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What is the latest nail color trend?

What is the latest nail color trend?

Nail color trends are constantly evolving as fashion and culture shift. What’s hot this season may be considered dated just a year from now. As we approach 2023, a new wave of stylish nail polish shades is forecast to rise in popularity. From muted earth tones to vivid brights, creatives in the nail art community are predicting a diverse array of trending colors that offer something for every taste.

In this article, we will explore the key nail polish color trends predicted to make a splash next year along with the reasoning behind their renewed appeal. Whether you’re a nail salon technician looking to stock the most on-trend shades or a fashionista wanting to sport the hottest manicure colors, read on for an overview of the latest runway-inspired and social media-fueled nail color trends on the horizon.

The Return of Y2K Nostalgia

Much like fashion, beauty trends tend to cycle back around every couple decades with a fresh, modern twist. One of the biggest nail color trends poised for a comeback is the return of early 2000s-inspired shades. With Y2K fashion and beauty nostalgia at an all-time high, expect to see the bold, bright pops of color that defined the late 90s and early 2000s to make their way onto nails.

Searches for frosted nails, chrome nails, and other futuristic Y2K-inspired nail art on social media sites like Instagram and TikTok have skyrocketed recently. Iridescent glitter polish, blue-tinted chrome nails, and holographic nail foil are some of the specific Y2K nail trends that are gaining major traction with Gen Zers and Millennials.

The nostalgic appeal of these fun, futuristic nails is undeniable for those who came of age in the early 2000s. For today’s teens and young adults, these playful polish shades offer a fresh, new way to express their style and individuality. Major brands like Essie, OPI, and Zoya have all released new collections nodding to Y2K-inspired shades, confirming that this will be one of next year’s biggest nail color trends.

Earth Tones

At the other end of the color spectrum, earthy neutrals and naturals are also forecast as an emerging nail trend for 2023. As many people have turned toward slower, more mindful lifestyles in recent years, the colors we choose to wear have also shifted to reflect these values. Organic hues like mushrooms, greens, clay-reds and warm browns have an earthy, grounding feel that connects us to nature.

This trend ties into the rise of the “Clean Look” aesthetic seen across fashion, makeup and nails. Simple nude manicures with one coat of a rich earth tone polish help create a pared back, earthy vibe. Brands like Essie, OPI and Revlon have all released new collections in 2022 featuring these earthy-glam neutrals. Shade names like “Matcha Do About It,” “Don’t Be Koi With Me,” and “Call Me MarBLEous” give a sense of the organic, grounded hues dominating this nail color trend.

While bright neons will always have a place in nail fashion, the surge in earth-inspired tones shows a shift toward restraint and subtlety in manicures. These calming nail colors pair perfectly with the pared-back beauty and cozy, comfy fashion trends also gaining popularity heading into 2023.

High-Shine Metallic Polishes

Another big nail color trend on the rise is metallics. Chrome, rose gold, bronze and other high-shine metallic polishes are forecast to be everywhere next year. Also tying into Y2K nostalgia, these reflective metallics offer a futuristic feel that adds flair to any manicure.

One of the appeals of metallics is their versatility – gold, silver and rose gold shades complement any skin tone. Bronze and copper metallic polishes are ideal for fall and winter, while chrome has a very modern, edgy vibe for spring and summer. Their ability to be dressed up or down makes metallic polishes a fun option for everyday wear or special occasions.

Nail art technicians have an array of options when it comes to incorporating metallics. A single coat of metallic polish makes a simple yet sophisticated statement. Mixing metallic shades, like a rose gold and silver design, creates eye-catching contrast. Metallics can be swirled with creams or micro-flaked with glitters to generate new effects. Foil wraps, chrome powder and metallic striping tape offer even more ways to utilize this stylish nail color trend.

Neon Brights

While muted earth tones are on the rise, so are bold, vivid neon brights. Shades like hot pink, lime green, and electric yellow are forecast to trend in 2023. Though neon shades never fully fade from the nail color rotation, they are expected to have a major moment next year.

