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What is the color id for black in ark?

Welcome reader! In this comprehensive guide, we will be exploring the color ID for black in the popular dinosaur survival game ARK: Survival Evolved. Knowing color IDs can be useful for customizing items, structures, creatures, and more in ARK.

Introduction to ARK: Survival Evolved

For those new to the game, ARK: Survival Evolved is an action-adventure game developed by Studio Wildcard. It was first released in 2017 and allows players to explore an open world inhabited by dinosaurs and other prehistoric creatures. The goal is to survive and thrive by gathering resources, crafting tools and structures, taming creatures, and more.

ARK has a large emphasis on customization – players can create customized items, structures, and creatures by tweaking various settings like color regions. This is where color IDs come into play.

Understanding ARK Color IDs

In ARK, colors are represented by numeric color IDs. These IDs correspond to different color values. By entering color IDs instead of color names, players can access a wider variety of colors to use for customization.

Color IDs are six digit hexadecimal values. For example, the color ID for red is FF0000. When entering color IDs in ARK, you do not need to enter the preceding # symbol.

There are over 16 million possible color ID values, far more than just the basic color names like red, blue, green, etc. Having all these color options lets players create very specific shades and hues for unique customizations.

Finding Color IDs

There are a few different ways to find the color ID for a specific color in ARK:

  • Look up color ID charts online – many fans have compiled lists of common colors and their IDs.
  • Use a color ID picker – some websites have ARK color pickers that let you select a color visually and view the ID.
  • Download mods – mods like the Color Picker provide in-game tools for grabbing color IDs.
  • Use the NVIDIA control panel – this has a color picker that shows hexadecimal color codes.

We’ll go over some of these options in more detail below.

Color ID Charts

Searching online for “ARK color IDs” brings up various color code charts created by the ARK community. These charts list the color IDs for common colors in a visual format, making it easy to find the code you need:

Color Color ID
Red FF0000
Green 00FF00
Blue 0000FF

The advantage of charts is they provide the codes for common colors all in one place. The downside is they only cover a portion of the 16 million+ possible colors.

Color ID Pickers

Websites like Ark IDs have ARK-specific color pickers that make finding color IDs easy. You simply click on the color you want visually and it gives you the ID:

ARK color picker tool

Color pickers let you get the ID for any exact shade you’re looking for. The only limitation is having to navigate to an external website.

In-Game Mods

There are ARK mods like the Color Picker that add color ID tools directly into the game. This lets you grab color IDs while playing, without tabbing out.

To use mods, you’ll need access to a PC server with modding enabled. The Color Picker mod puts a color picker tool in your in-game inventory. Equipping it lets you sample colors on creatures, structures, and other objects to get their IDs.

NVIDIA Control Panel

If you play ARK on PC, the NVIDIA control panel has a color picker that shows hexadecimal color codes. You can use this to sample colors from outside the game. Here are the steps:

  1. Right click on your desktop and open the NVIDIA control panel.
  2. Go to “Adjust desktop color settings.”
  3. Enable the “Advanced” tab.
  4. Click the color picker icon to open the color selector.
  5. Pick a color and the code will display in hexadecimal format.

The NVIDIA color picker is helpful because it’s already installed on many PCs with NVIDIA graphics cards. The downside is it only works for PC players with NVIDIA hardware.

Color ID for Black in ARK

Now that we’ve covered how to find color IDs, what is the code specifically for the color black in ARK?

The color ID for solid black is:


Entering 000000 into any color region will produce a black color. This makes it useful for things like:

  • Painting creatures black
  • Dyeing armor black
  • Crafting black-colored structures
  • Changing message of the day to black

Let’s look at some examples of using 000000 for black across ARK’s various customization options.

Painting Creatures

One common use of the black color ID is painting creatures. Most dinos in ARK have multiple color regions that can be customized. Here is an example of changing a Parasaur’s color regions to black:

Black Parasaur

To paint a creature black, access its color regions in the creature’s inventory menu. Then enter 000000 into each region. Now you have a uniquely black dino!

Dyeing Armor

The color ID for black also works for dyeing armor and clothing. Simply craft some black dye using the following recipe:

Black Dye
  • 5 × Amarberry
  • 5 × Narcoberry
  • 1 × Rare Flower
  • 20 × Black Pearl

Then apply the black dye to a piece of armor in a cooking pot or inventory. The 000000 ID dyes items solid black.


Building structures with black colors is also easy using the color ID. For example, you can create black walls and floors like this:

Black metal walls and foundations

Simply enter 000000 on any structure’s color palette to make it jet black. Use this to create dark, ominous bases!

Other Uses of Black

Beyond the examples above, there are a few other creative ways to use the black color ID in ARK:

  • Set in-game message of the day to have black background.
  • Create black color coded areas or routes using structures.
  • Design all-black turtle shells for camouflage.
  • Use black glass walls to create a window effect at night.

So in summary, the color ID 000000 unlocks all sorts of black customization options. It can add aesthetics, functionality, stealth, and more to your ARK experience.


Finding and using color IDs is an impactful part of mastering ARK’s vast customization system. For the iconic color black, the ID is 000000.

This simple six digit code opens up limitless black dyeing, painting, building, and crafting possibilities. Whether creating tactical color-coded areas, styling matching armor sets, or building intimidating black bases, the black color ID is an essential tool.

So try out the codes and suggestions in this guide, get creative, and watch your dark ARK designs come to life!