social media posts and ads
  • Integrating it into print brochures and direct mail flyers

From the smallest design detail to its most prominent marketing, Color Me Mine has made the slogan consistently evident across all brand touchpoints. Thishas reinforced its ability tostick incustomers’ minds and clearly convey the engaging ceramic painting experience the company offers.

Connection to the Brand Name

Notably, the “Color Me Mine” slogan also has an intrinsic connection back to the Color Me Mine brand name. The repeated word “Mine” ties the phrase back to the name, helping brand all elements together cohesively. This further cements awareness as customers immediately link the slogan to the brand after repeat exposure.

The slogan builds directly off the name, inheriting positive associations people already connect to the Color Me Mine identity. This seamless integration makes the brand and slogan highly reinforcing of one another in communicating the creativity-focused, customizable experience.

Evolution of the Slogan

While the core “Color Me Mine” slogan has remained highly consistent, the brand has occasionally put small spins on the phrase for specific campaigns and promotions. Some examples include:

  • “Color Your Memories” – Used for holiday family-oriented marketing
  • “Color Me Happy” – Emphasized mood-boosting benefits
  • “Color Outside the Lines” – Encouraged breaking creative boundaries
  • “Color Me Calm” – Promoted relaxation benefits

By retaining the recognizable “Color Me” opening, these adaptations help reinforce the core slogan while allowing Color Me Mine to tailor messaging for certain initiatives. The small twists keep branding fresh while building on strong name awareness.

Competitors’ Slogans

Brand Slogan
Color Me Mine “Color Me Mine”
Masterpiece Mixers “Where Art Starts”
Come Clay With Me “Discover Your Inner Artist”
Glaze Craze “Unleash Your Creativity”
Painted Pottery Cafe “Food, Drinks & Crafts”

Looking at competitors in the ceramic painting studio space, Color Me Mine’s slogan stands out as the most memorable and aligned to experiential branding. Slogans like “Where Art Starts” and Discover Your Inner Artist” speak to creativity, but without the same sense of interactive personalization. The memorable rhyme, brevity, and direct customer addressing help the “Color Me Mine” slogan connect and resonate much more strongly.


For over 30 years, “Color Me Mine” has served as an effective, iconicslogan that instantly communicates the brand’s engaging ceramic painting experience. It captures the hands-on creativity, customization, and fun that Color Me Mine studios facilitate for each customer. The memorable phrase neatly encapsulates the brand’s identity and values with just three rhyming words that paint a vivid picture of decorating pottery yourself. The slogan’s consistency across marketing touchpoints and direct tie-in to the brand name cements strong awareness. While occasionally putting small spins on the phrase for campaigns, Color Me Mine upholds the slogan as an enduring representation of its experiential ceramic painting studios.