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What is the lucky color of the day for Virgo?

What is the lucky color of the day for Virgo?

Many people believe that certain colors can bring good luck and positivity into their lives. For those born under the Virgo zodiac sign, identifying lucky colors for each day can provide guidance on which colors to wear, decorate with, or surround themselves with to potentially attract more fortune. Understanding Virgo’s lucky color of the day involves analyzing their zodiac traits, ruling planet, birthstone, and numerology. With this insight, Virgos can determine which color is likely to be luckiest for them on any given day.

Overview of Virgo Traits

Virgos are born between August 23rd and September 22nd. As an earth sign, Virgos are known for being practical, analytical, and hardworking. They pay attention to details and have high standards for themselves and others. Some of the positive qualities associated with Virgos include:

– Detail-oriented
– Helpful
– Reliable
– Intelligent
– Precise
– Observant
– Patient

However, Virgos can also be seen as critical, fussy, and perfectionistic. Their drive for perfection can cause them to worry and be overly critical of themselves and others. Despite this, Virgos are Methodical in their approach to life and seek to serve others through their gifts of diligence and service.

When it comes to luck and fortune, Virgos may believe that success comes through thoughtful effort rather than random chance. Their lucky color of the day can provide an extra boost by aligning with their innate energies and strengths.

How Virgo’s Ruling Planet Influences Luck

Each zodiac sign has a ruling planet that influences personality traits and luck. For Virgo, the ruling planet is Mercury. As the messenger planet, Mercury represents communication, intellect, and adaptability. Virgos exemplify these Mercurian qualities in their intelligence, attention to detail, and practicality.

Mercury also rules over Wednesday, making this the luckiest day of the week for Virgos. When Wednesday falls on days governed by other lucky numbers or events for Virgos, it can bring extra fortune. Mercury’s cool energy resonates with cooler colors like green, white, and blue. When Virgos wear or surround themselves with these colors on Wednesdays, it can maximize their Mercurial luck.

Virgo’s Birthstone and Associated Colors

In addition to ruling planets, each zodiac sign has a birthstone associated with its time period that can influence luck. Virgo’s birthstone is the sapphire. Sapphires symbolize wisdom, loyalty, and nobility. Their blue hue also connects them to Mercury’s energy. Wearing sapphire jewelry or accenting with the color blue on important days can attract luck for Virgos.

Virgo’s secondary birthstones also provide lucky color options. These include:

  • White jade – associated with the color white
  • Pink tourmaline – associated with shades of pink
  • Peridot – associated with lime green
  • Carnelian – associated with shades of orange

Wearing or surrounding themselves with these additional birthstone colors can bring Virgos extra luck.

How Numerology Determines Fortunate Colors

Numerology, the mystical study of numbers, can provide insight into colors that align with Virgo’s energetic frequencies. The birthday numbers and astrological symbols associated with Virgos add up to the number 5.

In numerology, the number 5 symbolizes change, adventure, freedom, and versatility. Some lucky colors associated with the energetic influences of 5 include:

  • Turquoise – Aligns with feelings of whimsy and change
  • Purple – Inspires adventure and imagination
  • Emerald green – Represents growth and versatility

When Virgos wear or use these colors derived from their numerology, it can allow their free-spirited and flexible qualities to shine. This opens the door to new opportunities and good fortune.

How Different Days Impact Virgo’s Luckiest Color

While Virgo has many typically lucky colors, the luckiest color of the day can shift based on astrological factors for that specific date. Here is an overview of how the luckiest color for Virgos may change depending on the day:

Monday – As the moon’s day, Mondays connect to intuition, emotions, and changing cycles. Intuitively-attuned colors like silver, white, or sea green can provide luck on these days.

Tuesday – Bright and fiery colors like red and orange are lucky on Tuesdays ruled by the passionate planet Mars. These colors boost confidence and energy.

Wednesday – As Mercury’s day, wearing blue and other cool colors associated with Virgo’s ruling planet maximize luck.

Thursday – Associated with abundance, greens and earth tones align with prosperous Thursday energies for Virgos.

Friday – Ruled by Venus, the planet of love and beauty, colors like pink, rose, and cobalt blue attract luck in relationships and self-care.

Saturday – Serious Saturn’s day calls for grounded, earthy colors like browns, black, or slate gray to provide a sense of stability.

Sunday – The sun’s golden radiance makes yellows and warm metallics ideal for luck on Sundays.

Solar and Lunar Cycles

Beyond ruling planets, solar and lunar cycles can also shift Virgo’s best color for the day.

New moons mark beginnings. Soft, gentle colors like pale greens, pinks, and lavenders align with this phase.

Waxing moons are a time of growth and building energy, making bold colors like bright blue or purple lucky.

Full moons symbolize culmination and fruition. Earthy metallic tones of gold, bronze and rust align with this peaking cycle.

Waning moons gradually dissipate energy, making muted grays, browns and blues favorable.

Aligning with each part of the lunar cycle allows Virgos to harmonize with the moon’s ever-changing phases for optimal fortune.

Important Calendar Dates

Certain holidays and calendar dates also have colors associated with them that can provide extra luck if worn or displayed by Virgos:

  • New Year’s Day – Gold
  • Valentine’s Day – Pink or Red
  • St. Patrick’s Day – Green
  • Easter – Pastels
  • Fourth of July – Red, white, and blue
  • Halloween – Orange and black
  • Christmas – Red and green

Aligning with traditional colors for holidays and important dates can help Virgos energize celebrations and attract extra luck.

Effects of the Seasons

The shifting colors and energies of the seasons also influence the most fortunate colors for Virgos in each period:

Spring – Fresh, vibrant colors like pale green, light blue, peach and yellow reflect the optimism of spring.

Summer – Bright, sunny colors like orange, fuchsia, turquoise and lime green align with summer’s sensations.

Fall – Deep reds, oranges, browns and ochre connect to fall’s harvest tones.

Winter – Sparkling icy colors like silver, white, grey and pale blue match winter’s chilled landscape.

Choosing seasonal colors allows Virgos to set an energetic tone that resonates with nature’s rhythms for balance and harmony.


While Virgos tend to have many naturally lucky colors, identifying the luckiest color for each day provides an added astrological advantage. By considering their ruling planet Mercury, numerology, important dates, seasons, and lunar cycles, Virgos can determine which shade will harmonize best with their energies any given day. Aligning with colors that complement their zodiac profile helps attract luck and prosperity while also providing a sense of purpose and guidance. With an attentive, detail-oriented approach, Virgos can unlock the full potential of color for enlightenment, luck and skilled manifestation.


  • Virgo’s lucky colors derive from ruling planet Mercury, birthstones, numerology, and shifting cycles.
  • Cooler shades of blue, green, white resonate with Mercury.
  • Sapphire blues align with Virgo’s birthstone.
  • Numerology brings in purples, greens, turquoise.
  • Days and seasons shift optimal colors.
  • Lunar cycles, holidays and special dates affect luckiest shade.
  • Overall, tuning into astrological and natural cycles boosts Virgo luck through color.