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What is the name of the dark GREY paint color?

What is the name of the dark GREY paint color?

Choosing a paint color can be a difficult and overwhelming process. With so many options to choose from, it can be hard to narrow down your selection, especially for neutral colors like grey. Dark grey paint colors are versatile and can work in many different rooms and styles. When selecting a dark grey, you’ll want to consider the undertones and how the color will look in different lighting. Here’s a look at some of the most popular dark grey paint colors along with their names and characteristics to help make your decision easier.

Benjamin Moore Grey Colors

Benjamin Moore offers many beautiful grey paint colors across different undertone families. Here are some of their most popular dark greys:

Color Name Undertone LRV
Chelsea Gray Blue 45
Gray Cashmere Brown 46
Thunder Blue 45
Metropolitan Green 42
Gray Owl Neutral 44

– Chelsea Gray is a popular blue-gray with calming undertones. It pairs well with whites and woods.

– Gray Cashmere is a brown-based grey that creates a cozy feel. It looks great with warm metals and leather.

– Thunder is a dramatic blue-based gray that gives an elegant, sophisticated look.

– Metropolitan is an earthy green-gray that feels organic and relaxed. It complements greens and blues.

– Gray Owl is a true neutral grey that works with many color schemes. Its versatility makes it a safe choice.

The light reflective value (LRV) indicates how light or dark the color is. The lower the LRV, the darker the color. An LRV between 40-50 is considered a dark grey.

Sherwin Williams Dark Greys

Like Benjamin Moore, Sherwin Williams offers grey paint colors across the color spectrum. Here are some of their most popular darker greys:

Color Name Undertone LRV
Peppercorn Black 35
Cityscape Green 46
Tech Gray Blue 44
Iron Ore Brown 35
Modern Gray Neutral 42

– Peppercorn is an intensely dark blackish-gray that makes a dramatic statement.

– Cityscape is an earthy sage green-gray that feels organic and relaxed.

– Tech Gray is a cooler grey with hints of blue. It has a sleek, modern feel.

– Iron Ore is a deep, brown-based charcoal grey. It feels warm and grounded.

– Modern Gray is a true greige that pairs with many styles as a safe neutral gray.

Again, the LRVs indicate how dark the greys are, with most falling below 50 for a rich, deep effect.

Behr Dark Grey Paints

Behr also provides a wide selection of grey tones from light to dark. Here are some of their best dark grey paint colors:

Color Name Undertone LRV
Slate Blue 43
Charcoal Slate Black 25
Silver Drop Blue 46
Gray Pear Green 48
Fossil Brown 39

– Slate is a blue-gray with hints of green that give an earthy feel.

– Charcoal Slate is an intensely dark, blackened grey for drama.

– Silver Drop is a cooler grey with subtle blue undertones.

– Gray Pear is a sage green-influenced gray creating an organic look.

– Fossil is a brownish-grey that is slightly weathered and woodsy.

The LRVs for these Behr greys range from the 20s to upper 40s to offer both light and deep dark grey options.

Valspar Dark Gray Paint Colors

Valspar also provides a nice selection of refined grey paints. Here are some of their best darker greys:

Color Name Undertone LRV
Rockport Grey Blue 35
Winter Stream Blue 42
Grey Harbor Green 44
London Fog Neutral 42

– Rockport Grey is an intense, navy-influenced charcoal grey.

– Winter Stream is a cooler grey with subtle hints of blue.

– Grey Harbor has an earthy, sage undertone for an organic feel.

– London Fog is a true greige that serves as a flexible neutral.

The LRVs for these Valspar greys fall in the 30s to 40s for rich, saturated dark greys.

PPG Dark Greige Paint Colors

PPG Paints also offers a line of refined greige paint colors in various depths. Here are some of their best darker greys:

Color Name Undertone LRV
Dark Evening Blue 40
Stack Gray Brown 35
Gray Screen Green 46
Urban Bronze Brown 26

– Dark Evening is a deep blue-based charcoal grey, perfect for dramatic spaces.

– Stack Gray has warm brown tones for an earthy, grounded feel.

– Gray Screen is an organic green-influenced grey.

– Urban Bronze is an intensely saturated, dark bronze grey.

These PPG grey paint colors have LRVs ranging from the mid 20s up to the mid 40s for flexible dark grey options.


When choosing a dark grey paint color, consider the undertones you want to create the desired atmosphere. Cool blues lend an elegant, soothing effect, warm browns create a cozy welcoming feel, earthy greens provide an organic vibe, and true greiges serve as flexible neutrals. Look at grey paint swatches in different lights to see how they change throughout the day. Many popular paint brands like Benjamin Moore, Sherwin Williams, Behr, Valspar and PPG offer a wide range of refined dark grey paint colors with unique characteristics to match any style. Whether you prefer an intense near-black dark grey or a lighter charcoal, you’ll find plenty of beautiful options to create the perfect sophisticated, moody or calming look with grey walls.