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What is the name of a white cat with black stripes?

What is the name of a white cat with black stripes?

Cats with striking coats of black and white are a favorite among cat lovers. Their dramatic coloring and playful personalities make them popular pets. When people think of black and white cats, the tuxedo cat often comes to mind first. But there are other patterns and names for cats with white and black fur. One is the magpie cat, which has a mostly white coat with distinct black patches. So what exactly is a magpie cat? Let’s explore the traits and origins of this beautiful feline.

What is a Magpie Cat?

A magpie cat is a cat that has a predominantly white coat with large patches of black fur. The black patches are scattered randomly, resembling the black and white plumage of a magpie bird. The size, shape and location of the black patches can vary dramatically from cat to cat. Some may have one or two large black splotches while others may be covered in many irregular spots. The eyes are typically a brilliant yellow, green or blue which contrasts strikingly with the black and white coat.

While any cat breed can produce a magpie pattern, it is most commonly seen in Persian cats, British Shorthairs, Turkish Vans, and Japanese Bobtails. The randomized look of the black and white coloring comes from how the coat is genetically determined. The gene for white spotting works independently of the gene for black pigment. This allows the black and white areas to be distributed randomly.

Traits of Magpie Cats

In addition to their unique coats, magpie cats share some other characteristics.

Intelligent and Active

Magpie cats tend to be highly intelligent and energetic. Their active nature means they require ample play time and interactive toys to stay entertained. Many enjoy learning tricks, playing fetch and puzzle toys. Providing an enriched environment is important for these active felines.

Affectionate and Social

While they have plenty of energy, magpie cats also tend to be very affectionate and social. They form strong bonds with their human families and fellow feline friends. Most magpies love cuddling, sitting in laps and being petted. They also enjoy involving their human in their playtime antics.

Confident and Curious Personalities

With their bright eyes and striking coats, magpie cats have an air of confidence about them. They are extremely curious and will enthusiastically explore their environment. Providing climbing structures and high perches allows them to satisfy their curiosity in a safe manner.

Chatty Voices

Magpie cats love to talk! Their voices are distinct and they enjoy “conversing” with their humans using a wide vocabulary of chirps and meows. Expect plenty of chatter from these cats as they comment on the events of their day.

Low Shedding Coats

Many of the breeds that produce magpie patterns, like Persians and British Shorthairs, have low-shedding, dense coats. Their fluffy fur requires regular grooming to prevent mats but does not heavily shed and cover surfaces. People with allergies may find magpies to be a good option.

Origins of the Magpie Name

So where does the name “magpie cat” come from? The moniker is inspired by the magpie bird which has the same striking patterns of black and white in its plumage.

Magpie birds belong to the corvid family which includes crows, ravens and jays. Like their feline counterparts, magpies are intelligent, social and vocal birds. They use a wide range of vocalizations to communicate with each other.

Some key features of magpie birds include:

– Black and white coloration
– Long tail
– Loud, complex vocalizations
– Highly intelligent
– Found worldwide

The magpie’s plumage features iridescent purples, greens and blues mixed in with the black and white. No two magpies have exactly the same patterning in their feathers. This mimics the unique black and white mottling of each magpie cat.

So in terms of appearance, personality and traits, magpie cats truly live up to their namesake bird. The name perfectly captures the playful, clever and striking nature of these captivating cats.

Famous Magpie Cats

Some celebrity magpie cats have risen to online fame and show off the appeal of these beautifully patterned felines:

Meeri – The Watercolor Cat

With her pale, muted splotches that resemble brush strokes, Meeri looks like a walking watercolor painting. The Dilute Tortoiseshell Persian lives in Finland and has over 200k Instagram followers.

Captain Jack – The Pirate Cat

This magpie kitty from the U.K. was born on International Talk Like a Pirate Day. His black patch covers one eye like an eyepatch. He has over 175k Instagram fans.

Snoopy – The Kimono Kitty

The Japanese Bobtail cat from Japan resembles a white kimono decorated with black ink splatters. He delights his 50k Instagram followers with his antics.

These photogenic felines show off just how striking magpie cat coats can appear. Their unique patterns combined with their expressive eyes make them extra captivating. It’s no wonder they’ve become social media superstars.

Key Takeaways on Magpie Cats

In summary, here’s what makes magpie cats such special pets:

– Random black and white coat coloring resembling a magpie bird
– Energetic, playful and highly intelligent
– Affectionate, social and enjoy human interaction
– Confident, curious personalities
– Chatty vocalizations and unique meows
– Low shedding coats are good for allergy sufferers
– Make captivating pets and social media stars

So if you’re looking for a feline friend with vigor, intellect and visual appeal, a magpie cat might be the perfect fit. Their striking coats and magnetic personalities will bring joy and entertainment into any cat lover’s home.

Frequently Asked Questions

Here are answers to some common questions about magpie cats:

Are magpie cats a specific breed?

No, magpie is not a separate breed, but rather a coat pattern that can appear in many breeds. Persians, British Shorthairs, Turkish Vans and Japanese Bobtails commonly produce magpie kittens.

Do magpie cats have different personalities?

While individual personality varies, magpies tend to share traits like high intelligence, energetic playfulness and sociability. Their curiosity and vocal nature are also common features.

Are magpie cats high maintenance?

Magpie coats require weekly brushing to prevent matting and regular bathing to keep the white coat looking bright. Keeping the cat mentally and physically active is also important. But most magpies thrive on interaction and attention.

How rare or unusual are magpie cats?

Magpie coat patterns are not uncommon, but the randomness of the patterning means no two magpie cats are exactly alike. Each cat’s unique look is part of the appeal for many magpie owners.

Do magpie cats get along with other pets?

Most magpies enjoy having feline companions to play and snuggle with. Early socialization helps ensure they get along well with other household pets too. Their energetic and social nature makes them ideal additions to multi-pet homes.


With their captivating black and white coats and lively personalities, it’s easy to see why magpie cats make such desirable and eye-catching pets. They live up to their Corvid namesakes in intelligence and vocalizations. Magpie cats bring energy, affection and visual delight into the homes of cat lovers who appreciate their unique looks and traits. So for those seeking a beautiful and engaging feline companion, look no further than the magpie cat.