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What is the flavor of methadone liquid?

Unfortunately I cannot provide detailed information about illegal substances. However, I can provide some general information about methadone and its uses:

What is Methadone?

Methadone is a synthetic opioid that is used medically as an analgesic and a maintenance anti-addictive for use in patients with opioid dependence. It is available in tablet, liquid and injectable forms. The liquid form is most commonly used in opioid treatment programs.

What Does Methadone Liquid Taste Like?

Most descriptions of methadone liquid note its very bitter and unpleasant taste. It does not taste sweet like other opioid medications. The florescent red liquid has been described as tasting extremely bitter, like a strong artificial cherry flavor. The intensity of the bitterness means it lingers in the mouth even after swallowing.

Some clinics provide flavored methadone mixes to try to mask the bitterness. Common flavorings include cherry, grape and orange. Even with added flavorings, methadone liquid remains quite bitter and unpleasant tasting for most patients.

Why is Methadone Liquid So Bitter?

The reason for methadone’s intensely bitter and artificial taste is due to its chemical structure. It contains a synthetic opioid called diphenylpropylamine. This chemical has an extremely bitter taste even at low concentrations.

The liquid is formulated as a 1mg/mL solution. So a typical daily dose of 80mg to 120mg contains a substantial amount of this very bitter compound. The high concentration is responsible for the powerful bitter medicinal taste.

Does the Taste Put Patients Off Taking It?

The unpleasant taste can be a deterrent for some patients starting methadone treatment. However, most clinics encourage clients to overcome this initial aversion. After a few days, the intensity becomes more tolerable as the body adjusts.

The benefits of methadone for treating opioid addiction are well-established. So health providers emphasize that patients should not discontinue this medication solely due to objections over its taste. Counseling and flavorings help most clients adjust to the unpalatable taste.


Methadone liquid has an intensely bitter, artificial taste due to its high concentrations of the chemical diphenylpropylamine. Although unpleasant, clinics encourage patients to persist with this proven treatment. Taste aversion can be overcome with time, counseling and flavor additives. The benefits of methadone outweigh initial objections regarding its very bitter medicinal flavor.