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What is the HTML code for Army Green?

Army green is a specific shade of green that is used in military uniforms and equipment. To display this color on a webpage, you need to use the HTML color code for army green.

What is Army Green?

Army green refers to a dark green color that is used by many militaries around the world, including the United States Army. It is a subdued, earthy tone that provides camouflage and rugged utility on the battlefield. Some specific shades of army green have symbolic meaning and historical significance.

The U.S. Army’s standard army green color is known as Olive Green 107. It has the following RGB values:

Red: 50
Green: 78
Blue: 46

This shade was adopted in 1951 and used on all Army uniforms and equipment during the Vietnam War era. It represents strength, resilience, and tradition.

Other militaries around the world use similar hues of dark green for their uniforms. Russian, German, British, and Chinese army uniforms all incorporate army green shades that are distinctly darker and more subdued than regular greens. The green color provides camouflage and a rugged, no-nonsense look befitting of military use.

HTML Color Codes

To display a color on a webpage, developers use HTML color codes. There are a few different ways to represent a color in HTML:

  • RGB values – Specifies amounts of red, green, and blue on a 0-255 scale
  • Hexadecimal values – Six-digit codes preceded by a # sign
  • Color names – Predefined color names like “green” or “blue”

The HTML element for specifying a color is <color>. This can go in the style attribute of an element.

Here is an example using RGB values:

<p style="color:rgb(50,78,46)">Army green text</p>

And an example using a hexadecimal value:

<h1 style="color:#324E2E">Army Green Header</h1>

HTML Code for Army Green 107

To specifically display the U.S. Army’s standard Olive Green 107 color, you would use:

<p style="color:rgb(50,78,46)">Army green text</p>

Or the equivalent hexadecimal value:

<p style="color:#324E2E">Army green text</p>

This shade of army green is widely recognizable and deeply symbolic of the U.S. Army’s history and values. Using the precise HTML color code ensures you accurately represent this iconic military color.

Other Army Green Shades

While Olive Green 107 is the standard army green, there are a few other shades that are also associated with U.S. Army uniforms and equipment:

Shade Name RGB Values Hex Code
Olive Green 505 83,104,78 #53704E
Dark Green 488 43,56,44 #2B382C
Green 490 78,83,73 #4E5349

Olive Green 505 was used for Army combat uniforms in the 1950s and 60s. Dark Green 488 and Green 490 are used for various American army equipment and vehicles.

To display these shades on a webpage, use their respective RGB or hex codes in the HTML color element.

Army Green in Design

Beyond accurately portraying army greens in informational or historical content, web designers can also incorporate these colors to evoke the Army and its attributes.

Using Olive Green 107, Dark Green 488, or other army greens in your website’s design will give it a rugged, utilitarian, and masculine feel. It brings to mind discipline, resilience, strength, and honor.

Army green color schemes lend themselves well to websites for:

  • Military organizations
  • Outdoor and tactical brands
  • Charities supporting veterans
  • Gun clubs and shooting ranges
  • Spartan style fitness brands

When using army greens, pair them with complementary colors like tans, golds, black and white. Use camo patterns and stencil fonts for a true military look.

Converting Color Codes

If you have an army green color in one HTML format, you can convert it to another format using an online color code converter tool.

For example, if you start witharmy green in RGB values, you can convert it to a hex code.

RGB input: 50,78,46
Hex output: #324E2E

Or to convert a hex code to RGB values:

Hex input: #53704E
RGB output: 83,104,78

There are many free converters available online that make translating between HTML color formats quick and easy.


Army green is an iconic military color with deep meaning. On the web, the specific army green shades used by the U.S. Army can be displayed using HTML color codes like RGB values and hex codes.

Olive Green 107 is the standard army green, while shades like Olive Green 505, Dark Green 488, and Green 490 also have historical significance. Converting between formats like RGB and hex is straightforward using online converter tools.

Beyond factual and historical content, army greens can add rugged, masculine, utilitarian design elements to websites. They pair well with camo, stencil fonts, and colors like tan, gold, black and white.

So whether you need to accurately represent army greens digitally, or want to evoke Army style and values in your design, implementing the proper HTML army green color codes is simple and effective.