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What is the paint code for Sherwin Williams snow white?


Sherwin Williams snow white is a popular neutral white paint color. Knowing the specific Sherwin Williams paint code for snow white allows you to easily get the exact shade when purchasing paint. The Sherwin Williams paint code for snow white is SW 7005. This code can be used to look up the color formula in Sherwin Williams paint stores and on their website. With the SW 7005 code, you can get the perfect snow white for your next painting project.

Understanding Sherwin Williams Paint Codes

Sherwin Williams assigns a unique paint code to each of their paint colors. These codes are usually 2-4 digits or letters. The paint codes allow for accurate mixing of paint colors and for easy look up of colors.

Some examples of Sherwin Williams paint codes:

– SW 7005 – Snow white
– SW 6244 – Naval
– SW 9150 – Believable Buff
– SW 7590 – Natural Tan

The SW prefix stands for Sherwin Williams. All Sherwin Williams paint colors will have a code starting with SW. The numbers following the SW refer to the unique formula to mix that specific color.

Sherwin Williams has thousands of paint colors. The paint codes help differentiate between shades and ensure the right formula is used to tint the base paint. Stores can search the paint codes in their systems to pull up the exact color information.

Where to Find Sherwin Williams Paint Codes

There are a few ways to find the paint code for Sherwin Williams colors:

– Paint chip – The SW code will be printed directly on the Sherwin Williams paint sample chip. For snow white, the chips are labeled as SW 7005.

– Website – On, you can browse colors and the product page will list the paint code. Snow white has a product page listing SW 7005.

– Mobile app – Sherwin Williams offers a mobile app with all paint colors and codes. You can search for snow white and the app will populate SW 7005.

– In store – Ask an employee at a Sherwin Williams store to look up the paint code for you. Give them the color name snow white and they can tell you the corresponding code.

– Receipt – The code will be printed on your receipt when you purchase Sherwin Williams paint. Hold onto the receipt to remember the color’s code.

So whether online, in the app, or talking to an employee, Sherwin Williams makes it easy to find the unique code for any paint color including snow white.

Sherwin Williams Snow White Uses

Snow white is one of the most versatile white paint colors from Sherwin Williams. Here are some recommended uses for SW 7005 snow white:

Walls and Ceilings

Snow white works perfectly for walls and ceilings. It provides a bright, neutral white that makes spaces feel open and airy. The lack of undertones in snow white allows it to match well with any decor. It can be used in every room of the house for a clean, classic look.

Trim and Molding

For trim and moldings, snow white is a popular choice. It creates a crisp contrast against the other walls. Snow white moldings beautifully frame rooms and make all the trim details pop.


Snow white painted cabinets are timeless. The soft white is slightly warmer than an antique white. It gives off a very subtle hue that works well for kitchens, bathrooms, built-ins, and any other cabinetry.


For furniture like desks, hutches, tables, and shelves, snow white is an easy way to get a fresh painted look. It serves as a nice neutral backdrop for decoration accents. Snow white also pairs well with other painted furniture colors like light blues and grays.

Front Doors

As a front door color, snow white is eye-catching and inviting. It contrasts beautifully against dark exterior colors like black, navy, or green. A snow white front door gives homes a definitive pop of color that visitors will adore.

So no matter what home project you have in mind, snow white is sure to look gorgeous. It truly does work in any room as an elegant and timeless neutral white shade.

Benjamin Moore Equivalent to Snow White

Benjamin Moore is another popular paint brand. Their equivalent color to Sherwin Williams snow white is Benjamin Moore Simply White OC-117.

Simply White and Snow White are very close matches with the same bright, clean white appearance. Simply White leans every so slightly warmer with a hint more yellow/beige undertone. But the two whites are nearly identical.

Here is a comparison of Sherwin Williams SW 7005 Snow White and Benjamin Moore OC-117 Simply White:

Paint Color Paint Code LRV Undertone
Sherwin Williams Snow White SW 7005 86 Crisp cool white
Benjamin Moore Simply White OC-117 87 Clean white with subtle warmth

As you can see, Snow White and Simply White share a very high LRV (Light Reflectance Value). They have a similar bright white appearance. Simply White leans slightly warmer. But overall, the two popular whites are remarkably similar.

Either SW 7005 or OC-117 would be an excellent choice for a versatile, neutral white paint color.

Comparable Colors from Other Brands

In addition to Benjamin Moore Simply White, here are some other paint brands and their equivalent shades to Sherwin Williams Snow White:

– Behr Ultra Pure White N220B – This crisp bright white is nearly identical to Snow White. It has the same clean look without yellow undertones.

-Valspar Swiss Coffee 6004-2B – Swiss Coffee is slightly warmer and creamier but can work as a close alternative.

-Dutch Boy Ultra White 01WY24 – Nearly a perfect match for clean, stark white.

-Pittsburgh Paints Intense White 00WW01 – Another very close neutral white option to Snow White.

-Glidden High Reflective White 9FFL1 – This has just a touch more gray tone but overall is quite comparable to Snow White.

So if you don’t have access to Sherwin Williams, one of those alternate paint colors will give you a similar snowy white look. Dutch Boy Ultra White or Behr Ultra Pure White are the closest to matching SW 7005.

Accessorizing with Sherwin Williams Snow White

Once you paint with snow white, you’ll want to accessorize to really make the color pop. Here are some ideas:


For snow white walls, choose a crisp bright white for the trim and moldings as well. Sherwin Williams Extra White in a semi-gloss sheen is a perfect match. Or go for high gloss white trim for even more contrast.


Opt for furniture with white upholstery, light wood tones, or metallics like silver, chrome, or nickel. Gray, tan, black, or navy blue furniture also complements the white nicely.


Snow white serves as the perfect neutral backdrop for your decor accents. Add pops of color with art, pillows, throws, flowers, and more. Greens, blues, yellows and vibrant jewel tones will stand out beautifully.


Crisp white bedding, tablecloths, and curtains enhance the snow white walls. Or add subtle patterns in greys, neutrals, and navy. Layer in some cozy white and cream knit blankets.

Tips for Painting with Snow White

To get the best results with Sherwin Williams Snow White:

– Prime walls first with a white primer like Sherwin Williams Premium Wall Primer. This helps the paint go on evenly.

– Do 2-3 coats of SW 7005 for best coverage. White paint often needs an extra coat for full opacity.

– Use a high quality roller cover like a microfiber or foam roller. This helps avoid any visible roller marks.

– Maintain consistent temperature and humidity as you paint. Avoid painting in direct sunlight or on hot days.

– Be patient. The bright white may take extra time to fully dry before you can add another coat.

– Prep walls carefully by cleaning, patching, and sanding any imperfections. Snow white shows every flaw.

Following those tips will give you a gorgeous, professional-looking snow white paint finish.


Sherwin Williams Snow White is paint code SW 7005. This versatile, neutral white works beautifully in any room. For trim, cabinets, walls, and more, snow white is sure to look clean and polished. Accessorize with metallics, white upholstery, and bright pops of color. Follow the proper painting tips to get flawless coverage. With its flexibility and timeless appeal, it’s easy to see why snow white is one of Sherwin Williams’ most popular whites. Use the SW 7005 code to get the perfect snowy white shade for your next project.