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What is the name of yellow and purple combination?

What is the name of yellow and purple combination?

The combination of yellow and purple is a vibrant and striking color scheme that has been used in art, fashion, and design for centuries. While there is no definitive name for this color pairing, it is sometimes referred to as “goldenrod and violet” or simply “yellow and purple.”

In color theory, yellow and purple are considered complementary colors, meaning they are opposite each other on the color wheel. When placed side-by-side, they create a strong visual contrast that draws the eye. This makes a yellow and purple color scheme an excellent choice when you want something to stand out.

The Meaning and Symbolism of Yellow and Purple

Like all colors, yellow and purple each carry their own symbolic meanings which contribute to how they work together.

Yellow is associated with happiness, optimism, idealism, and hope. It represents sunshine, warmth, and cheer. In design, yellow grabs attention and is energetic and youthful.

Purple is linked to royalty, luxury, ambition, and creativity. It connotes wealth, extravagance, and imagination. In design, purple has a magical, spiritual vibe and feels luxurious and sophisticated.

When you put these two expressive colors together, you get a combination that is exciting, contrasting, regal, and quirky. The lively spirit of yellow paired with the mystique of purple creates an engaging, playful, and creative effect.

Examples of Yellow and Purple in Nature

In nature, yellow and purple can be seen together in many flowers, minerals, and animals which demonstrate the striking and complementary power of this color scheme:

– Pansies and violets feature rich purple petals with bright yellow centers.

– Yellow crocuses and purple crocuses bloom together in the spring.

– Tiger’s eye, a metamorphic rock, contains bands of shimmering yellow and violet.

– Some parrot species have brilliant yellow bodies with vivid purple feathers on their heads.

– Bumblebees are fuzzy black creatures with yellow and purple stripes.

– The colors also appear together on certain snakes, frogs, and tropical fish.

Use of Yellow and Purple in Art and Design

The combination of yellow and purple has long been a popular choice for artists looking to add visual interest and contrast to their work:

Historical Art

– Ancient Egyptian art often featured yellow gold jewelry against purple linens and fabrics.

– In Renaissance painting, yellow ochre was used for highlighting against purple robes.

– Vincent van Gogh created several paintings of yellow sunflowers in a purple vase.

Modern Art

– Graphic designer Peter Max uses yellow and purple heavily in his psychedelic art style.

– Pop artist David Hockney combined the colors in his brightly colored abstract paintings.

– Graffiti artists use yellow and purple spray paint for throw-ups and murals.

Interior Design

– In a living room, yellow pillows can pop against a purple sofa or area rug.

– In a bedroom, a vibrant yellow headboard looks striking beside purple walls.

– In a kitchen, yellow bar stools provide cheerful contrast to purple kitchen cabinets.


– In fashion, yellow and purple pair together in bold prints, color-blocking, and accessories.

– Bags, shoes, hats, and jewelry come in yellow and purple color combinations.

– Some sports team uniforms incorporate yellow and purple, like the Lakers and the Ravens.

Examples of Yellow and Purple Logos

The exciting contrast of yellow and purple makes them ideal for creating eye-catching logos. Here are some famous logos that use the color combination:

Company Logo
Nickelodeon The Nickelodeon logo features orange-yellow text and a purple splatter background.
Milka The Milka chocolate logo is purple with yellow cow spots.
Houzz The Houzz logo has a minimal yellow house icon next to the purple wordmark.
Twitch The video game streaming platform Twitch uses a purple wordmark and yellow accents.

How to Decorate with Yellow and Purple

If you want to use a yellow and purple color scheme in your home or office, here are some tips:

– Use yellow as an accent color against a purple backdrop. Purple walls with yellow decor creates a regal feel.

– Incorporate different shades and tints of each color. Mix pale yellow with deep purple or bright yellow with lavender.

– Add neutrals like white, gray, or black so the colors don’t overwhelm. White trim allows the purple and yellow to pop.

– Repeat the color pairing in artwork, pillows, flowers, and accessories for a cohesive look.

– Use yellow and purple in geometric patterns or floral designs. Paisley in the two colors looks sophisticated.

– Add textures like velvet, linen, or metallics for visual interest. Shimmery yellow pillows on a matte purple sofa.

– Use caution when placing more than one bright or bold purple and one bright or bold yellow item close together in a space so that it does not become visually jarring. Allow the eye to move around and absorb each bold item individually.

Moods Created by Yellow and Purple

Different shades and combinations of yellow and purple can create a wide range of moods in a space:

– Bright yellow and deep purple feel energetic, magical, and bursting with creativity.

– Soft yellow and light purple create a soothing, romantic atmosphere.

– Dark purple with bright yellow accents is bold and daring.

– Neon or fluorescent versions feel funky, fun, and youthful.

– Mustard yellow with plum purple is sophisticated and luxurious.

– Pale shades of yellow and lilac are calming and sweet.


While yellow and purple may not have an official name as a color pairing, this vibrant complementary combination has a long history of use in art, design, and fashion. The lively yellow creates exciting contrast against moody, mystical purple. This blend of optimism and intrigue results in a color scheme that is creative, regal and unique. Whether using it sparingly as an accent or going bold with it in patterns, yellow and purple invariably draw the eye and convey a sense of imagination and individuality. Next time you want to add some drama and flair to your decor, artwork or outfit, consider harnessing the energy of yellow and purple.