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What is the purple Nespresso pod?

The purple Nespresso pod refers to Nespresso’s Indriya from India limited edition capsule. Indriya is a single-origin coffee made from arabica beans grown exclusively in India. The purple pod was launched in 2019 as part of Nespresso’s ‘Explorations’ range, which features limited edition coffees from specific countries around the world.

Overview of the Indriya Purple Pod

The Indriya purple pod contains a medium roasted coffee made from arabica beans sourced from four coffee-growing regions of southern India: Bababudangiris, Chikmagalur, Coorg, and Wayanad. These regions provide the perfect climate and terroir for growing flavorful coffee. The beans are carefully hand-picked and then processed using the washed method, where the fruit flesh is removed before drying the beans to enhance brightness and fruitiness.

The tasting notes for Indriya highlight its lively, well-rounded character. It has a rich cereal and malted flavor profile, with subtle hints of almond and ripe red berries. The coffee has a velvety body and brisk, persistent acidity. The purple pod is recommended for Nespresso’s larger lungo cup size (3.7 oz) to allow its aromas to fully develop when brewed.

Flavor Profile

Here are some of the standout flavors and tasting notes of the Indriya purple Nespresso pod:

  • Cereal, malted notes – A distinct grainy, malted flavor that adds depth
  • Almond – Subtle nutty undertones
  • Red berries – Delicate hints of ripe red fruit
  • Smooth body – A velvety, creamy mouthfeel
  • Bright acidity – A juicy, citrusy liveliness

The finish is described as having a marked cereal character of toasted grain and malt. The balanced fruit, acidity, and malted cereal notes make Indriya a dynamic single-origin coffee.

Recommended Recipes

The Indriya pod is designed to be drunk as a lungo coffee to accentuate its aromatic qualities. Here are some serving suggestions:

  • Indriya Lungo – Brew 3.7oz lungo, enjoy black
  • Indian Spice Latte – Brew lungo, combine with hot foamed milk and spices like cardamom, clove, cinnamon
  • Iced Indriya – Brew lungo, combine with ice and a dash of sugar syrup

The lungo preparation is recommended for making the most of Indriya’s cereal and red fruit notes. The milk-based latte recipe enhances the coffee’s inherent spiciness, while iced Indriya makes a refreshing summer drink.


Indriya comes from four major coffee-growing regions in the southern Indian states of Karnataka and Kerala:

  • Bababudangiris – Located in the hills of Chikmagalur district, at elevations up to 5,400 ft. The region has a tropical climate perfect for arabica cultivation.
  • Chikmagalur – A mountainous district located in Karnataka, home to the Baba Budan Giri mountain range. Altitudes range from 3,300 to 5,400 ft.
  • Coorg – A district located in the Western Ghats mountain range of Karnataka. Its high elevation and misty conditions are ideal for coffee.
  • Wayanad – A district in Kerala known for its scenic mountainous terrain. Its tropical climate and red loamy soil produce exceptional coffee beans.

These Indian growing regions all have excellent conditions for arabica coffee thanks to their elevation, rainfall, sunshine, and soil. Their terraced slopes and unique terroir imbue the beans with distinct flavor qualities that Nespresso has crafted into the lively, fruit-forward Indriya coffee.

Growing Conditions

Here are some key facts about the growing conditions for the arabica beans used in Indriya:

Region Elevation Annual Rainfall Soil Type
Bababudangiris 3,300 – 5,400 ft 70-80 inches Laterite, red loamy
Chikmagalur 3,300 – 5,400 ft 80-100 inches Red sandy loam
Coorg 3,000 – 5,400 ft 120-178 inches Laterite, red loamy
Wayanad 700 – 2,100 ft 120 inches Red loamy

The common factors across these regions are high elevations with fertile, red, loamy soil that retains moisture and nutrients. The tropical climate provides excellent rainfall along with optimal sunshine for the coffee trees. These conditions allow the beans to develop slowly while producing a more concentrated flavor.

