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What is the OPI code for bubble bath?

The OPI code is a unique identification number assigned to each OPI nail polish color by the brand OPI. OPI nail polishes are very popular and have hundreds of different colors and finishes. Each OPI polish has its own descriptive name and a corresponding OPI code number. This code helps identify the exact shade when ordering or discussing a specific OPI polish.

What are OPI nail polish codes?

OPI nail polish codes are 4 or 5 digit numbers used to identify each individual nail polish color made by OPI. For example, a bright red creme polish called “Big Apple Red” has the code number OPI Nail Lacquer Big Apple Red Creme Nail Polish, 0.5 oz – 462. The 462 code specifically identifies this shade among the hundreds of other OPI colors.

The OPI code numbers allow nail professionals, customers, and OPI itself to accurately identify and order specific nail polish shades. Without the code numbers, the descriptive names alone could cause confusion over exactly which color is needed. The codes remove any doubt about the exact polish being requested or discussed.

Where can I find the OPI code for a polish?

There are a few places to locate the official OPI code for a specific nail polish:

  • The OPI website – Each polish has a product page listing its name, description, size, finish and OPI code number.
  • The bottom of the actual OPI bottle – All bottles are labeled with the color name and code.
  • Nail salon menus – Many salons list the OPI polishes they offer by code and name.
  • Third party sellers like Amazon – Product listings will include the official OPI code in the title or description.
  • OPI promotional images – Codes are often listed on color charts and other imagery showing OPI collections.

Knowing the code makes it easy to order again or communicate to others exactly which OPI shade is needed. The code is linked to that specific polish and no other.

What is the OPI code for bubble bath?

The OPI nail polish color known as “Bubble Bath” has the code number NL B70. Bubble Bath by OPI is a light pearly pink nude shade with a hint of shimmer. It’s described by OPI as a “crowning touch for that special pedicure.” The soft pink color is universally flattering on many skin tones.

Bubble Bath was originally released in 1989 as part of the first ever collection of OPI nail lacquers. It became an instant classic and is still incredibly popular today over 30 years later. The demand for this shade has kept it in continuous production for decades. Its code NL B70 is as legendary as the polish itself.

Tips for using OPI Bubble Bath

Here are some great ways to wear this iconic OPI shade:

  • Sheer pink manicure – Apply 2-3 thin coats for a subtle, natural look.
  • French manicure base – It’s the perfect neutral pink for French tips.
  • Pedicure neutral – Flattering on all skin tones for pretty pedis.
  • Layer glitter over it – Add sparkle with a topcoat of glitter polish.
  • Mix with white – Add a drop of white to lighten it up a bit.

Bubble Bath has stood the test of time because it provides a timeless soft pink polish that works year round. Following the OPI code NL B70 makes finding this beloved favorite easy.

Most Popular OPI Shades

In addition to Bubble Bath, here are some of the most popular OPI nail polish shades of all time along with their OPI codes:

OPI Shade OPI Code
Funny Bunny NL F72
Alpine Snow NL Z21
Big Apple Red NL E62
Black Onyx NL H49
Lincoln Park After Dark NL F07
Malaga Wine NL L01
I’m Not Really a Waitress NL F68
Cajun Shrimp NL L48
Color So Hot It Berns NL R59
Dulce De Leche NL L65

From versatile nudes to vampy shades to bright reds, OPI’s most popular polishes cover every manicure mood. The OPI codes make them easy to identify and locate.

How to Find OPI Codes for Discontinued Shades

While classic hues like Bubble Bath remain available, OPI has discontinued many polishes over the decades. However, the OPI codes assigned to those shades remain a permanent identifier for them. Here are some tips for finding OPI codes of discontinued polishes:

  • Search beauty blogs and nail sites – Many have lists of retired OPI colors and codes.
  • Check resale sites – Ebay listings and postings may have the original OPI code.
  • Consult OPI fan resources – There are various OPI shade guides compiled by fans.
  • Join OPI fan groups – Members often have extensive shade knowledge.
  • Contact OPI customer service – They may be able to look up the code.

The OPI code assigned to an out-of-production polish is still relevant. Hardcore OPI fans enjoy collecting both current and discontinued shades and need those codes for identification purposes.

How OPI Codes Help with Organization

The OPI codes were originally developed as a scientific categorization system for the brand. But they also benefit nail polish users by:

  • Avoiding duplication – Each code represents one shade only.
  • Easy sorting – Codes are numerical so polishes stay organized.
  • Quick identification – No need to open dozens of bottles to find the right color.
  • Accurate communication – Describing a polish is subjective but the code leaves no doubt.
  • Inventory management – Salons can track inventory by code rather than name.

The OPI numbering system brings order and accuracy to the hundreds of available nail lacquer choices.

How to Identify Counterfeit OPI Polishes

Unfortunately, counterfeit and fake OPI polishes are common. These imposter products will not have authentic OPI codes on them. Here are some tips for spotting fake OPI polishes:

  • No OPI code on bottle – Authentic OPIs always have the code.
  • Code doesn’t match shade – The code will be wrong or made up.
  • Missing or incorrect OPI logo – Fakes have errors in logo design.
  • Misspelled words – Counterfeits often have typos on labels.
  • Poor quality brush – Real OPI brushes are high quality.
  • Wrong bottle shape or size – OPI bottles have a distinctive shape.
  • Off or chemical odor – Genuine OPIs have a pleasant odor.

Fakes might try to copy the famous OPI name and colors but will never have correct OPI codes. Using the codes is a reliable way to verify authenticity.

OPI Codes for Salon Use

In salons offering OPI nail services, the OPI codes are indispensable. They allow nail techs to accurately keep track of inventory, create menus, and communicate with clients about colors. Some key salon uses for OPI codes include:

  • Stock tracking – Staff can note exactly which polish bottles are on hand.
  • Reordering – No guesswork is needed to reorder popular shades.
  • Service menus – Coded polishes are easy to add or update on menus.
  • Client consultations – Techs can recommend and describe colors using codes.
  • Client records – The perfect polish can be noted in files by code for future services.

Overall, using OPI codes adds clarity and accuracy for a smooth salon workflow.


The OPI code system provides a simple yet powerful organizing tool. Each OPI nail polish has an individual number that unequivocally identifies that exact shade. For iconic colors like Bubble Bath NL B70, the code is an easy way to find a beloved favorite. For discontinued and rare polishes, their OPI number preserves their place in nail history. Overall, OPI codes bring harmony and precision to the creative, colorful world of nail lacquer.