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What is the default Windows taskbar color?

The default color of the Windows taskbar depends on the version of Windows. Microsoft has changed the default taskbar color multiple times over the years across different Windows releases.

Quick Answer

The default taskbar color in the latest versions of Windows 10 and Windows 11 is dark gray. Specifically, the default taskbar color HEX code in Windows 10 and 11 is #252525.

Windows 11 Default Taskbar Color

In Windows 11, released in 2021, the default taskbar color is dark gray with the HEX code #252525. This applies to both the light and dark theme. When you install Windows 11 and have not customized the taskbar, it will appear dark gray.

The dark gray color was likely chosen as a neutral color that would look decent with both light and dark mode. It aims to provide high contrast against app icons while not standing out too much. The dark gray taskbar is semi-transparent and allows some of the background to shine through for a clean look.

Windows 11 Default Taskbar Color HEX Code

Specifically, the default Windows 11 taskbar color has the following HEX code:


This hex code translates to a dark gray color with the following RGB values:

  • Red: 37
  • Green: 37
  • Blue: 37

So in summary, the Windows 11 default taskbar color is dark gray with HEX #252525 and RGB 37, 37, 37.

Windows 10 Default Taskbar Color

The default Windows 10 taskbar color is also dark gray. Microsoft switched to the dark gray look starting with Windows 10 release 1903 launched in 2019.

In earlier versions of Windows 10, including at launch in 2015, the taskbar used a lighter blue-gray as the default color. But in version 1903 the color was changed to the darker gray to match the aesthetic of Windows 11.

So if you have a standard Windows 10 installation updated after 2019, your taskbar color will also be the dark gray #252525.

Default Windows 10 Taskbar Color By Version

Here is a summary of the default Windows 10 taskbar colors by major version number:

Windows 10 Version Default Taskbar Color
Version 1507 to 1809 Light blue-gray
Version 1903 and later Dark gray #252525

So in the earliest versions of Windows 10, the taskbar was a light blue-ish gray. But starting in 2019 with Version 1903, it switched to the now standard dark gray #252525.

Default Taskbar Color in Previous Windows Versions

Looking back at older Windows releases, here is a quick summary of the default taskbar colors:

  • Windows 8/8.1 – Dark gray (#333333)
  • Windows 7 – Black (#000000)
  • Windows Vista – Blue-black (#1C2D47)
  • Windows XP – Blue (#0078D7)

As you can see, Microsoft has gone through various taskbar color schemes over the years! The blue theme was very prominent in the XP days. Windows 7 went for a pitch black look. More recently it has settled on shades of gray.

Customizing the Taskbar Color in Windows

While dark gray is the standard taskbar color today, you can easily customize it in Windows Settings.

Here is the quick process to change your taskbar color in Windows 10 or 11:

  1. Open the Windows Settings app
  2. Click on Personalization
  3. Click Colors on the left side
  4. Scroll down and click the dropdown box under “Taskbar”
  5. Pick your desired taskbar color

From here you can choose from a preset color palette, input a HEX code, or use the color picker tool. Feel free to get creative with bright colors, pastels, or anything else that suits your style.

You can also customize the taskbar’s transparency level on this screen. Lower opacity will allow more of your desktop background or wallpaper to show through.

Custom Taskbar Color Examples

Here are some example custom taskbar color ideas:

  • Vibrant red – #FF0000
  • Forest green – #228B22
  • Night blue – #191970
  • Pastel pink – #FFC0CB

Mix and match your taskbar color with your wallpaper for a complete personal look. The possibilities are endless!


So in summary, the current default taskbar color in Windows 10 and 11 is a dark gray #252525. This has been the standard look since Windows 10 version 1903.

The taskbar color has gone through many changes over Windows history. It has been blue, black, light gray, and dark gray depending on the era.

No matter the default, you can always customize your taskbar to be any color you want for a personalized device. Feel free to experiments with colors and transparency levels.

Hopefully this overview clears up what the standard Windows taskbar color is. Let your creativity run wild and make a taskbar that suits your style.

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