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What is the GREYish tan color called?

What is the GREYish tan color called?

Determining the exact name of a color can be tricky, especially when dealing with subtle shades like greyish tans. Tan itself is a pale brown color, while greys range from light silvery hues to darker charcoal tones. Combining these together results in a soft, neutral color that can have warm or cool undertones depending on the specific ratio of tan to grey. This article will explore the various greige tan shades and provide some common color names used to describe these in-between tones.

The Color Spectrum of Greige Tans

Greige tans span a range on the color spectrum, from lighter beige-greys to deeper taupe shades. Here are some of the most common varieties:

Mushroom A pale, soft beige-grey with warm undertones
Linen A light tan-grey with subtle yellow/beige tones
Desert Sand A medium-light peachy-grey shade
Stone A light-medium grey-brown with cool undertones
Khaki Grey A medium tan-grey with greenish-brown hues
Dusty Clay A medium reddish-grey with earthy tones
Ash Brown A medium-dark brownish-grey color
Charcoal A darker grey-brown shade

As you can see, greige tans cover a wide range. Lighter shades have more beige and grey mixing, while darker options feature more brown. The undertones also progress from warm to cool as the colors deepen.

Greige vs. Taupe

Greige tans are often confused with taupe colors. While similar, there are some key differences:

– Greiges skew more grey, while taupe contains more brown.

– Taupe has purple or mauve undertones. Greige leans yellow/beige or greenish.

– Lighter greiges are more neutral grey in tone. Taupe maintains its brown character even when made pale.

– Greige evokes a more modern, sophisticated look. Taupe feels traditional, earthy and rustic.

So in summary, greige tans feature a more even grey/tan balance compared to taupe’s brown dominance. But there can be overlap between greige and taupe shades in the midtone range.

Using Greige Tans in Home Décor

Greige tans are extremely versatile for home decor. Here are some popular ways to utilize this color palette:

– **Neutral backdrops** – Lighter mushroomb or linen greiges work excellently as wall colors. Their soft, muted quality lets other furnishings pop while keeping a soothing ambiance.

– **Textured rugs** – Natural fiber rugs like jute, wool and sisal look beautiful in greige tan shades. The subtle color variations add depth and dimension.

– **Bedroom accents** – Try ash brown or stone greiges for bedding like duvets, shams and throw blankets. This creates a cozy, relaxing vibe.

– **Bathroom tiles** – For a modern spa aesthetic, use larger greige tiles on walls and floors. Pair with white grout for crisp contrast.

– **Kitchen cabinets** – The adaptable nature of greige tans suits both warm traditional and sleek contemporary kitchens.

– **Outdoor living** – Use khaki grey and dusty clay greiges for patios, sunrooms and other outdoor living spaces.

Pairing Greige Tans with Other Colors

One of the advantages of greige tans is their compatibility with a wide range of colors. Here are some foolproof pairings:

– Cream, off-white, ecru
– Navy, denim blue
– Pastels like mint, lavender, buttercream
– Black and white
– Natural wood tones
– Brass, bronze and other metallics
– Terracotta, brick red, cranberry
– Olive green, avocado, moss
– Charcoal, slate grey

Greige tans work as a neutral base that absorbs other colors beautifully. Lighter shades pair well with vivid brights, while deeper tones match moodier hues.

Benjamin Moore Greige Tan Paint Colors

Benjamin Moore is a top paint brand known for its elegant color collections. Here are some of their most popular greige tan paint shades:

Abington Greige HC-108 Soft warm beige-grey
Revere Pewter HC-172 Light grey with brown undertones
Cliffside Gray HC-108 Cool light-medium grey with hints of green
Chelsea Gray HC-168 Medium-dark greige with brown base
Gray Owl OC-52 Midtone taupe-greige
Timber Wolf OC-39 Brownish-grey with warm red undertones

Benjamin Moore offers greige tans ranging from nearly white to charcoal shades. Their Revere Pewter, Gray Owl and Chelsea Gray are particularly popular choices.

Sherwin Williams Greige Paint Colors

Sherwin Williams is another leading paint brand with many greige options. Some top shades include:

Accessible Beige SW 7036 Light, warm beige-grey
Repose Gray SW 7015 Popular light-medium greige
Cityscape SW 7067 Medium grey-brown
Grays Harbor SW 6258 Green-greige with brown undertones
Kombu Green SW 6326 Deep dusty clay greige

Accessible Beige, Repose Gray and Cityscape are some of their most sought-after greige colors. Sherwin Williams tones tend to have brown bases versus Benjamin Moore’s grey bases.

Behr Greige Paint Selections

Behr offers many greige tan paints as well in various undertones and depths:

Linen White PPU17-14 Bright warm beige-grey
Gray Cashmere MQ5-14 Light greige with lavender hint
Silver Drop PPU18-14 Soft light-medium greige
Wood Chip M470-1 Medium olive-brown greige
Peppercorn S470-4 Blackened greige similar to charcoal

Behr’s Silver Drop and Gray Cashmere are especially coveted greige shades with broad appeal. Their colors range from near white through charcoal tones.

Identifying Greige Tans in Other Brands

Beyond paint companies, many other brands offer products in shade names that indicate a greige tan color. Here’s what to look for on labels:

– Greige, gray-beige, grey-brown

– Mushroom, clay, sand, stone

– Ash, dirt, moss, sage

– Taupe, oatmeal, fawn, dove

– Shell, pecan, khaki, dust

If the product description includes these terms, you can expect the item to feature some variety of greige tan coloring. This is commonly seen with carpets, furniture, clothing, cosmetics and automotive paints.

Custom Mixing Your Own Perfect Greige

Can’t find your ideal greige tan in a pre-mixed product? Many paint stores offer custom color matching services. This allows you to blend a bespoke greige tone. Here are some tips for mixing greige tans:

– Start with a base of tan, grey and soft white or cream

– Add small amounts of other colors like brown, beige, sage to alter the tone

– Cool colors like blue, green and violet will desaturate warmth

– Warm shades like red, yellow, peach will counteract coolness

– Mix a few samples with different ratios to compare

– Test your custom greige on a small area before full commitment

With a bit of experimenting, you can craft a signature greige tan to perfectly suit your space and preferences. Custom mixing opens up unlimited nuanced shades.


Greige tans encompass a wide spectrum from pale beige-greys to deep charcoals. Their versatility and adaptability makes them a popular choice for modern, minimalist spaces. But greiges can also bring lightness and brightness to traditional rooms. With so many pre-mixed and custom options, you can easily find a greige tan paint or textile to complement your décor. Just look for product descriptions with terms like mushroom, linen, ash and taupe to identify this stylish in-between shade. Whether you prefer your greiges warm and cozy or sleek and sophisticated, embracing this elegantly neutral color is sure to create a beautiful, welcoming space.


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