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What is the HTML code for chocolate brown?

What is the HTML code for chocolate brown?

Choosing the right color palette is an important part of web design. Colors evoke emotions and set the tone for a website. Brown is an earthy, natural color that can convey a sense of stability and reliability. Specifically, chocolate brown is a rich, dark shade of brown that has an appetizing, indulgent feel. When used appropriately, chocolate brown can create a warm, inviting atmosphere on a website.

The HTML Color Codes for Shades of Chocolate Brown

In HTML and CSS coding, there are various systems available to specify colors, including hexadecimal codes, RGB values, and color names. Here are some of the most common HTML color codes for different shades of chocolate brown:

Color Name Hex Code RGB Code
Dark Chocolate #493D26 rgb(73,61,38)
Milk Chocolate #7B3F00 rgb(123,63,0)
Bittersweet Chocolate #6B4423 rgb(107,68,35)
Chocolate Brown #411F10 rgb(65,31,16)
Chocolate #D2691E rgb(210,105,30)

The hexadecimal code is a 6-digit code preceded by a # sign, while the RGB code represents values for the red, green, and blue components on a scale of 0-255. These codes allow web designers to select very specific shades of chocolate brown.

When to Use Chocolate Brown in Web Design

Here are some examples of when different shades of chocolate brown can be effective in web design:

  • Dark chocolate brown lends a sense of tradition and sophistication. It would work well on the website of a high-end restaurant, boutique hotel, or premium brand.
  • Milk chocolate brown has a warmer, more inviting feel. It can create a playful mood and may appeal to children or fun brands.
  • Bittersweet chocolate brown conveys a rich depth. It can add an elegant touch to the website of a chocolate shop, cafe, or bakery.
  • Lighter chocolate brown shades add a natural earthiness. They can give an outdoorsy, rustic feel and may suit landscaping companies, hiking gear brands, or sustainable products.

Overall, chocolate brown tones pair nicely with contrasting colors like turquoise, red, pink, and bright white. The color also works well with photography of chocolate, coffee, baked goods, nuts, wood, leather, and nature landscapes. When used strategically, it grabs attention while remaining soft on the eyes.

HTML and CSS Code Examples

Here are some examples of how to implement chocolate brown colors in HTML and CSS:

HTML Page Background Color:

<body style="background-color: #6B4423;">


This sets the background color of the entire page to a bittersweet chocolate shade using the hex code.

CSS Text Color:

p {
  color: rgb(210,105,30); 

This sets the color of all paragraph text to a chocolate brown RGB value.

CSS Button Background:

.button {
  background-color: #493D26;

This assigns a dark chocolate brown background to any HTML elements using the “button” class.

CSS Border Color:

.container {
  border: 1px solid #7B3F00;

This adds a milk chocolate colored border to elements with the “container” class.

You can experiment with these different chocolate brown color codes to find a shade that aligns with your brand identity and creates the look, feel, and user experience you desire.

Tools to Find the Right Brown

In addition to the standard color codes, there are also tools available to help you find and test shades of chocolate brown:

  • Online color pickers – These allow you to see swatches in different shades of brown and get the corresponding HTML codes. Examples include HTML Color Codes, W3Schools Color Picker, and Adobe Color Wheel.
  • Design software – Programs like Adobe Photoshop and Illustrator include color selection tools to pick shades and get codes. This allows designing mockups with the exact colors you want on your site.
  • Accessibility checkers – Tools like WebAIM Contrast Checker allow you to test color combinations for readability and accessibility.
  • Browser extensions – Extensions like ColorZilla allow grabbing colors from sites you visit to find inspiring shades and palettes.

Using these handy tools can take the guesswork out of nailing down the perfect chocolate brown for your web design needs.


Chocolate brown is an appetizing, rich color that can give any website a warm and welcoming feel. However, like any color choice, it needs to suit the site’s brand and purpose to be effective. The HTML hex codes, RGB values, and CSS examples provided above demonstrate how to incorporate different inviting shades of chocolate brown through coding. With the right tools and testing, chocolate brown can add just the right amount of indulgence to a web palette.