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What is the paint code for Ford Stone Blue?

What is the paint code for Ford Stone Blue?

What is the paint code for Ford Stone Blue?

Ford offers a wide variety of paint colors for their vehicles, allowing customers to customize the look of their cars and trucks. One of the most popular Ford paint colors is called Stone Blue. This rich, navy blue hue has been offered on various Ford models over the years. So what exactly is the paint code for Ford Stone Blue?

A Brief History of Ford Stone Blue

Ford first introduced Stone Blue as an exterior paint color option back in 1992. It was initially offered on the Ford Taurus, Mercury Sable, Ford Crown Victoria, and Ford Thunderbird models that year. The original paint code for Ford’s 1992 Stone Blue was “JD”. This was a slightly green-tinted, dark blue metallic color. It proved to be a popular choice over the next several years.

By the late 1990s, Ford had begun using a new paint code for Stone Blue: “YZ”. This updated version had a deeper, richer navy blue appearance without as much green undertone. The YZ paint code was used for Stone Blue on various Ford models from the late 1990s through the mid-2000s. During this period it was available on cars like the Ford Focus, Ford Contour, Ford Escort ZX2, and several truck lines.

In the mid-2000s, Ford introduced a whole new color palette across their vehicle lineup. This included a revised version of Stone Blue, along with new paint codes. On 2007 and newer Ford models, the code for Stone Blue became “PQ”. It remains a deep navy blue color, but with a more modern, slightly brighter appearance compared to the YZ version.

Ford Paint Code PQ for Today’s Stone Blue

On all current Ford vehicles, the exterior paint color Stone Blue has a paint code of PQ. This code can be found on the vehicle’s door jamb sticker, which displays the specific paint ID for that car or truck. The PQ paint code has been used for Stone Blue continuously since the 2007 model year.

Some examples of contemporary Ford vehicles available with Stone Blue paint include:

– Ford Mustang
– Ford F-150
– Ford Explorer
– Ford Edge
– Ford Expedition
– Ford Escape
– Ford Transit van
– Ford Super Duty trucks

So if you’re looking at a new or used Ford from the past decade in Stone Blue, you can be sure the factory paint code is PQ. This is helpful when verifying the original color or requesting touch-up paint.

Finding the Complete Paint Code

While PQ identifies the color itself as Stone Blue, the full factory paint code will be longer to specify additional details. On Ford vehicles, the complete paint code is typically 8 digits long. It will include the color code, along with codes for the type of paint system and various finishing processes.

Here are two examples of full paint codes for Ford Stone Blue:

– PQ/WA9564 – This indicates Stone Blue exterior paint, with a WA9564 clearcoat finish.

– PQ/CB8185 – Stone Blue with a CB8185 primaclear system.

The main thing to note is that PQ will always appear for Stone Blue, regardless of the other coding digits. So if you’re interested specifically in the color, PQ is the essential paint code.

Where to Find the Complete Paint Code

In addition to the door jamb sticker, the full 8-digit factory paint code can also be found in several other places on Ford vehicles:

– Inside the driver’s door – Check the sticker on the side edge.

– Under the hood – Look for a label on the cowl or radiator support.

– Trunk or tailgate – Ford often sticks a paint code label inside.

– Glove box – Some models have the code printed on documents inside.

– Owner’s manuals and paperwork – The code may be listed on the vehicle docs.

If you need to pinpoint the exact paint formula used on your Stone Blue Ford, check these locations to find the complete code. The PQ part specifies it’s Stone Blue.

Touch-up Paint for Stone Blue Fords

Minor stone chips and scratches are inevitable on vehicles. Fortunately, Ford’s Stone Blue touch-up paint makes it easy to cover up small flaws and preserve your car’s appearance. By matching the factory PQ paint code, you can seamlessly blend touch-up paint into the original finish.

Ford offers Stone Blue touch-up pens and bottles through dealerships or auto parts stores. You’ll want to confirm the paint code before purchasing, to ensure the proper PQ color match. Applying touch-up paint is quick and simple with the included brush. It fills in scratches and nicks to keep your Stone Blue Ford looking its best.

Custom Paint Jobs in Stone Blue

Beyond factory colors, Ford’s iconic Stone Blue is also a popular choice for custom paint jobs. This rich, vibrant tone of navy blue works well on muscle cars, hot rods, and other customized vehicles. Paint shops can mix up custom batches of Stone Blue using the PQ paint code for reference. They can also tweak the hue and finish to your preferences.

If you’re planning a full repaint or custom paint job using Stone Blue, provide your painter with the PQ code. This will ensure the closest match to the original Ford color. A custom Stone Blue paint job will provide a stunning, head-turning color for any vehicle.

Matching Accessories to Stone Blue

Adding exterior accessories to your Ford in Stone Blue? Using matching colors for things like pinstriping or graphics can really make the details pop. Having the PQ paint code makes it simple to find coordinating shades from brands like 3M vinyl wraps or paint pens. This allows you to accentuate Stone Blue with complementary colors for a cohesive overall look.

The interior is another great place to match accessories to your exterior paint. Custom seat covers, floor mats, steering wheel covers and more are available in colors to complement your Ford’s Stone Blue. You can also have chrome and other metallic trim custom painted in a matching blue.

Ford Model Years Offered Paint Code
Ford Taurus 1992-1995 JD
Ford Thunderbird 1992-1997 JD
Ford Crown Victoria 1992-1997 JD
Ford Escort 1997-2002 YZ
Ford Focus 2000-2004 YZ
Ford Fusion 2006-Present PQ
Ford F-150 2009-Present PQ

Different Shades of Ford Blue

While Stone Blue has been a staple, Ford has used various distinct shades of blue paint over decades of vehicle production. Here are some other popular Ford blues and their paint codes:

– Light Blue – AV

– Laser Blue – RQ

– Lightning Blue – PN

– Blue Flame – MT

– Azure Blue – RS

– Medium Wedgewood Blue – HW

– Mystichrome Blue – P8

So if you own a blue Ford, double check whether the code is PQ for Stone Blue specifically, or one of Ford’s other blue paint offerings. Each has a unique code and appearance.


Ford’s timeless Stone Blue color has decorated vehicles for over 30 years now. Its paint code has evolved from JD to YZ, and today’s tone is known as PQ. This identifiable paint code makes it easy to maintain and match your Stone Blue Ford. From touch-up pens to custom paint jobs, knowing the exact code ensures you get the proper factory color match. Stone Blue continues as a popular Ford paint option because of its attractive, versatile navy blue tone. So for any current Ford in Stone Blue, the key paint code to look for is PQ.