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What is the most popular blue color for houses?

What is the most popular blue color for houses?

Blue is a popular color choice for house exteriors. When choosing an exterior paint color, homeowners must consider which shade of blue will complement their home’s architecture and landscaping. The most popular blue exterior house colors tend to be lighter shades that give off a cool, calming effect.

The Psychology of Blue

Blue is often associated with qualities like tranquility, trustworthiness, and intelligence. It calls to mind images of the sky and sea. This makes it an appealing color for home exteriors, as people want their home to feel peaceful and inviting. Lighter blues are said to evoke feelings of relaxation, while bolder blues can symbolize confidence and security.

Research has found that people are most productive and focused in blue environments. Blue is thought to have a calming effect that can lower heart rate and blood pressure. So painting a home blue can help create an oasis away from the stresses of everyday life.

Most Popular Blue Exterior House Colors

When looking at current color trends, blue remains one of the most popular shades for home exteriors. But not all blues are created equal when it comes to home design. Here are some of the most popular blue exterior house colors:

  • Sky blue – A light, airy blue that calls to mind a clear sky. It creates a peaceful, inviting look.
  • Powder blue – A very pale, muted blue. It has a gentle, vintage feel.
  • Baby blue – Has a bit more color than powder blue but remains light and soft.
  • Blue gray – A blue with strong gray undertones. It’s sophisticated and timeless.
  • Navy blue – A darker blue tone. It feels rich and stately.
  • Robin’s egg blue – A bright, cheerful light blue. It has vintage roots but feels fresh and youthful.

These shades dominate the current palette of popular blue house colors. They range from the palest blue-tinged grays to vivid pastel hues. In general, soft, muted, light blues are most on-trend for exterior house color schemes.

Factors to Consider

While blue is always in style, homeowners need to select the right shade of blue for their specific home. Here are some factors to take into account:

  • Architecture – A Victorian house may suit a darker navy blue, while a beach cottage calls for a lighter sky blue. Match the hue to the existing look and feel of the home.
  • Roof color – Lighter blues pair best with white or gray roofs, while navy blue works with black roofing.
  • Landscaping – Soft blue grays and powder blues won’t compete with green plants and trees. Vibrant blues may overwhelm neutral landscaping.
  • Climate – In hot climates, lighter blues won’t absorb as much heat from sunlight. Dark blues can feel intense in consistently sunny areas.
  • Personal taste – Homeowners should choose a blue hue they’ll enjoy looking at daily. Exterior house color is a personal expression.

The ideal blue paint color for a home exterior depends on these contextual factors. While trends point to lighter blue grays and pastels, the color choice should ultimately match the homeowner’s preference.

Most Popular Blue House Colors

Looking more specifically at current exterior paint color data, here are some of the top-selling blue shades from major paint brands:

Brand Paint Color Name
Behr Blue Wave
Benjamin Moore Wythe Blue
PPG Paints Let it Rain
Sherwin-Williams Naval
Valspar Wind Chime

These paint names give a sample of today’s most sought-after blue exterior paint colors. While the specific shades range from light blue-grays to deeper navies, they showcase homeowner interest in blue palettes.


In summary, blue remains highly popular for house exterior colors, thanks to its soothing, timeless appeal. Light, muted blues like powder blue, sky blue, and blue-gray lead the trends. Factors like architectural style, roof color, climate, and homeowners’ personal preferences help determine the ideal blue hue. Current top-selling blue exterior paints point to a desire for both soft, neutral blues and striking navy tones. With so many shades to choose from, homeowners can find the perfect blue to give their home exterior style and curb appeal.