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What is the most popular color for kitchen appliances now?

Kitchen appliances come in a wide variety of colors these days. While white and black remain classic and timeless choices, manufacturers are offering more options than ever before. Vibrant reds, calming blues, warm wood tones – there are appealing colors to suit any kitchen’s style.

But when it comes to the most popular colors right now, a few shades stand out from the crowd. Keep reading to learn more about current color trends for major kitchen appliances and find inspiration for your next kitchen update!

Most Popular Styles and Color Trends

Currently, the most sought-after kitchen styles are modern, contemporary, and transitional. These styles typically utilize streamlined appliances in glossy finishes and muted, neutral colors. Here are some of the most popular color palettes right now:

  • Black stainless steel
  • Matte black
  • Navy blue
  • Dark gray
  • White and off-white

Black stainless steel provides the sleek look of stainless but with a darker, more sophisticated aesthetic. Fingerprints also blend in better compared to traditional stainless steel.

Matte black and navy blue appliances deliver high-contrast drama and complement modern kitchen materials like quartz and granite.

Crisp white or an off-white like almond remain classic options that pair well with white cabinets and light countertops for a clean, timeless look.

Most Popular Colors by Appliance

Now let’s examine popular color choices for major kitchen appliance categories:


Color Percentage of Models Available
Stainless steel 35%
White 25%
Black 15%
Black stainless steel 10%
Other (wood panel, custom colors, etc.) 15%

Stainless steel has dominated refrigerator sales for years and is still the most popular choice due to its modern, professional look. But white and black are nearly as prevalent, combining with stainless for a two-tone style. Black stainless is rising fast in popularity as an alternative that limits fingerprints and smudging.


Color Percentage of Models Available
Stainless steel 30%
Black 25%
White 20%
Black stainless steel 15%
Other (blue, red, etc.) 10%

Ranges show more color variety than refrigerators. Stainless and black are almost neck-and-neck. White remains popular for a classic look. Vibrant accent colors like cobalt blue and fire engine red make up a small but noticeable share of new ranges.

Microwave Ovens

Color Percentage of Models Available
Stainless steel 35%
Black 30%
White 25%
Black stainless steel 5%
Other 5%

Microwaves closely match refrigerators for the most popular colors. Stainless steel still dominates, but black follows closely. White remains a top choice. Black stainless and other colors lag behind.


Color Percentage of Models Available
Stainless steel 50%
White 20%
Black 15%
Black stainless steel 10%
Other 5%

Dishwashers have the highest percentage of stainless steel models. White remains popular at number two. Black stainless is gaining ground for a modern two-tone look.

Trends by Color

Stainless Steel

Stainless steel dominated the appliance scene throughout the 2010s. By providing a professional, commercial look, stainless steel fit well with modern and contemporary kitchen designs.

Recently, demand for fingerprint-proof black stainless threatened stainless steel’s popularity. However, new fingerprint resistant stainless steel has helped maintain the material’s appeal.

Moving into the 2020s, stainless will remain the most popular choice for anyone desiring a contemporary, upscale look. Matte finishes are rising in popularity over glossy stainless for a softer aesthetic.


Crisp white appliances provide a timeless, classic look. White remains one of the top choices for traditional kitchen designs and pairs well with white cabinetry.

Off-white shades like almond and biscuit also continue to hold appeal. These softer tones complement many styles of cabinetry.

White works with almost every color palette, especially lighter tones like grays, tans, and blues. Combined with a dark accent color like navy or black, white delivers a bold, dramatic contrast.

The timeless, versatile white appliance has retained popularity for decades and should continue to hold its own against stainless steel and black in years to come.


Black appliances jumped in popularity during the 2010s and have stayed trendy. The dramatic, high-contrast look works perfectly in contemporary and modern kitchens.

Matte black finishes minimize fingerprints on black appliances. Black stainless steel provides an upscale alternative to traditional black without losing the dark color.

Other dark accent colors like navy blue, charcoal gray, and chocolate brown are also growing in popularity. These deep, moody shades work well with black countertops like granite.

Moving forward, expect to see black and other dark appliance colors continue to hold popularity in modern designs, especially as accent colors.

Colorful Accents

While stainless, black, and white dominate most kitchens, bold pops of color are also growing in popularity. Reds, blues, greens, and other vibrant hues on mixers, microwaves, and other small appliances provide an easy way to inject fun and personality.

In recent years, colored appliances have become more available across categories. Now, ranges and even refrigerators come in vibrant shades like cobalt, racing red, mint, and canary yellow.

These colorful pieces pair best with light or neutral cabinetry and counters. They work well in modern and eclectic kitchens that mix different styles together. While colored appliances likely won’t outsell neutral ones soon, expect to see more whimsical shades across appliance categories in years to come.


While personal taste varies widely, the most popular kitchen appliance color trends include:

  • Stainless steel – Remains the most popular overall for modern looks
  • Black and black stainless – Gaining popularity fast, especially in contemporary kitchens
  • White – A classic, timeless choice that fits any style
  • Vibrant colors – Growing as bold accent choices in modern and eclectic kitchens

So if you’re planning a kitchen update, consider selecting appliances in one of these trendy, of-the-moment colors. But don’t be afraid to pick a shade you love outside of what’s most popular. Your kitchen should reflect your personal taste and style.

With all the color choices available today across most appliance categories, you can easily mix and match colors for a customized look. Consider creating contrast with black and white appliances or matching your accent cabinetry color on a refrigerator or range for a cohesive style.

Whatever your color preferences, kitchen appliance offerings have never been more diverse. Take time to consider how new appliances could update your current kitchen design. With a stylish color update, you can give your kitchen a whole new modern look and feel.