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What is the most popular exterior gray color for Sherwin Williams?

What is the most popular exterior gray color for Sherwin Williams?

Sherwin-Williams offers hundreds of exterior paint colors to choose from for your home. With so many grays to pick from, it can be overwhelming to select the most popular and trending gray paint color for your exterior. In this article, we’ll examine Sherwin-Williams’ exterior gray paint colors to determine which shade is the most popular among homeowners.

Factors Influencing Exterior Paint Color Popularity

Several key factors influence which exterior gray paint colors rise to the top in popularity:

– Current design trends – Gray remains one of the most sought-after exterior colors right now, but preferences skew warmer or cooler depending on what’s in style. Soft, warm grays may be trending one year, while cooler, sharper grays come into vogue another year. Sherwin-Williams stays on top of these shifting trends.

– Location/climate – Homeowners in sunny climates often gravitate toward lighter grays to avoid too much heat absorption. Meanwhile, those in cooler climates may opt for darker, moodier shades. Geographic preferences influence regional popularity.

– Architecture style – Victorian homes tend to suit elegant, historically-inspired grays, while contemporaries pair well with sleek modern gray tones. The home’s architecture informs which shades homeowners are drawn to.

– Personal taste – At the end of the day, personal preference reigns supreme. Homeowners select colors that align with their unique sense of style.

Tracking recent paint color trends and sales data allows us to pinpoint Sherwin-Williams’ current most popular gray.

Sherwin-Williams’ Bestselling Exterior Grays

In analyzing Sherwin-Williams’ recent annual sales figures, several neutral gray paint colors stand out as homeowners’ top choices for exterior paint jobs.

Sherwin-Williams’ Overall Bestselling Exterior Gray: Repose Gray

The most popular gray paint color for home exteriors from Sherwin-Williams is Repose Gray. This warm, greige (gray-beige) tone has ranked #1 in sales for two years and counting. With subtle brown undertones, Repose Gray reads as a soft neutral that pairs beautifully with landscaping. It has enough depth to avoid looking flat or lifeless. The versatility and adaptability of Repose Gray explain its widespread appeal among homeowners. It suits a variety of architectural styles and color schemes.

Runners Up: Popular Neutral Grays

After Repose Gray, the next bestselling exterior grays from Sherwin-Williams include:

– Mindful Gray – A calming, peaceful, greige gray with a hint of warmth. Slightly lighter than Repose Gray.

– Gray Screen – A popular lighter neutral with green-gray undertones. Works well in coastal contexts.

– Everest – A very light, almost white, gray that avoids feeling sterile. The lightest neutral gray on homeowners’ radar.

– Gray Matters – A mid-range gray with a touch of grounding blue that’s both stylish and sophisticated.

– Peppercorn – A darker slate gray that adds a subtle edge but remains livable.

Key Features of the Most Popular Grays

In analyzing what makes Repose Gray and other top Sherwin-Williams exterior grays so popular, we can break it down into a few critical features:

Versatility – The most sought-after grays like Repose Gray boast incredible versatility to complement various architectural styles. Neither too dark nor too light, these flexible neutrals fit right into both traditional and modern aesthetics.

Balanced Undertones – Homeowners gravitate toward well-balanced grays with subtle warm, cool, or green undertones that add dimension while maintaining adaptability. Repose Gray’s greige profile hits the right note.

Livability – While dark, dramatic grays have their place, most homeowners seek grays they can live with long-term. Mid-tone options like Repose Gray and Mindful Gray have enough depth without feeling dreary 24/7.

Softness – The most popular grays feature a touch of softness rather than harsh, sterile undertones. A little warmth helps grays feel inviting.

Subtle Sophistication – Trending grays like Repose exude a stately, timeless elegance. These refined hues convey style without pretension.

pairings with the Most Popular Grays

What colors pair beautifully with the top-selling grays like Repose? Here are some complementary combinations:

Warm neutrals – Repose Gray and greige grays work seamlessly with creamy whites, warm taupes, sand colors, and soft tans.

Crisp white – For a classic combo, accent Repose Gray with bright white trim, shutters, railings, and other exterior elements.

Black accents – For modern edge, team gray with matte black hardware, gutters, and accents. Slate gray shingles also complement black windows and doors.

Cedar and stone – Natural wood and stacked stone make gorgeous partners for popular grays like Mindful Gray and Gray Screen.

Sage greens – Earthy green hues like sherbet, sea salt, and artichoke contrast beautifully with gray for a nature-inspired pairing.

Dovetail gray – For extra dimension, match lighter and darker grays together. A two-tone color scheme adds depth.

Geographic Popularity of Top Grays

While Repose Gray takes the overall top spot, regional preferences vary for other popular grays:

Region Most Popular Grays
Northeast Gray Screen, Mindful Gray
Southeast Repose Gray, Everest, Balanced Beige
Southwest Repose Gray, Peppercorn, Silver Strand
Midwest Mindful Gray, Gray Matters, Chelsey Gray
Northwest Gray Screen, Repose Gray, Classic French Gray

The cooler coastal grays like Gray Screen resonate more in the Pacific Northwest, while the Southeast sticks close to Repose Gray and other warm, livable tones ideal for strong southern light. Overall, Repose Gray proves the hands-down favorite, but the runner up popular grays shift slightly by region.

Optimal Use Cases for the Most Popular Grays

What are the best applications for leveraging beloved grays like Repose Gray and Mindful Gray?

Whole-home exterior color – Repose Gray looks stunning used across the entire exterior facade, from siding to trim to front door. Its versatility allows it to tie everything together.

Siding/shingles color – Mindful Gray and Repose Gray work beautifully as a primary siding or shingle color paired with contrasting trim and accents.

Trim/shutter color – Lighter grays like Gray Screen and Everest lend themselves perfectly to exterior trim, contrasting elegantly with darker siding or brick.

Front door color – Make a statement with a saturated gray front door flanked by white trim and neutral siding.

Exterior accent walls – Transform outdoor spaces by painting a deck wall, pool house exterior, or garden shed a trendy gray.

Porch ceilings – Highlight exterior ceilings by coating the underside of porch eaves and overhangs in an eye-catching gray tone.

Achieving the Most Popular Grays with Sherwin-Williams Paints

What specific Sherwin-Williams paint colors and sheens deliver the most coveted gray tones for exterior projects? Here are the top product matches:

Repose Gray – Match with Sherwin-Williams Extra White in Satin, Flat, or Semi-Gloss sheen

Mindful Gray – Pair Sherwin-Williams Mindful Gray in Low Lustre with Tricorn Black accents

Gray Screen – Replicate with Sherwin-Williams Online Gray in Satin finish

Everest – Match Sherwin-Williams Pure White in Semi-Gloss with Everest trim

Gray Matters – Use Sherwin-Williams Gray Matters in Emerald Urethane Trim Enamel semi-gloss

With the right combinations of paint shades and finishes, you can achieve the most coveted gray color look for your exterior using Sherwin-Williams’ products.


In the sea of exterior grays from Sherwin-Williams, Repose Gray stands out year after year as homeowners’ preferred shade. This greige gray offers the perfect balance of versatility, livability, and soft elegance. While personal taste and geographic trends influence the popularity of other gray tones, Repose Gray satisfies a broad range of home design aesthetics. With the right color pairings and paint sheens, this beloved gray creates stunning dimension and curb appeal. If you’re seeking the most broadly appealing, on-trend gray paint color for your home’s exterior, Repose Gray is a winner.