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What is the healing properties of July birthstone?

What is the healing properties of July birthstone?

The July birthstone is the ruby, a precious red gemstone that has long been prized for its beauty and symbolic meaning. Rubies have been associated with qualities like passion, protection, prosperity, and vitality throughout history. In addition to their aesthetic appeal, rubies are also believed to have healing properties that can benefit those born in July. Let’s take a closer look at the healing properties attributed to the July birthstone.

Physical Healing Properties

Rubies are thought to energize and rejuvenate the physical body in a number of ways:

Improved Blood Circulation and Heart Health

The rich red color of rubies is connected to the blood, and it is believed that wearing or being near rubies can help improve circulation and blood flow throughout the body. Better circulation means more oxygen reaches vital organs and areas of the body, boosting their healthy function. Good blood flow also prevents clotting and eases pressure on the heart, so rubies are regarded as beneficial for cardiovascular health.

Increased Passion and Libido

The ruby’s deep red color has links to passion, desire, and intimacy. Due to this association, rubies are believed to kindle the flame of physical passion and awaken sexuality. They are thought to boost libido and sensuality for those lacking interest in physical intimacy.

Protection from Toxins and Infections

In ancient times, rubies were thought to protect the wearer from toxins and plagues. While modern medicine tells us rubies cannot literally shield us from infectious diseases, their purported stimulating effects on blood flow and circulation may support immune system function and health.

Improved Metabolic Function

A healthy metabolism is essential for energy, weight management, and waste elimination. Rubies are believed to act as a metabolic stimulant, improving nutrient absorption and waste elimination. This may be connected to their effects on circulation and blood flow.

Strengthened Bone and Joint Health

Some natural healers prescribe rubies for treating issues related to bones and joints, such as arthritis, bone loss (osteoporosis), and joint inflammation. While no studies confirm rubies’ effects in these areas, improved circulation may benefit bone and joint health by delivering more oxygen and nutrients.

Emotional and Spiritual Healing Properties

In addition to the physical body, rubies are also associated with healing and balancing the emotional, mental, and spiritual aspects of the self:

Increased Motivation and Vitality

The ruby’s prized red color symbolizes vitality, energy, passion, and motivation. Rubies are believed to amplify these qualities in those who wear or carry them. They may boost drive, confidence, and zest for life when you are feeling uninspired or depleted.

Protection from Negative Energies

Rubies are thought to provide spiritual protection by warding off negative energies and thoughts. They can work like an energetic shield to absorb and repel envious or disruptive vibes from others. Rubies also encourage positive thinking and optimism.

Peace of Mind and Focus

The ruby’s energy is believed to clear away mental clutter and bring you into the present moment. By elevating mood and concentration, rubies can enhance memory, motivation, and performance. Rubies also promote spiritual wisdom, intuition, and insight.

Enhanced Self-Esteem and Passion

As the gemstone of vitality and courage, the ruby inspires the drive to pursue your passions and purpose. Rubies boost confidence, self-esteem, independence, and empathy. Their vibrant energy empowers you to be your best self.

Balanced Root Chakra

In chakra healing, rubies are associated with the root chakra at the base of the spine. Bringing this chakra into balance reduces stress, inspires self-confidence, and promotes feelings of stability and security. Rubies ground our energy and help us tackle challenges.

July Birthstone Lore and Symbolic Meaning

Beyond their physical and energetic healing properties, rubies also carry important symbolic meaning that makes them perfectly suited as the July birthstone:

Love and Passion

As mentioned, the ruby’s deep red communicates feelings of passion, desire, and romantic love. It is given between lovers to signify commitment and intensity of feeling. Rubies activate the passion for life within us.

Vibrancy and Courage

The fiery crimson essence of the ruby signifies strength, vitality, and courage. It was believed to protect warriors in ancient times. For July-borns, rubies are a talisman of vibrance, bravery, and vigor.

