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What is the Colour of Samsung Galaxy Note 5?

The Samsung Galaxy Note 5 is available in a variety of different colors, offering customers great choice when selecting their ideal device. In this article, we will examine the different color options available for the Samsung Galaxy Note 5 and look at the specific details of each color.

Overview of Samsung Galaxy Note 5 Colors

There are 4 main color variants that the Samsung Galaxy Note 5 is available in:

  • Black Sapphire
  • White Pearl
  • Gold Platinum
  • Silver Titanium

These colors each give the Note 5 a very different look and feel, ranging from sleek and professional to stylish and elegant. The color names are descriptive and give a sense of the finish and appearance of each version.

The 4 color options provide customers with plenty of choice when selecting their ideal Note 5. Some customers may opt for the more classic black or white colors, while others will be drawn to the glitzier gold and titanium shades.

Black Sapphire

The Black Sapphire version of the Samsung Galaxy Note 5 features a glossy black finish. As the name suggests, it resembles an deep, inky black sapphire gemstone.

The saturared black color has a glassy look and feel to it. It oozes sophistication and style.

Black Sapphire looks beautiful when new, but some users may find it shows fingerprints and smudges quite readily. However, many customers appreciate the iconic black shade and find it fits with virtually any accessory or case.

White Pearl

White Pearl delivers a crisp, clean white finish on the Samsung Galaxy Note 5. It lives up to its marine-inspired name, exuding an iridescent sheen.

The pale color scheme provides a refreshing alternative to black smartphones. It looks futuristic and eye-catching.

However, as with all white gadgets, the Note 5 White Pearl color does require some extra care and attention to keep it looking pristine. Dust and dirt can show up more easily on the light color.

Gold Platinum

For those seeking a more opulent, premium look, the Gold Platinum version of the Note 5 really fits the bill. The name accurately describes the luxurious finish.

Gold Platinum features a distinctive metalic shimmer, elevating the phone into a fashion accessory. The shiny surface refracts light beautifully.

This color option adds a touch of indulgence and prestige to the Galaxy Note 5. It’s perfect for users who want their device to really stand out with bold, gleaming style.

Silver Titanium

Silver Titanium rounds off the Galaxy Note 5 color options with a futuristic metallic appeal. The lightweight titanium element referenced in the name informs the smooth, silvery tone.

In some lighting conditions, Silver Titanium can take on a cool grey appearance. At other times, it shimmers with a deeper, warmer sheen.

This versatile and modern color scheme is both understated and stylish. It’s ideal for users who want a pop of color that also remains restrained and refined.

Comparisons Between the Colors

Here is an overview comparing the different color options of the Samsung Galaxy Note 5:

Color Finish Overall Look
Black Sapphire Glossy Sleek, sophisticated
White Pearl Pearly Clean, futuristic
Gold Platinum Metallic Bold, opulent
Silver Titanium Metallic Stylish, versatile

As the table summarizes, the color options can be grouped into glossy (Black Sapphire) and metallic (Gold, Silver) finishes. Black and White are classic neutral shades, while the Gold and Silver Titanium offer bolder, more unique stylings.

Availability of Colors

The 4 main colors detailed above are all widely available for the Samsung Galaxy Note 5. Here is some information on purchasing the smartphone in different color options:

  • The Black Sapphire and White Pearl colors are typically in stock at most major retailers and network providers.
  • Gold Platinum and Silver Titanium can sell out faster as they are often more popular for their distinct stylings.
  • Limited or special edition colors are sometimes launched, for example exclusive Red or Pink color schemes.
  • Online stores tend to offer the widest range of color choices as customers can pre-order or wait for stock.
  • In-person electronics stores may have fewer options on display, with black and white most readily available.

In general, the classic Black Sapphire and White Pearl Note 5 models are easiest to find across retailers. But it is still worth shopping around for the ideal color, especially if Gold or Silver are preferred.

Protecting the Finish

All of the Samsung Galaxy Note 5 colors feature shiny, sleek finishes that benefit from some protection to prevent scratches or damage.

Some tips for protecting the Note 5’s stylish exterior include:

  • Use a protective case and screen protector. Cases come in transparent varieties that allow the original color to show through.
  • Avoid placing the device near keys or coins to prevent scratching in pockets or bags.
  • Clean fingerprints and smudges frequently using a microfiber cloth to maintain the high-gloss finish.
  • Consider an additional skin or decal for more decoration and safeguarding from scratches.

With proper care and protection, the eye-catching colors and sleek finish of the Samsung Galaxy Note 5 can stay looking vibrant and polished even with heavy daily use.

Personalizing Your Note 5

While the main color is a defining part of the Samsung Galaxy Note 5’s appearance, there are also lots of options for personalizing and accessorizing your device.

Some ideas for adding your own styling include:

  • Choose a color-coordinated phone case – everything from clear covers to bright patterns.
  • Experiment with decorative skins from brands like dbrand to customize the finish.
  • Attach a sturdy strap or grip in your preferred color for easier handling.
  • Swap out Samsung’s software theme for a color-matched interface.
  • Match other accessories like headphones or a smartwatch to your Note 5 shade.

Personalization options like cases, decals and straps allow you to put your own spin on your Galaxy Note 5, while still showing off its original color.


In summary, the Samsung Galaxy Note 5 is available in a range of 4 main color options: Black Sapphire, White Pearl, Gold Platinum and Silver Titanium. These provide customers with a great selection of classic, elegant, bold and modern stylings.

The different colors each give the Note 5 a distinct look and feel. Protection is recommended to keep the shiny, glossy finishes looking pristine. And plenty of accessorizing and personalization options allow you to customize your Note 5 further.

So whether you prefer classic black, futuristic white, opulent gold or refined silver, the Samsung Galaxy Note 5 has a color to suit your style.