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What is the difference between opi bubble bath and funny bunny gel?

OPI gel nail polish has become increasingly popular in recent years due to its long-lasting color and durable finish. Two of OPI’s most beloved gel polish collections are the Bubble Bath line, known for its soft, neutral shades, and the Funny Bunny line, which features bright spring pastels. While both are gel polish lines from OPI, there are some key differences between the Bubble Bath and Funny Bunny collections when it comes to shades, finish, and wear. Read on as we explore what sets these two popular OPI gel polish collections apart.

Overview of OPI Gel Polish

Before diving into the specifics of Bubble Bath versus Funny Bunny, let’s first take a look at what makes OPI gel polish unique. OPI gel polish is a soak-off gel formula that delivers up to 3 weeks of chip-free wear. It applies like a regular nail polish but requires curing under an LED or UV nail lamp to set.

Some main advantages of OPI gel polish:

  • Durable, glossy finish that resists chips, cracks and fading
  • Wide range of over 200+ colors and collections
  • Soak-off formula for easy removal
  • No UV damage on natural nails
  • Long-lasting manicures up to 3 weeks

OPI gel polish collections like Bubble Bath and Funny Bunny allow you to achieve salon-quality nails from home. Now let’s look at how these two collections compare.

Bubble Bath Gel Polish Collection

OPI Bubble Bath Gel Polish

The OPI Bubble Bath collection features soft, neutral gel polish shades that are reminiscent of bubbly, soapy bathwater. This collection includes 15 shades that range from warm nudes and pinks to cool taupes and greiges.

Here is an overview of the Bubble Bath gel polish collection:

  • Neutral nude, pink, beige and grey shades
  • Sheer, creamy pastel finishes
  • Subtle shimmer and glossy creme textures
  • Soft, feminine color palette
  • Girly, whimsical names like “Bubble Bath,” “Sweetheart,” and “Pamper Me”
  • Versatile shades for every skin tone

The Bubble Bath gel polish shades are designed to mimic the look of a warm, bubbly bath, with soft, creamy pastels that deliver a delicate wash of color to the nails. They have a pretty, feminine aesthetic and work for any season.

Notable Bubble Bath Gel Polish Shades

Shade Name Description
Bubble Bath Sheer, warm nude pink
Sweetheart Milky nude pink with subtle shimmer
Pamper Me Warm nude beige creme
Cozu-melted in the Sun Peachy nude pink

Funny Bunny Gel Polish Collection

OPI Funny Bunny Gel Polish

The OPI Funny Bunny collection features playful pastel gel polish shades inspired by spring. This collection includes 12 colorful shades in creamy pastels and soft brights.

Overview of the Funny Bunny gel polish collection:

  • Bright pastel shades
  • Creme and shimmer finishes
  • Colors include pink, purple, blue, yellow, peach and mint
  • Whimsical spring-inspired names like “Suzi Loves Cowboy,” “Your Bunny Loves You,” and “Bunny Slope”
  • Limited edition spring collection
  • Vibrant, playful color palette

The Funny Bunny shades have a brighter, bolder pastel look than the Bubble Bath collection. They capture the feeling of spring with vivid creamy shades and fun flirty names.

Notable Funny Bunny Gel Polish Shades

Shade Name Description
Suzi Loves Cowboy Bright pastel peach creme
Your Bunny Loves You Sheer baby pink shimmer
Bunny Slope Lavender frost finish
HOP-pily Ever After Mint green creme

Comparing Bubble Bath vs. Funny Bunny

Now that we’ve looked at the Bubble Bath and Funny Bunny gel polish collections individually, let’s directly compare the two:

Bubble Bath Funny Bunny
Color Family Neutrals Pastels
Shade Range Nudes, pinks, taupes Bright pinks, purples, blues, peaches
Finishes Creme, subtle shimmer Creme, shimmer
Texture Creamy, sheer Creamy, bold
Vibe Soft, feminine Bright, playful
Seasonality Year-round Spring

As you can see, while both are pastel gel polish collections, Bubble Bath has a softer, more neutral color palette while Funny Bunny is all about vivid brights. Bubble Bath can work year-round for any season, and has a versatile range of nudes and pinks. Funny Bunny is a spring-exclusive collection with colorful cream shades perfect for the season.

In terms of texture, Bubble Bath shades tend to have a sheer, creamy finish while Funny Bunny is opaque and bold. Both collections offer creme and shimmer finishes.

Overall, it comes down to your personal color preferences. For a subtle wash of color, Bubble Bath is your best bet. But if you love playful, bright pastels, Funny Bunny is ideal for spring and summer.

Caring for and Removing OPI Gel Polish

Now that we’ve explored the differences between Bubble Bath and Funny Bunny, let’s briefly go over proper care and removal for OPI gel polish.

Caring for your OPI gel manicure:

  • Avoid picking – This can cause chips and peeling.
  • Use cuticle oil – Keeps cuticles hydrated.
  • Limit exposure to acetone – Can cause breakdown of gel polish.
  • Wear gloves for cleaning and chemicals.
  • Avoid hard impacts – This can lead to cracks and damage.

Removing OPI gel polish:

  • File surface to remove glossy top layer
  • Soak cotton ball in pure acetone and place on nails
  • Wrap each finger in foil and let sit for 10-15 minutes
  • Gently push off gel with an orange wood stick, avoid scraping
  • Swipe nail with acetone to remove any residue
  • Push back and trim cuticles if needed
  • Apply cuticle oil to rehydrate nails

Be sure to use OPI’s GelColor Soak Off Gel Polish Remover for easy, gentle removal. Never peel off gel polish as this can damage the natural nail.


While OPI’s Bubble Bath and Funny Bunny are both beloved gel polish collections, they have distinct differences when it comes to shades, finish and feel. Bubble Bath offers soft neutrals with creamy, sheer color. Funny Bunny gives bright, playful pastels perfect for spring.

Bubble Bath works year-round for a subtle wash of gel color. Funny Bunny is ideal for vibrant spring and summer shades. With proper care and removal, OPI gel manicures can last up to three weeks without chipping or fading. Decide whether you prefer neutral bubbles or vivid bunnies for your next long-lasting mani!