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What is the hex code for red discord?

Discord is a popular voice, video and text communication service used by over 150 million people worldwide. The default Discord red color is used extensively in their branding and user interface. In this article, we’ll examine the specific hex code that makes up Discord’s signature red color.

What is a Hex Code?

A hex code is a way to represent a color numerically using hexadecimal values. Hexadecimal (or hex) is a base-16 number system that uses 16 distinct symbols – the numbers 0 to 9 and the letters A to F.

These hex values are combined into 3 or 6-character hexadecimal numbers that specify the red, green and blue components of a particular color. For example, the hex code #FF0000 represents the color red where the red component is set to the maximum value of FF, while the green and blue components are turned off at 00.

This allows millions of possible color combinations to be succinctly represented in a format that computers can easily interpret to render colors correctly. Hex codes always begin with a # symbol followed by 6 hexadecimal characters, making them a compact and useful way to convey specific colors in coding and design work.

Discord’s Signature Red

The official red color used in Discord’s logo, website, app and branding materials is vivid, warm and highly-saturated.

According to Discord’s brand guidelines, the standard color is designated as #ED4245.

Breaking down this hex code:

  • ED = Red value. ED is 237 in the decimal (base-10) system commonly used by humans.
  • 42 = Green value. 42 is 66 in decimal.
  • 45 = Blue value. 45 is 69 in decimal.

So the hex code #ED4245 translates to RGB values of:

  • R (Red): 237
  • G (Green): 66
  • B (Blue): 69

This produces a vibrant cherry red with a subtle touch of green and blue mixed in to create a warm, inviting shade.

The high amount of red compared to the small additions of green and blue gives Discord red its intense, saturated look. Yet the tiny amounts of the complementary colors keep it from feeling overly aggressive. This makes it both energetic and friendly – perfect for Discord’s brand image.

Technical Specifications

Here are some key technical specifications for the precise Discord red color hex code #ED4245:

Name Discord Red
Hex Code #ED4245
RGB Values R: 237 G: 66 B: 69
CMYK Values C: 0% M: 72% Y: 71% K: 7%
HSV Values H: 359° S: 83% V: 93%

As shown above, the hex code #ED4245 translates to high values for the red and green channels, while blue remains low. This aligns with how our eyes perceive it as a vivid red. The saturation is also very high at 83%, creating an intense, bold color.

Interestingly, the CMYK (cyan, magenta, yellow and black) representation requires hardly any black ink, with most of the color coming from magenta and yellow. And in the HSV (hue, saturation, value) model, the hue is close to pure red at 359°.

These specifications all define the exact shade of red used for Discord’s branding in various color models. While hex code #ED4245 is the primary way it’s represented online, knowing its precise RGB, CMYK and HSV values helps color experts reproduce it accurately in any medium.

Where the Discord Red Hex Code is Used

The signature Discord red hex code #ED4245 appears in many aspects of Discord’s visual identity and user experience. Some of the most prominent uses of Discord red include:

  • Discord logo – The vibrant red discord icon is a perfect showcase of the brand’s color.
  • Website design – Headers, buttons and other elements employ Discord red throughout the site.
  • Mobile app – The app icon and design details like swipe buttons use the red tone.
  • Channel icons – Active voice channels display the red discord color.
  • Notifications – Red badges and popups signal new messages and alerts.

Red is sprinkled through illustrations and marketing imagery as well. It provides a sense of energy and connects Discord’s diverse products and features with a cohesive color theme.

This color association is very important for brand recognition. Whenever users see that particular shade of reddish-pink, they instantly think of Discord. The hex code #ED4245 plays a key role in creating this strong brand identity.

Use Cases for Discord Red

Beyond its role in Discord’s branding, the company’s signature red color serves some useful functions:

Emphasis – Its vibrancy draws attention to important elements like channel notifications and selected menu items.

Urgency – Red connotes urgency. It highlights critical alerts and messages needing action.

Energy – Vivid red adds visual excitement and energy to the clean, minimalist interface.

Passion – Red communicates the passion and friendliness powering Discord’s community and company culture.

Accessibility – The substantial color contrast between white backgrounds and Discord red helps accessibility for those with visual impairments.

Purposeful use of color is a key aspect of good UI and UX design. Discord’s distinctive red does more than just brand the service – it also improves usability in practical ways. Identifying these types of functional applications of signature colors is important beyond pure branding.

Similar Colors and Alternatives

While #ED4245 is unmistakably the Discord red used across their interface, it can be helpful to know about similar shades and alternatives.

Some other hex codes that produce tones close to Discord red include:

  • #FF0000 – A brighter, more primary red
  • #F 9423A – Slightly more muted and pinkish
  • #9B59B6 – Similar vibrancy but cooler purple tone
  • #F22426 – A darker, bluer red
  • #AD1457 – More of a pinkish-magenta hue

These colors would all coordinate well with Discord’s red in various design and branding applications. Lighter tints of the original Discord red like #ED424577 also work nicely as background accents.

For black and dark mode designs, burnt orange shades like #CC4C00 or scarlet tones closer to #8B0000 could substitute well. There are many options for working shades of red around Discord’s core brand color.


Discord’s distinctive red color helps make the app instantly recognizable and is an integral part of its brand identity. The specific hex code that produces this red is #ED4245. This translates to an RGB value of R:237, G:66, B:69 – a vibrant cherry red with just a touch of green and blue mixed in.

Technical specifications in the CMYK, HSV and other color models all align to produce the exact shade of red that Discord is known for. This color is used extensively in Discord’s logo, website, app design and branding material. Beyond pure branding, Discord red provides emphasis, urgency and high visibility to improve usability.

While #ED4245 is the canonical Discord red, there are many similar shades of red, pink, purple and orange that can work well alongside it for different applications. The hex color system allows digital designers to precisely specify colors like Discord’s iconic red. So the next time you see that eye-catching reddish tone, you can confidently say it’s Discord red!