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What is the name of an orange pink color?

What is the name of an orange pink color?

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Identifying colors can be tricky, as there are so many subtle shades and tints. When it comes to an orange pink color, there are a few common names used to describe this type of hue.

In general, an orange pink is a color that combines the vibrant warmth of orange with the softer femininity of pink. It sits between a true orange and a baby pink on the color spectrum. This bright, punchy, and playful blend is widely used in fashion, interior design, and graphic design.

To answer specifically what this color is called, there are a few common terms used:


One of the most popular names for an orange-pink is salmon. This is likely because the color resembles the orange-pink flesh of salmon fish. Salmon is a quintessential spring and summer color, bringing to mind sunshine, flowers, and fruit. It has an uplifting, energetic feeling.

In hex code, the web color salmon is #FA8072. In RGB values, it is (250, 128, 114). Salmon works beautifully in any design where a warm, feminine coral tone is needed.


Another common term for an orangey pink is peach. Like the fruit it’s named after, peach is a little softer and more mellow than salmon. It’s a pale, delicate version of orange, softened by creamy pink.

Peach is often seen as a romantic, vintage color, calling to mind old-fashioned peach blooms and formal tea parties. The hex code for peach is #FFE5B4 and the RGB values are (255, 229, 180). Peach is ideal for wedding designs, girly bedroom color schemes, and as an accent hue.


Coral is used to describe colors ranging from orangey reds to pinky oranges. On the pink side, coral refers to pale, luminous orange-pinks. These corals evoke underwater reefs and have a summery, tropical feeling.

There are a few shades of pinky coral:

  • Light coral – #F08080
  • Coral – #FF7F50
  • Dark coral – #CD5B45

Coral is fun, feminine, and energetic. It’s used widely in fashion, nails, lipsticks, and ads targeting a female demographic.


Tangerine is a bold, bright orange-pink that really pops. As the name suggests, it’s the color of tangerines – vivid and citrusy.

The hex code for tangerine is #F28500. The RGB values are (242, 133, 0). This urgent shade of orange-pink is eye-catching and youthful. It has a cheeky, fun feel.


Melon refers to soft, mouth-watering orange-pinks like cantaloupe or honeydew melon. It’s a juicy, succulent color that calls to mind sweet fruit, refreshing drinks, and hot summer days.

In hex, melon is #FEBAAD. The RGB values are (254, 186, 173). Melon looks delicious in kitchenware,fruit packaging, and summer-themed designs.


Just like the fruit, apricot is a golden orange-pink hue. It’s deeper and more pigmented than melon or peach. Apricot is rich and warm, reminiscent of Autumn harvests.

The hex code for apricot is #FBB986. The RGB values are (251, 185, 134). Apricot gives off vintage, rustic vibes. It’s great for cafe interiors, wedding stationery, or farmhouse designs.


So in summary, the most common names used to describe an orange-pink color are:

  • Salmon
  • Peach
  • Coral
  • Tangerine
  • Melon
  • Apricot

These names can vary slightly based on the exact shade and intensity of the orange-pink hue. But in general, they cover the range of colors from vibrant citrus oranges to soft blush pinks.

When trying to identify an orange-pink color, considering if it’s:

  • Vibrant and bold (tangerine)
  • Pale and romantic (peach)
  • Sunkissed and tropical (melon, coral)
  • Earthy and rustic (apricot)

can help pinpoint exactly which “food name” best fits the color. So next time you need to describe that perfect salmon-melon-coral dress or peach-tangerine paint chip, hopefully this gives you some handy color terms. Happy decorating and designing in these delicious shades!

Tables Comparing Different Orange-Pink Colors

Here are some tables for visualizing the colors, hex codes, and RGB values of different shades of orange-pink:

Vibrant Orange-Pinks

Color Hex Code RGB Values
Tangerine #F28500 (242, 133, 0)
Persimmon #EC5800 (236, 88, 0)
Salmon #FA8072 (250, 128, 114)
Coral #FF7F50 (255, 127, 80)

Soft Orange-Pinks

Color Hex Code RGB Values
Peach #FFE5B4 (255, 229, 180)
Melon #FEBAAD (254, 186, 173)
Apricot #FBB986 (251, 185, 134)
Blush #F88379 (248, 131, 121)

Using tables is a great way to organize and compare colors and their specifications at a glance. Hopefully these sample tables illustrate how the data can be presented visually to supplement the descriptions.

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