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What is the color of the battery icon on my iPhone?

The color of the battery icon on iPhones indicates the current battery level and charging status. There are several different colors used for the battery icon to represent different battery levels and states.

Quick Answer

The battery icon is white when the iPhone is plugged in and charging. It turns green when fully charged. As the battery level drops, the icon turns yellow at 20% and red at 10%. When Low Power Mode is enabled, the battery icon turns yellow regardless of charge level.

Battery Icon Colors

Here are the different battery icon colors and what they mean on iPhones:

Battery Icon Color Meaning
White iPhone is plugged in and charging
Green iPhone is fully charged (100%)
Yellow iPhone battery level is at 20% or below
Red iPhone battery level is very low (less than 10%)
Yellow Low Power Mode is enabled

White Battery Icon

When your iPhone is connected to a power source and charging, the battery icon turns white. This indicates that the battery is currently being charged. The white battery icon appears as soon as you plug your iPhone into a Lightning cable connected to a power adapter or computer.

The white battery icon will remain on the status bar while the phone is charging. Depending on the charge level, it may take 1-4 hours for an iPhone to become fully charged from a low battery state. The white icon means charging is still in progress.

Green Battery Icon

A green battery icon indicates that your iPhone is fully charged. When the charge level reaches 100%, the battery icon will turn from white to green. This shows that the battery is now completely charged and still plugged in.

It’s fine to leave your iPhone plugged in overnight after the green battery icon appears. The iPhone has a smart battery charging system that prevents overcharging. It will maintain your battery at 100% without continuing to charge once full capacity is reached.

Yellow Battery Icon

As your iPhone’s battery level drops, the battery icon will change from white or green to yellow. A yellow battery icon means your current charge is 20% or less.

The yellow battery icon is a warning sign that your iPhone’s battery is running low and will need to be charged soon. Depending on your battery usage, you may have only a few hours left at the 20% level before the battery dies.

Some tips when you see the yellow battery icon:

  • Lower screen brightness to conserve battery life
  • Close apps and location services you aren’t using
  • Turn on Low Power Mode to prolong battery
  • Plug in your iPhone to charge as soon as possible

Red Battery Icon

A red battery icon indicates your iPhone’s battery level is very low – at or below 10%. This is a critical warning that your battery needs to be charged immediately.

At the red battery level, even basic usage can quickly drain the remaining power. You may only have minutes left before the iPhone shuts down if you continue using it.

When you see the red battery icon, plug your iPhone into a charger right away. Try to avoid heavy usage until the phone has gained at least a 20% charge.

In extreme cases, the iPhone may display an image of an almost-empty red battery icon just before automatically shutting down due to an extremely low charge of 1% or less.

Yellow Battery Icon in Low Power Mode

Low Power Mode is a feature that helps conserve battery life when your iPhone charge gets low. It temporarily reduces background app activity, visual effects and some hardware usage to prolong battery.

When Low Power Mode is enabled, the battery icon will turn yellow regardless of the actual battery level. This is to indicate that the feature is actively conserving power.

Even if your battery is at 75% or higher, the battery icon will still display yellow when Low Power Mode is on. This is expected behavior and nothing to worry about. The yellow icon will turn back to white or green once Low Power Mode is disabled.


The color of the iPhone’s battery icon communicates important information about your current battery level and charging status:

  • White means connected and charging
  • Green indicates a full battery
  • Yellow shows 20% or less charge remaining
  • Red signals critical battery level below 10%
  • Yellow also appears when Low Power Mode is on

Knowing what the different battery icon colors represent can help you better manage your iPhone’s battery life. By charging when you see yellow or red icons, you can avoid having a dead battery at inconvenient times.

The battery percentage is also displayed next to the battery icon for an exact look at your iPhone’s charge level. Additionally, you can check battery usage statistics in the Settings app to monitor which apps or features may be draining your battery faster.

With proper charging habits guided by the battery icon colors, keeping your iPhone powered up throughout the day is easy. Just pay attention to the icon and plug in accordingly when you notice it turn yellow or red.

The battery icon has become an iconic part of the iPhone experience. Its colors succinctly convey your current battery status at a glance. Understanding the meaning behind those colors helps ensure your iPhone can accompany you through your daily activities without running out of power when you need it most.

So the next time you glance at your iPhone’s battery icon, you’ll know exactly what its color is trying to tell you. Let the battery icon guide your charging practices to keep your iPhone powered up and ready to use whenever inspiration strikes.

With the convenience of modern battery technology, we don’t have to let running out of juice stop us from capturing life’s great moments. Thanks to helpful visual cues like the iPhone battery icon, those special times can be shared and saved even at the end of the longest days.