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What is the color palette for pink?

What is the color palette for pink?

Pink is a popular and versatile color that can be incorporated into various color palettes. When creating a pink color palette, there are many shades and tints to consider that allow you to create soft, muted palettes or bright, vibrant palettes. In this article, we will explore the basics of the color pink, look at popular pink color combinations, and provide inspiration for putting together beautiful pink color schemes.

The Color Pink

Pink is a light red tone that was first used as a color name in the late 17th century. It is created by combining red and white pigments or light waves. Pink can range from very light and muted to bold and saturated depending on how much red is present. Here are some key facts about the color pink:

Hue Family Red
Hex Code #FFC0CB (Pink)
RGB Values R:255 G:192 B:203
CMYK Values C:0 M:25 Y:20 K:0
Color Psychology Feminine, romantic, caring, sweet

Lighter tints of pink like baby pink and blush evoke femininity, innocence, and tenderness. Neon or hot pink shades feel youthful, energetic and fun. Dusty shades of pink lend a romantic, vintage vibe. Overall, pink is a versatile color that allows you to set different moods.

The Pink Color Wheel

There are many shades of pink—some with their own distinctive names. Here is an overview of the pink color wheel from lighter to darker pink shades:

Baby Pink #F4C2C2
Blush Pink #DE5D83
Ballet Pink #FCDFFF
Cotton Candy Pink #FFB7D5
Salmon Pink #FF91A4
Coral Pink #F88379
Hot Pink #FF69B4
Fuchsia Pink #FF00FF
Raspberry Pink #E30B5C
Wine Pink #AB474D
Mauve Pink #E0B0FF

From barely pink baby pink to rich wine pink, exploring these shades gives you many options for putting together pink color schemes.

Popular Pink Color Combinations

Pink is extremely versatile and complements both warm and cool palettes. Here are some of the most popular pink color combinations:

Pink and Red: Pairing bright pink with true red adds vibrancy and energy. This high-contrast duo pops against neutrals like black, white or gray.

Pink and Orange: Coral pink works beautifully with peach and orange. This color scheme has a tropical vibe that’s fun and cheerful.

Pink and Purple: Blush pink with lavender purple creates a soft, feminine palette. Magenta and plum purple harmonize with bold hot pink.

Pink and Brown: Earthy browns help ground pale pink. The combo evokes images of pink roses against a natural wood background.

Pink and Green: Greens lend freshness to pink. Think watermelon pink with leafy greens or olive green with dusty mauve pink.

Pink and Blue: Pink and blue evoke spring and summer scenes. Try powder blue with blush pink or magenta pink with navy blue.

Pink and Yellow: Buttery yellows pair nicely with light pink for a sweet, playful palette. Mustard yellow adds spice to blush pink.

Pink and Neutrals: Pair pink with whites, tans, gray and black to create more muted palettes. Try blush pink with ivory and tan or fuchsia with black and white.

Tips for Creating Pink Color Palettes

Here are some top tips for creating stunning pink color schemes:

– Choose one shade of pink as your dominant hue and build the palette around it.

– Complement pink with rich purples, warm peaches, vibrant reds or earthy browns.

– Add subtle neutrals like white, cream or light gray to soften bold pink palettes.

– Use tonal shades of pink together for an elegant monochromatic look.

– Try split complementary color schemes with pink, a complement like green and an analogous color like red.

– Don’t be afraid to blend pink tones like blush, mauve and salmon for depth.

– Use lighter pinks as accents against darker pink backgrounds for contrast.

– Add texture, patterns and accessories in pink shades as an alternative to pink walls.

12 Pink Color Palette Inspiration

Here are 12 beautiful pink color palettes for design inspiration:

1. Blush Pink and Sage Green

2. Salmon Pink and Robin Egg Blue

3. Hot Pink and Turquoise

4. Baby Pink and Chocolate Brown

5. Bubblegum Pink and Navy Blue

6. Cotton Candy Pink and Lavender

7. Mauve Pink and Teal

8. Peach Pink and Yellow

9. Fuchsia and Lime Green

10. Blush Pink and Slate Gray

11. Pastel Pink and White

12. Raspberry Pink and Olive Green


Pink is a universally flattering color that brings warmth, joy and femininity to any palette. From soft and neutral pale pinks to bold hot pinks, there is a pink shade and color combination for every taste and aesthetic. When building a pink color scheme, choose a dominant pink hue and experiment with complementary colors like red, purple, blue and green or analogous shades. Accent with neutrals and vary tones and intensities for a polished, beautiful look. With its sheer versatility, pink is truly a timeless, mesmerizing color.