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What is the color of the December baby?

What is the color of the December baby?

The color most associated with December babies is blue. This connection comes from the birthstone for December which is turquoise. Turquoise is a light blue-green color. So blue is commonly seen as the representative color for December born babies.

Significance of Birth Colors

Birth colors like blue for December babies are a fun way to connect someone’s birth month to a symbolic color. Birth colors are often based on the birth flower or birthstone for that month. They provide a way to associate a color with a person’s personality and identity.

Some key reasons birth colors like blue for December babies are notable:

  • They are a fun way to represent someone’s birth month
  • They allow people to connect personally with a color
  • They can inform gifts, decoration and celebration choices
  • They provide a symbolic way to express identity and personality

So even though birth colors like blue for December babies are not scientifically based, they allow for entertaining and meaningful color connections.

December Birthstone and Flower

The birthstone and flower for December are key to determining the birth color for December babies. Here are the details on these:

December Birthstone

  • The December birthstone is turquoise.
  • Turquoise is a light blue-green mineral rock.
  • It has been prized as a gemstone for thousands of years.
  • Ancient peoples believed it had healing and protective powers.
  • It was first discovered in Sinai Peninsula around 6,000 years ago.
  • The traditional turquoise birthstone color is a light sky blue.

December Birth Flower

  • The December birth flower is the paperwhite narcissus.
  • This winter-blooming flower has delicate white petals.
  • It is a type of daffodil grown indoors and has a sweet fragrance.
  • The paperwhite narcissus symbolizes rebirth and new beginnings.
  • It also represents flexibility and faithfulness.

So the December birthstone turquoise provides the sky blue color connection for December born babies. The paperwhite flower represents white wintery tones.

December Baby Personality

Some common personality traits associated with December babies include:

  • Ambitious – they set goals and work hard
  • Determined – they are resolute and don’t give up easily
  • Philosophical – they think deeply about life’s big questions
  • Helpful – they have a humanitarian spirit and want to assist others
  • Light-hearted – they have a playful sense of humor

The ambitious and determined nature of many December babies drives them to work hard and achieve success. Their philosophical side leads them to find meaning in the world around them. Their desire to help others combined with their fun-loving spirit makes December babies uplifting to be around.

December Baby Gender Statistics

Some fun facts on the gender breakdown for December babies:

  • Approximately 51% of babies born in December are male.
  • So around 49% of December babies are female.
  • This means the gender split for December is quite even.

Here is a table summarizing the gender statistics for December babies:

Gender Percentage
Male 51%
Female 49%

So while blue is considered the traditional December baby color, plenty of pink gets used for December girls as well. The nearly even distribution of genders allows for both blue and pink to be popular color choices.

December Baby Gift Ideas

Some gift ideas that connect to the December baby color include:

  • Clothing: Onesies, shirts, dresses in light blue, white, turquoise
  • Accessories: Hats, headbands, booties in blue or turquoise
  • Nursery: Blue wall decor, blue crib sheets, white noise machine
  • Keepsakes: Ornament with December birthstone turquoise
  • Toys: Blue stuffed animals, rattles or teethers

Focusing on the birth color blue or white is a great way to celebrate a December baby. You can also incorporate birthstone inspired turquoise for December girls and boys.

December Baby Names

Baby names that mean blue or connect to the December birthstone turquoise can be fitting choices for December babies. Here are some examples:

Girl Names

  • Azura – Means sky blue
  • Bleu – French for blue
  • Cerulean – A shade of blue, related to cerulean blue crayon
  • Indigo – A deep blue purple color
  • Iris – Meaning rainbow, connected to blue hues
  • Turquoise – Directly references the December birthstone

Boy Names

  • Azure – A bright blue color
  • Blue – Simple name directly meaning blue
  • Cobalt – A blue metallic element
  • Indigo – A deep blue purple color
  • Sky – Referencing the light blue sky
  • Turquoise – Directly references the December birthstone

Choosing a name with blue meanings or connections is a nice way to reflect a December due date. It ties directly to the December baby color of blue.

Celebrating December Baby Colors

Here are some great ways to celebrate a December baby using their special birth color:

  • Choose blue or turquoise for birthday party themes and decorations
  • Give December babies blue or white birthday presents like toys and clothes
  • Bake a blue or white birthday cake with turquoise frosting or decorations
  • Have the baby wear a blue birthday outfit featuring their birthstone turquoise
  • Take birthday photos of the baby surrounded by blue or white balloons and backdrops
  • Create custom birthday shirts and hats featuring the words “December Baby!” in blue

Celebrating a December baby’s birth color is a fun way to honor their winter birthday month. Let the festivities shine bright by using December’s brilliant blue!


In summary, blue is considered the quintessential color representing December born babies. This connection stems from the December birthstone turquoise, which is a light blue-green shade. The December birth flower, the paperwhite narcissus, also contributes a white wintery tone. Personality traits like determination and helpfulness typify the ambitious December baby. Honoring December’s blue birth color through gifts, names, and celebration is a great way to embrace a baby born in this winter month. For December babies, blue truly is the coolest color!