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What is the difference between Samsung fridge crisper and flex crisper?

Having a refrigerator with different storage compartments allows you to properly organize and preserve your food. Two of the most useful compartments in Samsung refrigerators are the crisper and flex crisper drawers. But what is the difference between these two features?

Crisper Drawers

Crisper drawers are designed to keep fruits and vegetables fresh and crunchy. A standard crisper drawer is a large, fully enclosed drawer at the bottom of the refrigerator. It typically has glass panels on the fronts and sides so you can easily see your produce.

Crisper drawers are humidity controlled environments. You can adjust the humidity level inside the drawer using a sliding control. Opening the control increases air flow and reduces humidity, while closing it seals the drawer and increases humidity.

Higher humidity levels are ideal for leafy greens and most fruits. Lower humidity is better for things like apples, berries, and root vegetables that you don’t want to get too moist. The ability to customize the humidity allows you to optimize conditions for whatever you are storing.

Flex Crisper Drawers

Samsung flex crisper drawers provide all the benefits of a standard crisper drawer but with more flexibility. As the name implies, flex crisper drawers can flex between different modes as needed.

A flex crisper has two crisper bins that can be converted to one large bin when needed. Dividers separate the drawers, but you can easily remove them to make room for larger items.

Each bin still has its own humidity control slider. So you can create different humidity levels in each half of the flex drawer if needed.

Key Differences

Here are some of the main differences between standard and flex crisper drawers:

  • Standard crisper is one large enclosed drawer.
  • Flex crisper has two adjustable bins that can convert to one large bin.
  • Standard crisper has a single humidity control.
  • Flex crisper has two humidity controls, one for each bin.
  • Standard crisper has fixed storage space.
  • Flex crisper storage can be customized as needed.

Benefits of Flex Crispers

The flexible design of the flex crisper provides several advantages over a standard crisper:

  • Versatility – You can store large items without cramming by removing the divider.
  • Organization – Separate bins allow you to easily sort and store different types of produce.
  • Customization – Dual humidity controls let you optimize conditions in each bin.
  • Airflow – Divider between bins promotes better air circulation.
  • Accessibility – Narrower bins are easier to access than one large deep drawer.

Popular Samsung Fridge Models

Here is an overview of some popular Samsung refrigerators that feature crisper and flex crisper drawers:

Model Crisper Type Size Other Features
Samsung RB31FERNCSS Flex Crisper 30 cu ft Twin cooling, external water dispenser
Samsung RS25J500DSR Crisper 25 cu ft Side-by-side, LED lighting
Samsung RF260BEAESR Flex Crisper 26 cu ft Fingerprint resistant finish
Samsung RF28R7201SR Crisper 28 cu ft Wi-Fi enabled, AutoFill water pitcher

Crisper and Humidity Control Tips

To get the most out of your Samsung crisper or flex crisper drawers, keep these tips in mind:

  • Use higher humidity settings for leafy greens, berries, and most fruits.
  • Use lower humidity for root veggies, apples, citrus fruits, and pears.
  • Let hot food cool down before putting it in the crisper to avoid temperature fluctuations.
  • Don’t overstuff drawers – good air flow is important.
  • Clean out old produce regularly to avoid spoilage.
  • Adjust settings as you add or remove items from the drawers.
  • Use bin dividers in flex crispers to separate foods with different humidity needs.

Crisper Alternatives

If you don’t have a designated crisper drawer, there are still ways to keep fruits and veggies fresh in your fridge:

  • Storage bins – Use sealable plastic bins or storage bags to create humidity controlled environments.
  • Paper towels – Place a sheet of paper towel in the bottom of your produce drawer to absorb excess moisture.
  • Prep produce – Cutting, peeling, or roasting veggies can extend their fridge life.
  • Shelf placement – Keep produce on the high and middle shelves which tend to be more humid than lower shelves.


Samsung flex crispers provide more storage flexibility compared to standard crisper drawers. The ability to customize humidity levels and convert the bins into one large space makes them more versatile. But even without specialized crisper drawers, you can still use accessories and food prep tips to keep fruits and vegetables fresh.

Look for models with flex crispers if you want maximum control over your fridge’s produce storage environment. And be sure to utilize the humidity sliders in either crisper type to optimize conditions for the foods you are storing.