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What is the meaning of the rose candle?

What is the meaning of the rose candle?

The rose candle is a candle that is designed to look like a rose. It is often used for decorative purposes and can symbolize love, beauty, and romance. The appearance of the rose candle evokes the delicate petals and fragrance of an actual rose. While a rose candle can be used simply for its aesthetic value, it also carries deeper significance for many people. Exploring the history, meaning, and uses of the rose candle can illuminate what this distinctive candle represents.

History and Origins

Candles have been used for illumination and symbolic purposes for centuries. Some of the earliest evidence of candle making dates back to Ancient Egypt and Ancient Rome. These early candles were simple tallow or beeswax candles, formed by repeatedly dipping a wick into melted wax. Candle making evolved over time as new techniques and materials were introduced.

The origins of decorative candles, like the rose candle, emerged later on. As candle making became an artistic endeavor in the Medieval and Renaissance periods, candlemakers began experimenting with different shapes and forms. The roses, flowers, and natural elements that were common motifs in art and design at the time began to make their way onto candles. The rose candle was likely inspired by the prevalence of rose imagery and meaning during these periods.

The earliest rose candles were created by hand by repeatedly layering melted wax to build up the rose design around the wick. Later on, rose candles were cast in two-piece molds to create their distinctive flower shape more efficiently. While the techniques have evolved, the rose candle remains a handmade specialty candle today.

Meaning and Symbolism

The rose candle carries intertwined meanings related to its origins as a candle and a rose. Here are some of the key symbolic meanings associated with the rose candle:

– Love and Romance – Red roses are the quintessential symbol of love and romance. The rose candle evokes similar sentiments with its deep red color and flower design, making it a meaningful gift between romantic partners.

– Beauty – Roses have long been revered as a symbol of beauty in their form, scent, and color. The rose candle celebrates the inherent beauty of the rose.

– Femininity – In flower symbolism, the rose is strongly tied to femininity. The delicate beauty of the rose candle echoes these feminine qualities.

– Balance – The rose contains five petals arrayed in a symmetrical form, representing balance. The balanced form of the rose candle symbolizes harmony.

– Life – As a flowering plant, roses symbolize the life cycle – growth, blooming, and fading. The rose candle is infused with this theme of living in the moment.

– Memory – Keeping roses or rose candles can preserve memories of special moments or loved ones. The rose candle can be used to commemorate meaningful memories.

– Fragrance – Rose candles are often scented with rose fragrance to complete the experience. This evokes the sweet scent of fresh roses.

– Death and Grief – In some contexts, roses symbolize mortality and grief at the passing of a loved one. Rose candles may be used to honor those who have died.

The rich blend of meanings attributed to the rose translates beautifully into the decorative form of the rose candle. The lighting of a rose candle enhances its symbolic significance.


Rose candles can be incorporated into a variety of different occasions, settings, and uses:

– Gifts – Rose candles make ideal gifts between romantic partners for occasions like Valentines’ Day or anniversaries. They communicate romance and enduring love when gifted in these contexts.

– Weddings – Rose candles are a natural choice for weddings given the strong connection between roses and love. They complement the theme of the occasion.

– Home Decor – The natural beauty of rose candles makes them a lovely decorative element in the home. Groupings of rose candles can style a tablescape or mantel.

– Special Events – Rose candles set the mood for a special date night at home or a romantic getaway. The ambiance romantically scented and stylishly shaped rose candle creates is perfect for celebrating special occasions.

– Memorabilia – Holding onto rose candles from weddings, anniversaries, holidays, or other meaningful moments preserves those memories.

– Aromatherapy – Rose scented candles can be burned for relaxation or aromatherapy benefits. The sweet floral aroma provides a soothing environment.

– Memorials – To honor those who have passed, rose candles are an appropriate decor and symbol at the memorial service, grave site, or in the home.

The uses above span a range of sentimental, decorative, and practical applications of the rose candle. With its elegance and rich symbolism, the rose candle is a versatile decorative piece.


While the classic rose candle features a red rose design, there are many decorative variations:

Variation Description
Color Rose candles come in other rose shades like pink, peach, white, and yellow
Size Rose candles range in size from small votives to large pillars
Rose Types Different rose varieties like cabbage, garden, or tea roses are represented
Decorative Accents Candles may include decorations like leaves, buds, ribbons, or glitter
Scent Fragrances like rose essential oil, jasmine, vanilla, or honey can provide various aromatic experiences
Groupings Rose candles may be designed in coordinating groups or complementary color pairs

These variations allow for personalized rose candle designs for different decorative needs and tastes. The symbolism remains, while the specifics can be tailored.

Making Your Own Rose Candles

While beautifully crafted rose candles can be purchased, it can be a fun DIY project to make your own. Here is an overview of the simple process:

Supplies Needed:

– Wax – Paraffin wax, soy wax, or beeswax work well

– Wicks – Pre-tabbed candle wicks

– Rose candle molds – Silicone molds work best

– Dye – Optional candle dye for color

– Fragrance – Optional rose fragrance oil

– Double boiler – For melting wax

– Thermometer – For monitoring wax temperature


1. Setup the double boiler and melt wax to a temperature of 185 to 190°F.

2. Add dye and fragrance as desired and stir to incorporate evenly.

3. Carefully pour a thin layer of wax into the mold and place wicks centered according to mold guidelines.

4. Once set, pour the remaining wax up to 1⁄4” below mold top.

5. Allow candles to fully set undisturbed for 12-24 hours.

6. Gently remove candles from molds and trim wicks to 1⁄4” before burning.

Making rose candles allows you to customize the color, scent, and shape while still harnessing the rose candle’s special symbolism.

Buying Rose Candles

When purchasing rose candles, look for the following qualities:

– Detailed design – Intricate molding for a realistic rose appearance

– Vibrant color – Deep, rich hues like red or pink

– Fragrance – Rose, floral, or complementary scents

– Wick – Cotton wick instead of zinc for clean burning

– Size – Suit your decor and burn time needs

– Price – Handmade rose candles cost more than generic brands

– Reputable company – Check reviews and shop from candle makers known for quality

The right rose candle can become a cherished decorative item and meaningful symbol. Opt for well-crafted details, premium materials, and a scent that enhances the experience.


With its rich history and multilayered symbolism, the rose candle is much more than a decorative object. It captures the romance and beauty of the rose itself. Lighting a rose candle can create an atmosphere of love while honoring its timeless significance. Whether gifted to a loved one or used to embellish a home, the rose candle is a special piece that elevates any occasion. From its handcrafted origins to its modern uses, the rose candle continues to inspire deep sentimental meaning and elegantly decorate any space.