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What is the paint code for the orange lava Harley Davidson?

Harley Davidson motorcycles come in a wide variety of exciting colors that allow riders to express their style and personality. One especially bold and vibrant color offered by Harley is called “Orange Lava.” This fiery metallic orange hue really makes a Harley pop and stand out on the road.

What is Orange Lava?

Orange Lava first debuted on 2017 model year Harley Davidson motorcycles. It replaced a previous orange color called “Sunset Orange” that was retired after the 2016 model year. Orange Lava has a bright, attention-grabbing orange base with a metallic shimmer. The metal flake effect gives the paint a depth and warmth that sets it apart from flat or solid orange colors.

Orange Lava evokes images of molten lava flows and vibrant sunsets. It’s the color of whirling leaves in autumn and a bright tangerine. The passionate, high-energy color is inspired by raging wildfires, red hot embers, and flowing magma. It demands attention on the streets and perfectly suits the bold, brash attitude of the Harley brand.

What Models Offer Orange Lava Paint?

For 2017 models, Orange Lava first became available on the Harley Davidson Street Rod motorcycle. This lightweight, nimble street bike was aimed at younger riders, so the fiery new color was the perfect fit. Orange Lava injected the Street Rod with a healthy dose of youthful exuberance.

In 2018, Harley expanded the use of Orange Lava to additional models. It was offered as a paint option on the Fat Boy, Softail Slim, and Heritage Classic models. On certain special edition and customized configs, Orange Lava was also available on the Fat Bob, Low Rider, Deluxe, Breakout, and Road King.

Harley has continued to offer Orange Lava on select models through 2023. Currently, you can find it as an option on the Sportster S, Road Glide Limited, and Trike models. Harley reserves the use of Orange Lava for its most performance-oriented and modern contemporary motorcycles.

Orange Lava’s Paint Code

So what exactly is the paint code for this fiery orange hue? Like all Harley Davidson paint colors, Orange Lava is identified by a unique code that dealers and painters can use to accurately match the color.

The paint code for Orange Lava is:

HD Color Code: ORA

All official Harley Davidson paint colors are designated by a three letter code. For Orange Lava, the code is simply “ORA.” This code will be referenced on any factory paperwork or descriptions relating to models painted Orange Lava from the factory.

You may also see Orange Lava referred to by its internal Harley code used during manufacturing and development:

HD Internal Code: 55216083AA

Knowing the Harley Davidson paint code for Orange Lava makes it easy for dealerships to order correct replacement parts painted Orange Lava. It also allows custom shops to perfectly color match Orange Lava if they are painting additional accessories or repainting bodywork.

Orange Lava Paint Details

Orange Lava is a metallic or mica paint. It contains light-reflecting aluminum flakes suspended in the tinted clearcoat. These metal particles catch and reflect light, giving the paint its signature sparkle and brilliant pop.

The manufacturing code 55216083AA breaks down as follows:

  • 5521 – Base coat orange color
  • 6083 – Mid coat with metal flake
  • AA – Transparent orange tinted clearcoat

The midnight black base gives Orange Lava depth. The metal flake midcoat provides reflectivity. The clear coat adds vibrancy as light passes through the transparent orange tint. Combined, these layers give Orange Lava its rich, multidimensional appearance.

Matching Orange Lava

Working with metallic tri-coat paints like Orange Lava can be challenging for painters and custom shops. Each layer must be carefully matched and applied for proper results. To perfectly match Orange Lava, ask your paint supplier for advice on matching a Harley Davidson metallic orange paint code ORA.

Custom shops with advanced mixing tools and paint blending software can also mix Orange Lava based on the formula breakdown above. The colors used are:

  • Black basecoat
  • Intermediate metal flake layer
  • Clearcoat mixed with Harley Davidson Kandy Orange dye concentrate

Nailing the exact hue, darkness, and metallic flake levels takes skill. So favor an experienced custom paint shop for best results. With the right painter, you can perfectly match the stunning Orange Lava found on production Harley Davidsons.


Orange Lava is an intense, scorching orange paint with an aluminum flake metallic effect. Its Harley Davidson color code is ORA. Debuting in 2017, Orange Lava has adorned select Harley models through 2023, imparting them with an impassioned, fiery spirit. With proper mixing and technique, this high-impact orange tone with glimmering mid-coat can be matched to customize motorcycles or paint replacement parts.

So if you love the blazing heat and energy of Orange Lava, now you know exactly how Harley Davidson achieves this color. By providing painters with the Harley paint code and formula details, you can have parts, accessories, or an entire motorcycle coated in this molten metallic orange hue.

Harley’s use of colorful new paint options like Orange Lava injects their bikes with thrilling style. This liquid metal orange pops against darker color schemes or blacked-out finishes. It is perfect for riders seeking to upgrade their Harley’s appearance with a modern, eye-catching color that refuses to be ignored out on the streets.

Frequently Asked Questions

What year was Orange Lava first available?

Orange Lava first became available in 2017 from Harley Davidson.

What Harley models offer Orange Lava paint?

Orange Lava has been offered on various Sportster, Softail, Touring, and Trike models from 2017 through 2023. Current models with optional Orange Lava include the Sportster S, Road Glide Limited, and Trike.

Is Orange Lava a matte or glossy finish?

Orange Lava has a glossy, shiny finish. The metal flake particles reflect light, so it is not a flat or matte paint.

Can Orange Lava be custom mixed?

Yes, a skilled painter can mix Orange Lava starting with a black basecoat, metal flake midcoat, and Kandy Orange clearcoat. Matching the factory Harley Davidson finish requires precision.

What other orange colors has Harley offered?

Prior orange Harley colors include Vivid Orange, Sunset Orange, Solar Orange, and Tangerine. Orange Lava replaced Sunset Orange in 2017.


Orange Lava is an electrifying bright metallic orange paint from Harley Davidson. With bold styling that demands attention, this color option lives up to its name. Knowing the Harley code ORA and formula is the key to matching Orange Lava for painting replacement parts or custom work. This guide provides everything you need to keep your Harley scorching hot in this iconic molten orange tone.

Harley Davidson paint colors are an integral part of their motorcycle designs. Options like Orange Lava give owners a chance to truly customize their bikes. With information on paint codes and mixing formulas readily available, you can equip your Harley with the vibrant Orange Lava finish it deserves.