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What is the hair color analysis on Tik Tok?

Hair color analysis on TikTok refers to a trend where people use filters or quizzes to determine what hair color would best suit their complexion. This trend has become hugely popular recently, with people sharing videos documenting their hair color transformations after taking a TikTok hair color quiz.

How does the TikTok hair color analysis trend work?

There are a few main ways the TikTok hair color analysis trend works:

  • Filters – Some filters on TikTok allow you to preview different hair colors on yourself. People use these filters to see which shades look best with their skin tone.
  • Quizzes – There are various quizzes and questionnaires on TikTok that ask you to input details about your complexion like eye color, skin tone, etc, and then suggest hair colors suited for you.
  • User recommendations – Often people will post a video or photo asking TikTok users to recommend what hair color they think would look good.

The most popular and commonly used are the filters and quizzes. These tend to go viral quickly as people love sharing their results and watchingfriends and family take the same quizzes.

What are some of the most popular TikTok hair color quizzes?

Here are some of the most popular TikTok hair color analysis quizzes:

  • eSalon hair color quiz – This comprehensive quiz asks for details on your skin tone, eye color, hair color history, etc.
  • Buzzfeed hair color quiz – Buzzfeed is known for their viral quizzes. Their hair color quiz has millions of views.
  • Matrix hair quiz – Matrix is a popular hair care brand. Their quiz helps match you to Matrix hair colors.
  • Clairol’s Color of You quiz – This very visually-appealing quiz helps you find your best hair color match.
  • Celeb Hair Color match – This quiz matches your complexion to a celebrity and recommends trying their hair color.

These quizzes often ask similar questions about skin tone, eye color, hair color history etc. They then use complexion-analyzing technology to suggest personalized hair colors.

What are some popular TikTok hair color analysis filters?

TikTok filters allow you to preview different hair color options. Some popular ones include:

  • Hair Color Try-On – This shows hair colors like blonde, brown, black, red on you.
  • Colorify – Previews ultrabright fantasy hair colors like blue, purple, pink on you.
  • Hair Color Change – Swipe to preview different shades.
  • Color Match – Scans your face and matches you to a personalized hair color.
  • Hair Color Stripes – Shows sections of color in your hair like highlights.

The interactivity of these AR filters makes the hair color analysis process really fun and engaging on TikTok. People love seeing the hair colors switch in real-time on themselves.

Why has this trend taken off recently?

There are a few key reasons this hair color analysis trend has become so hugely popular on TikTok:

  • It allows people to experiment with fun hair colors they may not try in real life. The filters give them a risk-free preview.
  • The quizzes provide personalized recommendations which feel tailored to each individual.
  • It’s an interactive trend that people can easily participate in simply using the TikTok app.
  • The videos documenting people’s hair makeovers following the quizzes go viral quickly.
  • Hair color transformations are satisfying and fun to watch.
  • Salons and hair brands have latched onto the trend as effective advertising for their services and products.

Essentially it’s a trend that’s equal parts informative, personalized and entertaining – a perfect combination for popularity on TikTok.

Are the TikTok hair color recommendations accurate?

The accuracy of the hair color recommendations really depends on the specific TikTok filter or quiz.

Some use fairly advanced color analysis technology that can scan your complexion and assign objective values to your skin tone, eye color etc. These tend to provide hair color recommendations tailored to you.

However, some of the more basic filters and quizzes make recommendations based on limited information like a single multiple choice question. Their suggestions may be less accurate.

Additionally, lighting when taking the quiz can affect the color analysis. Taking the quiz in natural daylight generally produces the best results.

While the recommendations shouldn’t be taken as gospel, the more sophisticated quizzes do provide a useful guide to shades that may suit you.

What are some examples of viral hair makeovers inspired by TikTok?

Plenty of people have gone viral on TikTok for DOCUMENTING their hair color transformations following the results of a TikTok hair color quiz. Here are some notable examples:

  • @krisjinx went from dark brown to auburn red – 15.5M views
  • @morganslostwig went from black to strawberry blonde – 3.7M views
  • @mariadominguezs switched from brown to honey blonde – 2.5M views
  • @brookedawnn transitioned silver to dark chocolate brown – 1.2M views

Part of the appeal is seeing how the recommended hair colors compare to the person’s original shade. Often the makeovers completely transform their look.

Are salons using TikTok hair color analysis too?

Yes, plenty of hair salons and stylists have caught onto this trend. They are using TikTok hair color analysis quizzes and filters as marketing tools in creative ways:

  • Making quiz videos and offering consultations to anyone who books.
  • Filming clients taking the quizzes/filters in the salon.
  • Posting educational content about how to determine your best hair color.
  • Documenting makeovers based on TikTok recommendations.

This builds buzz for their services while demonstrating their hair color expertise. It’s an engaging marketing strategy on a platform like TikTok.

What are some risks of using TikTok for hair color analysis?

While it can be a helpful guide, relying solely on TikTok for hair color analysis does have some risks:

  • Filters and quizzes cannot assess your hair’s condition or texture, which should inform color choices.
  • The lighting when taking quizzes may skew results if not natural daylight.
  • Your existing hair color and history affects what shades will show up properly.
  • Skin tones can be misanalyzed depending on video quality.
  • Drastic changes based solely on TikTok recommendations may not have your desired effect.

Consulting a professional hair stylist in addition to using TikTok’s recommendations is advised. This provides a more thorough analysis accounting for factors beyond just complexion.

How can you determine your best hair color beyond TikTok?

While TikTok can be a useful guide, speaking to a hair color expert is the best way to determine the optimal shades for you. Some additional ways to analyze your hair color include:

  • Consult your colorist – Schedule a color consultation and bring TikTok recommendations.
  • Try color swatch books – Drape swatches over your face to preview colors.
  • Know your undertones – Are you warm, cool, neutral? This narrows options.
  • Examine your veins – Vein color indicates warm vs cool skin undertone.
  • Analyze current colors – What clothing colors suit you? This translates to hair shades.
  • Consider maintenance – factor in how much upkeep you want when choosing colors.

Your existing hair color, desired maintenance level, and complexion all require an in-person expert analysis for best results.


In summary, TikTok hair color analysis refers to the viral trend of using filters and quizzes to determine personalized hair color recommendations. While the technology is not perfect, it provides an engaging starting point to experiment with fun shades virtually. However consulting a stylist in addition remains key for achieving your best hair color in real life. With expert help selecting shades that truly complement and enhance your complexion, you can feel confident in your TikTok-inspired hair makeover!