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What is the grey tacoma color called?

The Toyota Tacoma is one of the most popular midsize pickup trucks on the market. It comes in a variety of colors, including several shades of grey. If you’re curious what the specific name of the grey Tacoma color is, read on!

Tacoma Color Options

Toyota offers the Tacoma with a range of exterior color choices. Here is an overview of the grey color options available on the Tacoma:

Color Name Paint Code
Magnetic Gray Metallic 1G3
Cipher 1J7
Silver Sky Metallic 1D6
Super White 040

As you can see, there are several shades of grey available on the Toyota Tacoma, depending on trim level and model year. The most common grey color option is called Magnetic Gray Metallic.

Magnetic Gray Metallic

Magnetic Gray Metallic is a popular gray color choice for many Toyota vehicles, including the Tacoma pickup truck. It has paint code 1G3.

This grey has a modern, sophisticated look. It’s somewhat dark and moody, but still easy to keep clean. The color has a slightly brown undertone that gives it a natural, earthy vibe.

Magnetic Gray Metallic replaces a color previously called Cement. So if you’re looking for the classic Tacoma cement grey color, Magnetic Gray Metallic is the newest version.

This color is available on most Tacoma trim levels and cab configurations. It looks great on the Tacoma’s sculpted truck bed and muscular fenders. The gray color nicely complements the chrome and silver accents on higher-end Tacoma models.


Cipher is another gray color choice for the Toyota Tacoma. Its paint code is 1J7.

Cipher has a mysterious, sleek look. It’s a shade lighter than Magnetic Gray Metallic. The color features subtle metallic flake for visual interest in bright light.

This exclusive color was introduced on the 2020 Tacoma Nightshade Edition model. It evokes a stealthy, understated vibe – perfect for the blacked-out Nightshade treatment.

Cipher grey looks fantastic with the Tacoma’s black wheels and trim accents. While only originally available on the Nightshade, Cipher remains an option on most Tacoma models and trims today.

Silver Sky Metallic

Silver Sky Metallic is Toyota paint code 1D6. This color could be described as a light grey or dark silver.

Silver Sky Metallic is a bright, elegant color. It’s more of a shimmering silver than a flat grey. The fine metallic flake makes this color pop in the sunlight.

This color provides a more upscale, premium look compared to some other Tacoma greys. It looks fantastic with chrome trim and pairs well with the Tacoma’s muscular design.

Silver Sky Metallic is available on all Tacoma models across various trim levels. It’s a versatile color that remains popular year after year.

Super White

Super White is the other neutral color choice for the Toyota Tacoma. Its paint code is 040.

Super White has a bright, clean appearance. Technically it’s a white paint, but it could be considered a very light grey or off-white.

This is a common color choice for fleet and commercial Tacoma models. It looks utilitarian and professional. The white finish hides dirt well, making Super White a practical choice.

This color allows the Tacoma’s sculpted body lines and trim details to stand out. It provides a smooth, uniform background that lets other exterior features shine.

How Lighting Impacts Tacoma Grey Colors

One important factor that can change the look of the Tacoma’s grey colors is different lighting conditions.

In full sunlight, the metallic grey colors like Magnetic Gray Metallic and Silver Sky Metallic appear brighter. Their fine metallic flake is more noticeable. Colors like Cipher also lighten up in the sun.

In overcast or rainy conditions, the Tacoma’s grey tones look much darker and moodier. Magnetic Gray Metallic takes on its deepest, most brooding look on cloudy days. Cipher also appears richer and more mysterious.

Indoor lighting also impacts how the Tacoma’s greys look. LED and fluorescent lights lend a cooler, starker tone. Incandescent bulbs make the truck look warmer and more inviting.

So the Tacoma’s grey color can range from light silvery grey to charcoal grey depending on the lighting environment. This chameleon-like quality makes the grey color options versatile and attractive.

Matching Tacoma Grey Interiors

Most Tacoma models offer interior colors and upholstery that complement the external grey paintwork:

  • Magnetic Gray Metallic pairs well with Grey fabric seats or SofTex faux leather in Light Grey or Black
  • Cipher looks great with Black leather or SofTex faux leather
  • Silver Sky Metallic works with the Light Grey interior or Black upholstery
  • Super White matches well with Grey fabric seats or Black SofTex

Choose matching upholstery and interior trims to create a monochromatic look. Or go with black or tan interiors for more contrast with grey exterior colors.

Maintaining the Tacoma’s Grey Paint

Like any vehicle, the Toyota Tacoma’s exterior paint requires regular care and cleaning to look its best. Here are some tips for maintaining your Tacoma’s grey paint:

  • Wash often with cold water to remove dirt and debris that can scratch the clearcoat
  • Use automotive soap and wash mitts/sponges to safely clean the surface
  • Rinse thoroughly and dry with microfiber drying towels to avoid water spots
  • Apply wax or sealants to protect the clearcoat from oxidation and fading
  • Remove any contaminants like bird droppings quickly to avoid permanent etching
  • Repair any chips or scratches right away to prevent rusting
  • Store in a garage to limit exposure to elements that degrade the finish

Proper regular care will keep your Tacoma’s grey paint looking freshly painted for many years. Avoid abrasive cleaners or wash brushes that can introduce swirl marks into the clearcoat.

Choosing the Right Grey for You

When shopping for a Toyota Tacoma, spending time with grey color samples can help you select the perfect tone for your tastes.

Those wanting an athletic, rugged look might prefer Magnetic Gray Metallic or Cipher. Buyers seeking a more elegant vibe could choose Silver Sky Metallic.

Consider how grey colors look in different light, along with available interior schemes, to make sure you get a color you’ll love seeing every day.

Or go bold with a grey Tacoma with blacked-out trim and wheels for serious street presence. The Tacoma’s range of grey hues offers choices for any buyer.


The Toyota Tacoma pickup offers truck shoppers several attractive grey color options. The most popular grey is Magnetic Gray Metallic, a sophisticated medium grey that replaces the classic Cement color. Cipher is a newer charcoal grey exclusive to the Tacoma Nightshade Edition. Light silvery greys like Silver Sky Metallic and Super White round out the neutral color palette.

Tacoma greys range from dark mysterious tones to bright silvery hues. Consider lighting conditions, as the grey colors appear different in various environments. Matching interior upholstery choices let buyers create a cohesive look.

With proper regular care, the Tacoma’s grey paint will maintain its like-new appearance for years. Choose the grey that fits your personality and enjoy the style and versatility of a grey Toyota Tacoma pickup.