Protection and Safety

Rubies were historically regarded as protective amulets that kept their wearers from harm. They were believed to detect poisons by changing color, offer warning of coming misfortunes, and ward off nightmares or terrors.

Prosperity and Success

The ruby’s blood-red color connects it to life force and vitality. As such, it came to symbolize power, prosperity, and success. Rubies were believed capable of attracting good friends and noble companions.

Passion and Charisma

As the gem of passion, the ruby bestows the positive qualities associated with this essence: assertiveness, magnetism, focused action, courage, enthusiasm, and sensuality. For July’s children, it boosts charisma.

How to Use the July Birthstone for Healing

There are many ways to access the healing properties of rubies as the July birthstone:

Wear as Jewelry

Wearing natural ruby jewelry allows your skin to directly contact the stone’s energy. Rings, necklaces, and bracelets keep the stone’s vibration close throughout the day. Look for high quality pieces made with untreated rubies.

Place Nearby

Putting rubies in your environment lets their energy radiate outwards. Use ruby stones or figurines in spaces where you spend a lot of time, like by your bed, work desk, or favorite chair.

Meditate With

During meditation, hold a ruby in your receptive hand or place it on your lower belly. Allow its energy to flow through you and get into a meditative state. Visualize the benefits you want.

Chakra Healing

Lie back and place a ruby over your root chakra just below the navel. Breathe deeply and imagine the vibrant ruby color radiating through your chakra. Feel it spinning and coming into balance.

Baths or Showers

For full-body exposure, add rubies to your bath water or bring them into the shower. Allow the running water to amplify their healing vibration. Intend for the benefits you wish to receive.

The Healing Properties of Rubies in Summary:

– Improves circulation, heart health, and blood flow
– Boosts passion, sexuality, and libido
– Provides spiritual and energetic protection
– Enhances vitality, confidence, and motivation
– Promotes optimism, focus, and wisdom
– Balances the root chakra and reduces stress
– Symbolizes love, courage, power, and charisma

When accessed intentionally, the July birthstone ruby truly lives up to its reputation as a stone of power, passion, and protection. It provides the vitality and strength we need to pursue our heart’s desires and live with authenticity. By incorporating rubies, July babies benefit from the unique healing properties of their birthstone.

Frequently Asked Questions

What are the key benefits of rubies?

The main benefits of rubies include improving circulation, increasing passion and energy, protecting against negative energy, boosting confidence and motivation, balancing emotions, and amplifying creativity and focus.

What chakra is ruby good for?

Rubies are most commonly used to heal and balance the root chakra at the base of the spine. A balanced root chakra helps you feel stable, secure, and empowered in your life.

How can you tell if a ruby is real?

Real rubies are very hard (9 on the Mohs scale), with a glass-like luster and clarity (unless flawed). Fake rubies like red glass or red spinel have lower hardness and different light reflection. Natural rubies will often have tiny imperfections.

Are rubies expensive?

Yes, natural rubies are very expensive, especially at larger sizes with deep red color and fewer flaws. Price increases exponentially with size and quality. Small rubies under 1 carat can be a few hundred dollars per carat, while rare large rubies can cost over $1 million per carat.

What is the largest ruby ever found?

The largest known ruby is the Liberty Bell Ruby at 8,500 carats (1.7 kg) found in east Africa in the 1950s. It was later stolen from a jewelry store in a famous heist. The largest cut ruby is the Rajaratna Ruby at 2,475 carats (495 g).


The July birthstone ruby has long been prized for its beauty, symbolism, and healing properties. Its deep red color connects it with vitality, passion, courage, and protection. Rubies are believed to energize the body, stimulate good circulation and heart health, increase libido and sensuality, confer spiritual protection, inspire confidence and charisma, and balance the root chakra.

Rubies uplift mood, motivation, focus, and creativity while warding off negative energy. Their powerful red essence empowers us to live with enthusiasm, purpose, and integrity. By intentionally using rubies, those born in July can align with their birthstone’s vibrancy and utilize its legendary healing properties to find balance and fulfillment in mind, body, and spirit.