As the world emerges from lockdowns, economic turmoil and political tensions, people are embracing joyful forms of self-expression like never before. Vibrant neon nail colors align with this desire for positivity, fun and optimism. They instantly liven up any outfit and manicure.

Neon shades also provide a playful way to add pops of color to French manicure tips or color block nails. Mixing neon brights with deeper shades like black or navy blue heightens the effect. Sheer jelly neon polishes help create a softer but still vivid neon look. However they are worn, these happy hues can’t help but lift one’s mood and emanate a sense of joy.

Nail Color Trends By Season

While the nail color trends above are expected to be popular throughout the year, some shades lend themselves better to certain seasons. Here’s an overview of which color palettes are forecast to be big each season in 2023:

Winter 2023

– Wine reds
– Forest greens
– Navy blues
– Metallic chromes and bronzes
– Deep plums

Spring 2023

– Pastel pinks, blues and greens
– Nude earth tones
– Neon yellows and greens
– Shades of white
– Iridescent glitter

Summer 2023

– Neon brights
– Corals and oranges
– Aqua blues
– Metallic gold and silver
– Warm earth tones

Fall 2023

– Olive greens
– Terracotta oranges
– Ruby reds
– vampy wines
– Frosted metallics

Top 10 Trending Nail Color Brands

With so many nail color collections being released next year, which brands should you look to for the hottest on-trend shades? Here is a breakdown of the top 10 nail polish brands predicted to lead the way in 2023 color trends:

Brand Notable 2023 Colors
OPI Alpine Snow, Bubble Bath, Lincoln Park After Dark
Essie Ballet Slippers, Mademoiselle, Mint Candy Apple
Zoya Zuza, Paloma, Katherine
Sally Hansen Mudslide, Disco Ball, Mint Sorbet
China Glaze Turned Up Turquoise, Ruby Pumps, Steel Your Heart
Orly Rage, Oh Cabana Boy, Country Club Khaki
Revlon Teak Rose, Cherries in the Snow, Scandalous
ILNP Birefringence, Sandy Baby, Night Owl
JINsoon Coquette, Aubergine, Epidote
Deborah Lippmann Shape of My Heart, Bad Romance, Mermaid’s Dream

Choosing the Right Nail Colors for You

While trends provide inspiration for on-trend shades to try, the most important factor is choosing nail polish colors that make you feel happy and confident. The best colors complement your skin tone and coordinate with your personal style.

There are some standard color guidelines to keep in mind:
– Fair skin tones tend to look best with pinks, berries, and cool summer shades
– Olive skin tones are flattered by earth tones, oranges, corals and golden metallics
– Darker skin tones stand out with deep wines, purples, emeralds and ruby reds
– Neutrals like nudes, French whites and pale pinks complement any skin tone

You can also select colors based on the image you want to convey:
– Reds and brights convey confidence and boldness
– Pastels and nudes give off a soft, carefree vibe
– Metallics and shimmers feel glamorous and elegant
– Dark shades like black, navy and maroon seem more edgy and sophisticated

Most importantly, choose shades that make you feel most like yourself. Follow trends if they suit your taste, but don’t be swayed by what’s “in”. Your nail color says a lot about you – so pick shades that represent your unique personality and mood. Changing polish frequently is part of the fun!


Nail color trends offer an easy way to keep your manicures looking fresh, current and stylish. While classics like reds and pinks will never completely fade, 2023 is forecast to usher in new trending shades across the color spectrum.

Y2K brights and metallics, earth-inspired neutrals, and neon brights are all expected to ascend in popularity next year. But don’t limit yourself to only wearing what’s on-trend. Choosing shades that complement your complexion and personal style will always keep your manicure game strong.

Have fun with your nails in 2023 by trying new color combinations, techniques and styles. Use trends as inspiration rather than limitation. Whether you stick to nudes, embrace vivid neons or try a new metallic chrome, let your nails be a platform for self-expression. As long as you feel confident and comfortable with your polish picks, you’ll always be rocking a trend-right manicure.