Coffee Plant Varietals

The Indriya purple pod contains 100% arabica coffee beans. The main coffee varietals grown are:

  • S795 – A progeny of the Bourbon varietal, wide cultivated for its resistance to coffee leaf rust disease.
  • Cauvery – A Catimor hybrid known for good yields and medium acidity.
  • SLN-9 – Bred for resilience against nematode parasitic worms that can damage coffee plants.

These varieties are selected for their flavor potential as well as resilience against threats like coffee leaf rust and nematodes that can wipe out crops. The plants produce medium-bodied, well-balanced coffee with good acidity and aromatic qualities that exemplify Indian coffee terroirs.

Processing and Roasting

Indriya undergoes the following production steps:

  1. Picking – Only the ripest cherries are hand-picked from the trees
  2. Pulping – The outer skin and fruit flesh are removed from the beans
  3. Fermenting – The beans are left to ferment in tanks to develop flavor
  4. Washing – Beans are thoroughly washed and cleaned
  5. Drying – Beans are dried either by sunshine or mechanically
  6. Sorting – The highest quality green beans are selected
  7. Roasting – A medium roast to develop the coffee’s aromatic qualities

The washed processing method used for Indriya is essential for bringing out the coffee’s fruitiness and acidity. Only the ripest cherries are picked, and thorough washing removes any residues from the outer cherry flesh. The medium roast accentuates the beans’ inherent flavors of red fruit, nuts, and malt.


Key facts about the purple Indriya Nespresso pod’s packaging:

  • Capsule color – Vibrant purple with stylized geometric mountain illustrations
  • Capsule material – Aluminum
  • Capsule weight – 5.4 g
  • Quantity – 10 capsules per box
  • Limited edition – Only available for a limited time

The striking purple aluminum capsules help make Indriya stand out from Nespresso’s regular lineup. Etched illustrations of the Indian mountain coffee regions pay tribute to the origins of this unique coffee. As a limited edition, stocks are restricted, making the purple pods highly collectible for Nespresso fans.

Nespresso Compatibility

The Indriya pod is compatible with the following Nespresso machines:

  • OriginalLine – All machines, recommended for 40ml lungo preparation
  • VertuoLine – Not compatible, designed for OriginalLine only
  • Professional – Available for use with Nespresso’s professional grade machines

The purple pod can be used in any Nespresso OriginalLine machine. However, it was specifically created to brew a lungo coffee to coax out its most vibrant aromas. For the best experience, dedicate your Nespresso to making 3.7oz lungos with this single-origin Indian coffee.


As a limited edition, the Indriya purple pod had restricted availability:

  • Launch – November 2019
  • Countries sold – USA, Canada and several European markets
  • Outlet – Online via Nespresso’s website and boutiques
  • Limited time – No longer available, sold while stocks lasted

The striking purple pod could only be purchased directly from Nespresso online or at their boutiques. It was sold for a limited time in select countries while supplies lasted. As an exclusive single-origin coffee, stocks sold out quickly.


The Indriya purple pod came at a premium price point due to its rare, limited edition status:

Region Price
USA $14 for sleeve of 10 capsules
Canada CAD $17 for sleeve of 10 capsules
UK £12 for sleeve of 10 capsules

At around $1.40 – $1.70 per pod, the purple Indriya capsules commanded around double the price of regular Nespresso pods. This premium reflects the exclusivity of this Indian single-origin coffee.

Taste Rating

Indriya has received glowing reviews praising its unique taste profile:

  • Nespresso rating – 4 out of 5
  • Expert rating – 90 out of 100
  • Customer rating – 4.7 out of 5

Reviewers laud the coffee’s smooth, velvety body and its complex combination of cereal malts and red fruit flavors. The bright, juicy acidity provides a lively mouthfeel. Indriya provides a sensory taste of the exotic coffee lands of southern India.


The vibrant purple Indriya pod offered Nespresso drinkers a window into the expanding world of Indian coffee. Its unique flavors stem from the terraced arabica orchards nestled in the lush mountains of Karnataka and Kerala. The medium roast handsomely balances cereal notes with acidity and fruit, creating an engaging aromatic experience in the cup. While no longer available, Indriya was an exciting limited edition that exemplified Nespresso’s exploration of distinctive single-origin coffees from around the world.