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What is the most attractive insect?

What is the most attractive insect?

Insects are among the most diverse and abundant animals on earth, with over 1 million described species. Their beauty, colors, and interesting behaviors make many insects visually appealing. But which insect is considered the most attractive? Here we look at some of the top contenders for the title of “most attractive insect” based on their striking appearance.


Butterflies are strong contenders for the most attractive insects. There are over 18,000 butterfly species worldwide displaying a huge variety of wing patterns, shapes, and vibrant colors including iridescent blues, fiery oranges, and shimmering greens. Some standout attractive butterflies include:

Butterfly What makes it attractive
Blue Morpho Shiny blue wings with contrasting brown undersides
Painted Lady Orange and black wings with white and blue spots
Red Lacewing Translucent wings with bright red veining

The wings of butterflies contain microscopic scales that reflect light to create their colorful patterns. Their symmetry, artful designs, and ability to flutter gracefully through the air makes butterflies extremely visually appealing insects.

Jewel Scarabs

Scarab beetles in the genus Chrysina are known as jewel scarabs for their brightly colored and patterned wing casings. There are over 130 Chrysina species, many with metallic green, gold, or silver tones. Some examples of attractively colored jewel scarabs include:

Jewel Scarab What makes it attractive
Golden jewel scarab Shimmering gold tone
Silver jewel scarab Vibrant silver with black spots
Rainbow jewel scarab Iridescent greens and purples

The metallic sheens are created by the microscopic structure of the scarab’s wing casings that reflect light. Their jewel-toned colors and shine make these scarabs visually striking insects.

Metallic Green Bugs

Insects with naturally metallic coloring are particularly eye-catching. Some bugs with vibrant metallic green hues include:

Metallic green bug What makes it attractive
Emerald cockroach wasp Brilliant green body
Green shield bug Shiny lime green wings
Green June beetle Bright green and gold wings

The metallic green color comes from the chemical structure of their exoskeletons. The striking green metallic tones make these bugs shine and stand out.

Brightly Colored Beetles

Many types of beetles have very attractive and vivid coloring and patterns that can dazzle the eye. Some examples include:

Beetle What makes it attractive
Ladybugs Bright red wings with black spots
Cardinal beetles Red orange wings
Sunburst diving beetles Metallic greens and bronzes

Vivid reds, oranges, and metallic tones make many beetles visually striking. Their rounded compact shape and coloring stand out as an appealing aesthetic.

Exotic Moths

Like butterflies, many species of moths have large brightly patterned wings that make them extremely visually attractive. Some unique examples include:

Moth What makes it attractive
Atlas moths Huge 25 cm wide patterned wings
Rosy maple moths Soft pinks, yellows, and mint greens
Madagascan sunset moths Vibrant oranges and yellows

From giant sizes to neon brights, unique shapes and exotic patterns, a huge diversity of moth species display extremely aesthetically pleasing features.


With over a million species, insects display a vast range of stunning colors, patterns, and aesthetics. When considering the most visually attractive insects, butterflies, jewel scarabs, metallic green bugs, colorful beetles, and exotic moths are top contenders. Their bright colors, striking patterns, crystalline structures, and graceful shapes and sizes make them naturally beautiful. Overall, the amazing diversity and colors of the insect world provide endless examples of visual splendor.