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What is the lightest GREY Pantone?

What is the lightest GREY Pantone?

Pantone is a standardized color matching system used primarily in the printing and graphic design industries. It allows designers to specify and match specific colors for use across different materials and mediums. The Pantone Matching System includes over 1,700 solid colors that are given specific codes or numbers for identification. This helps ensure color accuracy and consistency no matter where or how the colors are reproduced.

Grey is an important neutral color within the Pantone system. There are many different grey shades available, ranging from very light tints to deep dark charcoals. But what is the single lightest grey shade in the Pantone Matching System?

Understanding the Pantone Grey Scale

To understand the lightest grey Pantone color, it helps to first look at how the Pantone grey scale is organized overall.

Pantone grades and arranges solid grey tones into 10 levels, from 1 to 100. Each level represents a progressively darker grey shade. For example:

– Level 1 = White
– Level 10 = 10% Black
– Level 20 = 20% Black
– Level 30 = 30% Black

And so on, up to:

– Level 100 = Solid Black

So the grey tones get darker in increments of 10% black added as you go up the scale. Within each level there are also variations that add subtle warmth or coolness to the basic percentage of black.

Knowing this scale helps narrow down where the lightest grey must fall – it will be within the 1 to 10 range, before the percentage of black added reaches 20%.

The Pantone Grey Scale Levels

Here is more detail on the specific Pantone grey shades within those lightest levels from 1 to 10:

Level Pantone Number Color Name
1 PANTONE 11-0602 TPX White
2 PANTONE 12-0104 TPX Snow White
3 PANTONE 12-0701 TPX Bright White
4 PANTONE 13-0000 TPX White
5 PANTONE 13-0905 TPX Glacier Grey
6 PANTONE 14-0000 TPX White
7 PANTONE 14-4000 TPX Snow White
8 PANTONE 15-0000 TPX White
9 PANTONE 15-6300 TPX Dover White
10 PANTONE 16-0000 TPX White

As you can see, the grey scale at these lightest levels includes different white and off-white shades before introducing any visible grey.

The Lightest Gray Pantone Color

Based on the Pantone grey scale, the lightest true grey shade is:

PANTONE 13-0905 TPX Glacier Grey

This is the first shade in the sequence that introduces a very subtle grey tint discernible from pure white. It falls at Level 5 on the scale.

Glacier Grey has just the faintest hint of cool blue added to the white base. It reflects light very brightly while gently muteing the crispness of a pure white.

The next lightest gray after Glacier Grey is PANTONE 15-6307 TPX Duck Down, at Level 10. This adds a subtle warm beige tint to the white base.

So in summary, PANTONE 13-0905 TPX Glacier Grey represents the lightest true grey tone within the Pantone Matching System. It introduces just the slightest tinge of color for a soft, faintly grey appearance.

Using Glacier Grey in Design

What are some ways PANTONE 13-0905 TPX Glacier Grey can be effectively used in design?

– Provide a very subtle, light neutral background color. Glacier Grey works well behind text and other elements needing an unobtrusive, ethereal backdrop.

– Soften the harshness of stark white in minimalist designs. The delicate grey tint takes the edge off an expansive white space.

– Use as an alternative to white for typography. The lighter grey shade reduces eye strain compared to high contrast black on white text.

– Add an airy look to monochromatic color schemes. Layering Glacier Grey with slightly darker grey tones creates depth.

– Pair with pale, muted colors like light pinks, lavenders, or sage greens. Glacier Grey enhances these soft hues.

– Use as a divider or background row color in tables and charts. The light grey subtly separates data visually.

– Employ in place of white for website navigation bars and backgrounds. Glacier Grey reduces glare.

– Add refinement to wedding invitations, programs, or stationery. The elegant neutral grey tone conveys sophistication.

Complementary Colors for Glacier Grey

To make the most of its soft, cool personality, Glacier Grey looks best paired with certain hues. Complementary colors that work well with PANTONE 13-0905 TPX include:

– Cool blues like PANTONE 2725 C or 2925 C
– Muted greens like PANTONE 5625 C or 5515 C
– Dusty pinks and lilacs like PANTONE 219 C or 676 C
– Creamy neutrals like PANTONE 7530 C or 7499 C
– Light golds like PANTONE 7407 C or 7510 C
– Silvery metallics like PANTONE Cool Gray 4 C or 6 C

Avoid pairing Glacier Grey with brash, saturated colors like true reds, oranges, or neon brights. This will overwhelm the delicate nature of the lightest grey. Instead, look to soft, faded tones across the color wheel. These allow Glacier Grey to shine through.


In the expansive Pantone Matching System, PANTONE 13-0905 TPX Glacier Grey stands out as the lightest true grey shade available. Its barely-there mix of cool blue into a white base results in a refined, elegant neutral with a lightweight personality. Glacier Grey provides designers with a versatile color for minimalist palettes or anytime a soft ethereal grey tone is desired. Pairing it thoughtfully with muted hues allows its subtle beauty to come through.