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What is the plot of things that are Andrew Clements?

What is the plot of things that are Andrew Clements?

Andrew Clements is a popular American writer of children’s books. He is known for writing engaging stories that appeal to young readers in elementary and middle school. Some of his most well-known works include Frindle, The Landry News, The School Story, and the No Talking series. Clements often writes about kids navigating school life and coming of age stories. His books are known for their humorous and relatable characters and creative plots that keep readers turning the pages. In this article, we will explore the key plots and storylines of some of Andrew Clements’ most iconic books.


Frindle, published in 1996, is one of Clements’ most famous works. It tells the story of a creative fifth grader named Nick Allen who decides to invent a new word – “frindle” – to replace the word “pen.” He ends up sparking a revolution in his school and across the country as students begin using his made up word. The plot revolves around Nick’s battle with his strict English teacher, Mrs. Granger, who staunchly believes there should be no new words invented. The lighthearted feud that ensues raises thought-provoking questions about language and its power and limitations. Frindle shows how even small acts can have ripple effects beyond one’s imagination.

The Landry News

The Landry News, published in 1999, follows a fifth grade girl named Cara Landry who starts her own newspaper after being upset by her teacher’s biased classroom newspaper. Cara’s newspaper, The Landry News, ends up exposing her teacher’s censorship and unfairness. This prompts a controversy in the community about freedom of speech. The plot involves issues of ethics in journalism, democracy, and speaking truth to power. It’s an inspiring underdog story about an ordinary kid fighting injustice in a relatable school setting.

The School Story

In The School Story, published in 2001, the main character is a 12-year-old aspiring writer named Natalie who hopes to publish a novel. After her manuscript is rejected by professional editors, she takes matters into her own hands. Natalie submits her book under a pseudonym to a publishing contest for teen authors. The novel ends up getting accepted, but Natalie must keep her identity secret from her friends and family. The lighthearted plot follows Natalie as she navigates school while balancing her secret writing career. The School Story is a book about following your dreams and realizing you have more power than you think.

No Talking

The No Talking series is made up of two books – No Talking published in 2007 and No Talking, Just Writing published in 2020. Both stories center around rambunctious students at Laketon Elementary School who get swept up in mischievous competitions. In No Talking, the boys and girls challenge each other to see who can go the longest without talking for a whole day. This leads to hilarious antics as students find clever ways to communicate non-verbally. No Talking, Just Writing sees the students trying to out-write each other, sparking a surge of writing. The No Talking books involve fast-paced and entertaining plots that will resonate with any kid who’s endured the challenges of school competitions.

Lunch Money

In Lunch Money, published in 2007, sixth-grader Greg Kenton tries to turn his hobby of making comic books into a profitable business. He collaborates with his best friend Maura to create comic books and then sell them to their classmates. This simple plan gets complicated as their business takes off and other kids copy their idea and become competitors. Lunch Money has an engaging plot that explores entrepreneurship and economics through the classic school story model. Kids get to vicariously experience starting a business through the characters.

Jake Drake Series

The Jake Drake series consists of multiple books following third grader Jake Drake through school adventures. Jake has a knack for getting caught up in funny misadventures, from taking care of the class pet for a weekend to dealing with a bully. Plots involve relatable childhood struggles like navigating friendships, recess games, and school responsibilities. The series spans topics like bullying, competing, and cooperating that kids will instantly connect with. The Jake Drake books are fast-paced and dialogue-driven, perfect for reluctant elementary school readers.

Key Themes and Elements

Many of Andrew Clements’ most popular books share some key themes and elements that make them engaging and impactful for young readers:

  • School settings and coming of age stories – Clements’ books allow kids to see themselves in the shoes of the protagonists.
  • Thought-provoking plots centered around language, ethics, competition, business, and more.
  • Creative main characters who spark change and upend the status quo.
  • Lighthearted, humorous writing style that connects with kids.
  • First person narrative perspective that pulls readers into the story.
  • Fast pacing and cliffhangers that build engagement.


Andrew Clements’ novels highlight his talent for crafting entertaining school stories full of heart, humor, and wisdom. His books tackle themes of childhood courage and rebellion through relatable characters and original plots. Whether it’s inventing a word, starting a newspaper, challenging rules, or becoming an author, the protagonists take inspiring risks. These creative storylines make learning about language, ethics, and life meaningful and fun for children. That unique ability to blend education and entertainment is what makes Andrew Clements’ books beloved classics.

Book Title Main Character Plot Summary
Frindle Nick Allen Nick sparks a revolution by inventing the word “frindle” as a replacement for “pen.”
The Landry News Cara Landry Cara starts a newspaper that exposes her teacher’s unfairness.
The School Story Natalie Aspiring kid author Natalie secretly gets her book published.
No Talking Laketon Elementary Students Boys and girls challenge each other to a no talking contest.
Lunch Money Greg Kenton & Maura Friends start a comic book business and compete with classmates.
Jake Drake Series Jake Drake Jake navigates school adventures and misadventures.